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Let's gush about DOOM (2016) in the comments. I just finished it.


On to level 11 in Descent. This. Game. Is. So. Fucking. Brutally. Difficult. But I love it.


I'm so happy to be playing DOOM(2016). Finally. Halfway through and I'm starting to get a little upset that I'll never be able to experience it again for the first time. Also, does anyone else enjoy exploring the maps more than the combat? No? Just me?


I still haven't finished DOOM (2016) simply because it takes a good 5 minutes to finish loading on my PC. Yes... I have it installed to a HDD. No... my SSD doesn't have enough room on it. It's an amazing game though. I literally can't wait to finish it.


I'm not the only one playing Forsaken Remastered am I? It's a decent Descent 'clone' and you should play it. Yes. You.


I think it's funny that a game called Volume has pretty bad audio production


It's good to get a game you've left half finished for several years off your backlog. Bye Bye Strider (2014). You were fun! How about Oddworld: New n' Tasty next? There's one I haven't touched in a long time.


I played Blood Omen 2 so you don't have to. Go ahead, ask me anything.


It's been a long time coming but I finally finished Quake II. I had the N64 version as a kid but barely got anywhere with it. I initially didn't like it because it was too different from 1, but it gets better as it goes. That human processing level! Yikes


It's late. Lights are out in the Taargus household.


I just took all the rogue-likes off my backlog. I feel like 'finishing' these games isn't the point, but that they're meant to be played forever in short bursts... so that takes some of the pressure off. Thoughts? Am I cheating my numbers?


I have 4 missions left to do in Brutal Legend and I checked and they're 3/4 RTS stages and oh god why does this game not know what it wants to be? There's a reason you play RTS games with a mouse and keyboard! What a waste of a clever idea... oh well.


Just got one of these things to finally upgrade from my shitty, and highly modified, Logitech 5.1 speaker setup. This is seriously the only small form surround sound DAC out there... unless you want a full AV Receiver on your desk.


I like how they've added Homer Simpson to the Sonic canon.


DMC4 is done and just in time as I was starting to get burned out. I think it might be my fave, or tied for first with 3? I think it was the better game... I think? Ranking is pretty obvious though: 4>=3>1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>2


First DMC2 and now Blood Omen 2? Why is there always a janky game in these wonderful, storied franchises. And like DMC2 it's not bad enough to discourage me from playing it... but something sure is off after the excellent 3 games that precede it. Oh well.


Sorry if we're friends on Steam and you don't have your notifications set properly and for some reason you've seen me launch Soul Reaver 2 about 100 times in the last day. I love PC gaming, but it can be a labor of love sometimes.


Dropsy was a wonderful experience! I normally can't stand the obtuse puzzle solutions in this genre, but I never felt that way with Dropsy. Great Job! The devs deserve a hug.


Anyone play RONIN? It had a lot of great ideas and I generally enjoyed it - while not my favorite game ever (the art style is pretty bad too), I was hooked on it once I got the hang of how it all works. Next up is Dropsy. So far so good!


Not A Hero is Not A Game Worth Finishing. Fuck the last world... fucking ninjas. I'm done. It was fun while it was fun... which was before the the ninjas.


Backlog quest continues! Just sat down and played all of Super Time Force Ultra in one sitting. This one's tough. I love the art style A LOT - it's seriously inspiring. The gameplay hook was clever. However, it wasn't super fun to play. Not bad, not great


Anyone play the 2009 Bionic Commando game starring edgy dreadlocks mcgee? It was actually pretty good, if a little repetitive. And I will always have a soft spot for Steven Blum no matter what he's in. Such an iconic voice.


Just started and finished OlliOlli in one sitting... uh. Already to world 3 in the second game. These are great little games but brutally hard. Wow... clearing out the backlog is fun!


Devil May Cry 3 is done. What a great time! Now on to 4... or maybe I'm burned out? The only thing left to play from my Steam sale haul was Little King's Story... and it seems like a great change of pace.


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