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Just got to meet Majima in Yakuza 0. Ok... this is starting to click but we're still not quite there yet. 8 hours and I'm on chapter 3 of 17?! I was tripping over sidequests in Chapter 2 so I guess that makes sense.


Finally done. Built my wife a new computer. Got her away from a 10 year old iMac, and Apple, generally (except iPhone). Decided to take some old computer speakers and build them into a custom casing. Also had to mod the PC case with an open plexi top.


Finished Sucker Punch's first game Rocket: Robot on Wheels. Not bad for an early physics based N64 platformer. I think Space Station Silicon Valley is up next. Fan patch is applied and it runs great! Always need an N64 game on the list. Plenty I missed.


Why didn't anyone warn me that Michael Wincott doesn't reprise his role as Prophet of Truth in Halo 3? Fuck. Oh well. This other guy is just reading his lines...


Just finished Halo 2 again! Still great. Sixteen years after seeing the cliffhanger ending for 2, and 13 years after its release, I'm finally ready (and able) to see what happens in 3! Tomorrow. First it's bed time. Bummed there won't be fancy FMVs tho.


Yeah, I spent an hour watching every Stefon sketch from SNL just to make a joke on a low traffic front page article. So what? I'm dedicated to my craft.


Journey through The MCC: Wow I forgot how bad mission 6-9 are in a row. The Library is every bad mission design faux pas in one level. Thankfully they pulled it back in for a great finale. On to 2 and wow these cutscenes! Def great remaster work.


Just finished Halo... Ranch. Reach? Anyway. Not bad. Although there's something fundamentally unsatisfying about any FPS that has enemies that don't die in a few hits. 1 clip for shields, then another for real health... not fun. The vehicle sections tho!


Here's some new footage of my most anticipated upcoming indie game: Sable. CHECK A LOOK.


I'm not quite jiving with the movement mechanics in Sunset Overdrive. Feels like it should be really fluid and dynamic, but it hasn't clicked with me yet. I think it should tho. HOWEVER: the soundtrack is great. Also 100%'d SoT Tomb Raider. Meh. Decent.


Sorry, one more qpost. Steam Sale final push suggestion thread. Help me spend my money!


I was gonna finally get the last bit of Cuphead done and get this off my backlog (it's been there for a while, even though I got through most of the game back at launch). But King Dice? Fuck this...


700th qpost. Never got a clear answer on River City Ransom so I FINALLY finished this game on Switch (NSO version, not the bundle). I've played this so many times over the years but never got to the end before. I guess it's on to Underground. Awesome game


Outer Wilds was a rare treat. I highly recommend it to those with a sense of exploration. I haven't sat up in bed at night anxious for the next day to start so that I could go and test theories since I was a kid with my first Zelda. Such a great game!


I bought RCR Underground during the Steam sale but realized I've never finished the OG. It apparently has a remake on 3DS with 'Rival Showdown'? An EX version for GBA. Which version should I play? Remake? Switch NES? GBA? The Kunio-Kun bundle is 50% off.


Outer Wilds is blowing my mind a bit. Just started it and was let off the leash and kinda got sucked in way more than I thought I would right out of the gate. I finished Unravel too BTW. Not all that impressed. Felt a little too serious for what it is.


First round of Steam sale games: Unravel, Outer Wilds, Dogurai, River City Ransom: Underground, and Hylics. Have to finish TLOU2 and Xenoblade, but new stuff! How'd I do? Probably gonna get HL Alyx too by the time this is over. 30 bucks for five games. Ha


The Last Of Us Remastered and Left Behind replay is DONE! Oh and I did it on Grounded mode because I'm an idiot. Part II is nearly finished installing and then it's off to go killing.


I'm replaying The Last Of Us Remastered before 2 and I'm doing my best to try Grounded mode. Just got to the part after hanging from the fridge in Lincoln MA. Grounded mode is a huge mixed bag. It's great when it works, terrible when it doesn't. Pesky AI!


44 hours into Xenoblade. Just got to the snowy part. 270ish quests finished. Still trucking. Not sure how I'm gonna get the affinity up for Riki cuz uh, I hate playing as fluffy aliens in RPGs and I'm not sure why they ALL have to do it.


Damn if Journey still isn't as magical today as it was the first time I played it years ago. The PC version seemed fine, but there are apparently audio issues? Maybe I just didn't notice them. Anyway, played it with the same rando the whole time. Magic.


Is there some reason we don't have a Steam in-home streaming app for Switch? It works on my phone (but I don't use it because my phone doesn't have built in buttons and analog sticks). Am I crazy? Is this a bad idea for some reason? This needs to exist.


Don't quote me on this but I think there might be a trailer for that new Bill & Ted movie out in the wild. I can't find it anywhere though.


Y'all are getting hard waiting for Ghost of Tsushima but I'm over here with Sucker Punch's first game, Rocket: Robot on Wheels - having a kick ass time with a solid N64 platformer I didn't know existed!


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