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Dracula X is fine, actually (I've played it before). Better than I remember and that rewind feature makes the final boss WAY less annoying. OK, easy game in the collection out of the way - on to the GOAT! CotM, my first ever Castlevania game. The memories


Sekiro Journal: The Demon is lactose intolerant - no cheese necessary. Ded. Now it's just me and the Sword Saint.


Sekiro Journal: Owl 2 dead (on first try after day off! Classic From). Dragon Dead. All mini-bosses dead (all beads). Now it's just "totally not a Dark Souls Boss" Demon, and the final boss. This Demon thing... ugh. Got him to final phase but yikes! HELP!


Finished Battlefront 1 and 2 (the classic ones) and I had a fun time with the campaigns. 2 was definitely better than 1, but 1 had its charms for sure. Looking at the breadth of Star Wars related video games, I'm damn near close to having played them all.


Sekiro Journal: Owl 2... oh... no...


Sekiro Journal: Ok, enough for the weekend. Owl man ded. True Corrupted Monk ded. I swear I felt like Neo at the end of the Matrix on that Monk fight. WHO'S NEXT!? Also Capcom, my proposal: Complete, global saturation. Do it.


Sekiro journal: 24 hours in. Just killed monke 2 and his friend. Feeling like I'm approaching the final act of the game. Definitely gonna have post-game sads after finishing this. Maybe I'll need to return to Bloodborne after and finally finish it?


Sekiro journal: I see that monkey in the distance... do I...? Nah. But maybe?


Took a break from Driver: San Francisco but I just went back to it last night and finished it up. That's a wrap on the entire series, and honestly what a crazy way to end it! The game shouldn't work as well as it does, but somehow they made it fun. Crazy.


I think my living room "console killer" HTPC is complete. After mulling it over for almost a year, I've finally added USB ports to the front. This was absolutely not a trivial task - making rectangular holes in anything is never easy. Hours of filing!


Sekiro journal: Lady Butterfly is dead. I'm finding myself struggling more with the random generals on the map and less with the bigger 'scary' bosses. Not sure why.


I've got 7 hours in Sekiro now. I can either fight this flaming bull thing or a drunk guy and both are kicking my ass a bit. I feel like I'm right on the edge of clicking with the combat but it's still not natural yet. Regular mobs are fine but bosses...


Haven't been paying attention to PC parts and missed that AMD put out newer Ryzen APUs. Just ordered a 5700g to replace my 3400g for the HTPC. Will it be a big upgrade?! Probably not, but I have upgrade fever and it'll be nice to have the best in that PC.


Went to a record store for the first time in two years! Found two classic, extremely influential albums! Good haul.


Late to the party: Just started Sekiro. HOOOOOOOOOOO BOY!!! This is a cool stealth game! Loving this so far!


Finished the Castlevania series on Netflix - wonderful show. Seriously great job at a video game narrative adaptation. Also just wrapped up Quantum Break. Not their best work but I enjoyed myself - Control is way better! Terrible last boss fight though.


Finished Shadow Man Remastered, Tanuki Justice, and now, after several years of seeing Apotheon at the top of my backlog every time I use it to filter my library (Aaron Aaronson's Apotheon!) I'm roughly halfway into it and... it's kind of not good? Fine!


Sneak peak of a thing I'm working on. Going to a whole lot of trouble to display a rom hack of Super Mario Bros. that renders the game unplayable... but hey, that's what I do. Art! Loving this design and might make another for general emulation. bumpy


Oh boy. Glad I didn't buy Team Sonic Racing at full price when I was doing my Sonic shenanigans. Just grabbed it for 3.99 on Steam and for that price I don't care if it sucks... or wastes my time... Hedgehog meat is back on the menu!


I can't recommend Death's Door enough! I've got 4 hours into it and it's a treat. Reminds me a bit of Hyper Light Drifter, another fave. This is the game I wanted BELOW to be, and the metric that TUNIC will now have to live up to. It's a steal at $20.


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