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Cyber Shadow got me inspired to go back and finish Oniken. It worked. Pushed through and beat the damn thing. It had crashed enough times to get me to walk away for good. Tried it on a different PC and no issues. Glad I did. Great Game I def recommend.


Saying goodbye to this guy tomorrow morning. It's been a ride bud. Gonna miss you.


PSA BUMP I've been complaining for years about the Android versions of Sonic 1 and 2 not coming to any other platform. Now they've been decompiled and you can run them on PC. The games are free on the Play store and easy to get the assets for.


Judgement Silverword is probably the first shmup I've ever put more than 5 hours into. After 8 hours total during a period of over a year, I finally beat it on... easy. So I don't even get to fight the real final boss. Oh well. I need to move on.


Finally played Secret of Monkey Island today. What a cozy game. I love the occasional point and click, especially when the puzzle solutions aren't too obtuse and I have to say this one was pretty good about not being annoying. On to the sequel!


I should probably grab Good Job! and Clubhouse Games from the eShop huh? Both are on sale.


41 uh...Gulp. Uh... maybe I'll do that pacifist run?


Undertale was cute and quirky I suppose. Like, it was good. I'm glad I played it. But I'm definitely afraid it's been a bit hyped up all these years so I don't know what I was expecting, but what I got definitely didn't wow me. It never really resonated.


If I had the money I have now, as a child in an arcade, I would have carried a bucket of quarters around and finished so many shmups. WHY?! Why do so many modern shmups have limited continues?! I'm good for it man! I have a bucket of virtual quarters!


I've had 1001 Spikes on my backlog for probably 6 years now. The first game I see when I filter "backlog" in Steam. Taunting me! Nearly done, for years. welp, the game is finished... I mean... I got the credits. I'm not doing that Antarctica level, sorry.


You've arrived as an adult when the idea of owning a compressor for woodshop stuff and never having to go to the gas station again to inflate your tires is an actual point of joy. I've never truly understood my parents and grandparents until now.


Ok so I installed the FAR mod and I'm ready to weeb out on Nier Automata. So far it's pretty decent, but can we talk about the in-game text font? It's like, one notch away from being Comic Sans. Yikes. That's kind of embarrassing.


Control Ultimate Edition is done. Really liked this game in the end, and I can't sing the praises of its art direction any higher. Also finished Breath of Fire III yesterday and, honestly, not great. Took almost two years to finish. Started Parasite Eve!


EDIT:(Guess I'll BUMP my 2020 list!)I played 128 games this year. Here are the standouts, in no particular order. These are games I finished, not necessarily games released in 2020. The list of everything else played will be in the comments.


First game of 2021 done! Return of the Obra Dinn was a masterpiece! So god damn good! Highly Recommend.


I've ignored everyone's warnings and started Xenoblade Chronicles X. Managed to make a normal looking character despite the derpy designs. The music is some of the worst I've ever heard in a game. Data packs are a necessity. So far it's ok though. At Ch3.


Cloudpunk is pretty cool! The soundtrack, lighting, atmosphere, driving, and verticality all make for a really compelling 'Cypberpunk' world. The voice acting kind of sucks, but it works. Also it's basically just delivering packages, but so what?! Do rec.


Just finished Wattam. Neat game. Glad it exists. Glad I experienced it. Glad it's over. Not really all that fun or interesting, but it was cute and I will die on any hill defending it, and games like it. There's room for this stuff too!


Quickly ran through Future Connected (10 hours) and did just about everything in it. Not bad. Not great. Not really necessary as an epilogue although I guess it wraps up a few minor loose ends well enough. Now do I play X or 2 or just take a break?


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