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I've worked 69 hours in the last 8 days. Nice.


Well I did the damn thing. Went in to Microcenter for some stuff I needed, came out with a brand new 27" 1440p, IPS, 144HZ display. This is a really nice upgrade from my 24" 1080P TN panel (which was also 144hz). Desktop looks nice. Now to test some games


Plowing through the Dark Forces games! Loved Dark Forces 1. Dark Forces II was even better, Mysteries of The Sith was a step down but still fun. Currently playing Jedi Academy. Not sure I like it just yet. Jumping is weird, the guns feel week. We'll see..


I think it's finally new monitor time. Maybe something bigger than 24", 1440p, NOT TN panel... and of course I'll be staying with 144hz. Convince me not to go to 4k yet... I can't decide. Where are my tech nerdz, my PC snobz... Jinx? You there?!


10:40am. Solo is about to start. Everyone in the theater is eating candy. It's 10:40am.


Star Wars: Dark Forces II is the sequel/prequel/whatever to Shadows of The Empire I never knew I could play! Setting it to 3rd Person view with auto-aim is making me so happy right now! I get the feeling I should stop here tho. Are the rest better? Worse?


4 more levels of Dark Forces left. Also, Gravity Rush 2 feels like work. Why does an otherwise whimsical, unlike anything I've ever played game, manage to still not be all that fun to actually play? Anyway... I'll roll up my sleeves and start Chapter 3.


PSA: Check your New 3DS Battery every now and then... mine had hit the junk food and started to puff up a bit in the waist. I ordered a new one because it wasn't holding much of a charge thinking it was just old... turns out it was BULGING!!!


Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology - done! Great story, decent combat. A little too long (took me 60 hours to get the real ending) but the characters and narrative made it all work. Next 3DS game: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, as I begin this series.


Tropical Freeze is done! 100%. I'll save Hard Mode for a rainy day. Best ten dollars I ever spent. Now to get back to Radiant Historia before Hyrule Warriors comes out.


I would have paid $69 for Tropical Freeze. Discuss.


Lurking in the shadows... but still here. BTW I'm nearing the end of Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. What an interesting RPG! I really don't enjoy the combat (bosses can be fun but the randoms suck) but the Story is great. Love the time travel!


In the immortal words of Daniel Plainview: I'm finished.


The B-Sides in Celeste are the real game. I don't think there's a better platformer out there...


Oh Celeste you minx. Conquered your summit and your core. My thumbs need a rest before I play your B sides and C sides. #Phrasing


Resident Evil 7 done! What a crazy ride! I sort of love how it was totally and utterly different, and yet somehow EXACTLY the same as all the old games. It felt a lot like 1 too! Now to make sense of the DLC and what order everything should be played in.


Just did my first Celeste B-Side (the one for the second level). I think I'm in love!


I finished Minit in a hot minute (seriously, I bought it this morning and had it done in about 2 hours). 110% complete... I'll do NG+ some other day. Highly recommended! Itching for more, I finally bought Celeste! Holy shit guys this is good!


I'm happy I played Bayo 1 before I restarted 2 on Switch! My final ranks were a whole lot of stones... but on Bayo 2 I'm getting mostly golds/silvers for whole levels, and lots of plats and pure plats for verses. What a great series! Might play both again


Kirby done! Loved it! 81% but I think I'll go for 100. Halfway though my first ever run of SW: Dark Forces, and so far it's my new favorite "Doom" era shooter. Also just got to the birdcage camper in RE7. Loving it so far. + Bayonetta 1+2 on Switch time!


I've had Bloodborne installed in my PS4 for almost a week now and I've had the restraint not to start it... Is this a new Dangus? Might I actually finish the other 3 games I started first? More as it develops.


I just finished up another run of Shovel Knight's campaign, and then went into Plague Knight because I've only done it once and OMG is it so much better than I remember! I love how much depth there is to his upgrades. Seriously though King of Cards NOW!!!


31818 upvotes... on 3/18/18... muh birfd... dafuq? I didn't plan this.


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