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Tacos are a beverage and Wes is a tall glass of indigestion.


#Desktoid Today's project was re-arranging my desk and placing my computers behind my monitor. I think I'm into it! Also I really wanted to more prominently display my new NZXT case. There's just nowhere good for the speakers now...


How did Nintendo know I FINALLY decided to start playing Chibi-Robo Clean Sweep? I love that little guy. What does it all mean?!


I've been posting here for almost 3 years now? Why does it feel like way less time?


I think I'll kick off the new year with Rise of The Tomb Raider. After 2 RPGs back to back. It's time for something else I think. I've 100% finished the first one twice, despite having a lot of issues with it, thematically. I hope the sequel is good!


Dragon Quest IX finished! I started 1 last summer, and played them all in a year and a half. Great series! I can't wait for XI now! After some thought, here's my updated rankings: IV>IX>III>V>VIII>VII>I>II>VI. Too bad X an Japan only... and an MMO.Ugh.


Dangus Taargus runs down the list of games he played in 2017, and his top pickz... in the comments. (Also, I seriously recommend keeping a list of games you've played all year because it's nice to have some perspective)


I've only been playing Dragon Quest IX for a couple days now, but I haven't stopped either - about to get the last piece of fruit at the school. I think I can round off the year with this one, or at least finish it on the 1st.


Does anyone want to vent and complain about how awful Apple computers are in the comments? I'll be in here if you do.


10 hours into Dragon Quest IX and I already like it more than 7 or 8. I'm just now doing the stuff related to the Alltrades Abbey island. I have hundreds of other games to get to, so I won't be doing post-game stuff, but so far I can't stop! Sorry Perro.


I just finished Dragon Quest VIII!!! Finally! It's taken me since launch to get through it. Where does it fall in my series rank? 4>3>8>7>5>6>1>2. I think that looks right. Now on to IX which will hopefully line me up for XI on Switch someday soon?


Edith Finch was awesome! One Steam Sale game down, 4 to go: A hat In Time, Full Throttle Remastered, Sky Rogue, and Gunmetal Arcadia Zero. I think I can keep my bought/completed ratio 1:1 this time.


FINALLY got myself back into DQ:VIII on 3DS. Just got Red as an option on my team... why she have to be 5 levels below everyone else tho? I hate when a late game party addition isn't just matched to your existing teams level - now I don't want to use her.


The Dr. Wawee fight at the end of Mega Man 8 was hot trash. The second phase has a few attacks that are nearly impossible to dodge. I'm so happy that's over... MM8 was not fun. On to 9 and 10!


Yesterday I finished my 100% run of Yooka-Laylee and played through about half of the new BoTW stuff. This morning I finished Super Win The Game and >The Fall. I'm so happy to finally have a little more time off and a wealth of good games. Cuphead next!


One Hundo'd Castle In The Darkness. I HIGHLY recommend it. Also, I'm still here... despite several months of deadlines and lots of work. Just lurking in the shadows...


I can't decide if I love Yooka-Laylee, or hate it. It's both perfectly nostalgic, and just unpolished enough to be utterly frustrating. I'm definitely gonna One-hundo it tho.


Pics from that opening I had last weekend. More inside.


Just finished Everybody's Gone To The Rapture. Decent enough. Loved the setting but not sure how I feel about the narrative... might need to read up on it. Probably won't be playing it again though considering the walking speed. Edith Finch next perhaps?


I feel like someone sat down and said: let's make a game specifically to satisfy Dangus Taargus. And on that day, Castle In The Darkness was made. Thanks, whoever you are.


Do I spend an hour farming 9999 coins for the Skeleton Suit? It's the only thing left for me to do in Odyssey... I've come this far I guess...


I bet you can't guess which power moons I'm still missing. Hint: you can. They're the 2 obvious ones plus butter fingers on the last level. Also, the Switch is not compatible with your in-laws ancient wifi router, just a heads up.


Hell yeah Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance! So far so good. No bullshit, no dating, no camp building, no micro-managing every god damn thing. Just units, weapons, and strategies. I think I'm gonna like this one! Up to chapter 5 and I'm liking the plot.


Just finished Super Paper Mario. Bleck. Do I: Get back to Color Splash (was about to start chapter 3 I think), dive in to either Yoshi's Wooly World/DK Tropical Freeze, or start Fire Emblem Path of Radiance? I can't decide!


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