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In the immortal words of Daniel Plainview: I'm finished.


The B-Sides in Celeste are the real game. I don't think there's a better platformer out there...


Oh Celeste you minx. Conquered your summit and your core. My thumbs need a rest before I play your B sides and C sides. #Phrasing


Resident Evil 7 done! What a crazy ride! I sort of love how it was totally and utterly different, and yet somehow EXACTLY the same as all the old games. It felt a lot like 1 too! Now to make sense of the DLC and what order everything should be played in.


Just did my first Celeste B-Side (the one for the second level). I think I'm in love!


I finished Minit in a hot minute (seriously, I bought it this morning and had it done in about 2 hours). 110% complete... I'll do NG+ some other day. Highly recommended! Itching for more, I finally bought Celeste! Holy shit guys this is good!


I'm happy I played Bayo 1 before I restarted 2 on Switch! My final ranks were a whole lot of stones... but on Bayo 2 I'm getting mostly golds/silvers for whole levels, and lots of plats and pure plats for verses. What a great series! Might play both again


Kirby done! Loved it! 81% but I think I'll go for 100. Halfway though my first ever run of SW: Dark Forces, and so far it's my new favorite "Doom" era shooter. Also just got to the birdcage camper in RE7. Loving it so far. + Bayonetta 1+2 on Switch time!


I've had Bloodborne installed in my PS4 for almost a week now and I've had the restraint not to start it... Is this a new Dangus? Might I actually finish the other 3 games I started first? More as it develops.


I just finished up another run of Shovel Knight's campaign, and then went into Plague Knight because I've only done it once and OMG is it so much better than I remember! I love how much depth there is to his upgrades. Seriously though King of Cards NOW!!!


31818 upvotes... on 3/18/18... muh birfd... dafuq? I didn't plan this.


This is good birthday news: apparently a Killer 7 (and Flower, Sun, and Rain) remaster are on their way!


Sure you can celebrate Dtoid's recent birthday, but the main event is here: Dangus Taargus, one step closer to 69 years old.


Does anyone here own the Bloodborne: Complete Edition on their PS4 digitally? Does it show up listed as the complete edition? Or is it just Bloodborne? I want that version if it's different, but it's currently cheaper to get it as standalone plus DLC.


Just got a 128gb SD card for my Switch so I can finally break free of the internal memory. Should I get Kirby, Bayonetta 1, which I've already played but wanted to play again, or Bayonetta 2, which I started on Wii U but never finished? I can't decide!!!


Gravity Rush 2 already feels a little better than 1. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes (just finished the 'forbidden land' trials). That WipEout Omega Collection teases me each time I boot up my PS4... must maintain focus.


Back on a little Anti-grav racing kick since the WipEout Omega Collection was on sale. Playing through the older WipEout games... maybe in lore order?!?!


Gravity Rush is probably the best smashing into a lamppost simulator I've ever played. Seriously though, I'm on chapter 10 of the first game and I really love it, despite its issues: camera, combat, spazy flight (during combat). Can't wait to start 2.


It's been about a month since I got a PS4 Pro and I've already finished: Uncharted 1,2,3,4,TLL, The Last Guardian, SoTC Remake, and am halfway through Gravity Rush and Tearaway. I have the Wipeout collection and TLOU Remastered to replay. Loving my PS4!


I'm done with the Uncharted series! Played 4 and The Lost Legacy this week and I like them both way better than the first 3. Hint: Stealth was viable and not completely broken. Makes all the difference. Hiring writers helped too! Series Rank: 4>TLL>3=2>1


Dangus has a new look! That was a fun Direct. I've got a 3DS and Wii U game to sell now thanks to that Smash reveal because the Switch game is totally going to be a definitive edition with new content. And 2 new 3DS games to get? They pull me back in!


Gravity Rush 2 is on sale and I'm interested, but I've never played the original so I'd also have to get the remaster. Worth 50 dollars for the two games? Thoughts? I'm plowing through my PS4 library!


And we're on to Uncharted 4. I'm hoping with the fourth game maybe they finally spent some time refining the combat/shooting? Is that wishful thinking? 3 was fun, then at the boatyard it was fucking awful, then fun during the plane and horse part. Decent.


I have a $20 Walmart giftcard and those Yellow JoyCons are 61.99 making them 41.99. Thing is... I also want the Pink/Green pair, but they aren't on sale. WHAT DO I DO?! I think I like the yellow ones better, but I could have 4 colors with P/G/B/R.


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