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I'm back! I moved on Wednesday. Spent the last 5 days getting my place all fancy! I'm exhausted... but ready to get back on the shitpost bandwagon!


My nostalgia boner is at Mach 3. Thank you Sonic Mania!


I'm moving into a new apt in 2 days and I decided to rip all of our DVD's onto a HDD. I don't watch DVD quality movies anymore, but it felt like a waste to just throw them out. Guess which one I'm saving for last. Hint: Chandelier headlights.


It took me 20 hours to realize I could set the battle speed to 'fast' in Dragon Quest VIII on 3DS. I'm smart. I knew there was a reason I kept avoiding this game. I feel like I can finally enjoy it.


I'm so glad I picked up RiME on sale yesterday. I love it so far! Just started chapter 3. If you like stuff like Ico/Journey/ABZU you'll enjoy this. Edit: Finished it in 6 hours. Loved it. Ending gave me feelz. More short-form games please! I'm a busy boy


I think Mega Man 8 might be as bad as they say it is... but I must endure.


To distract myself from the urge to buy a new game, I started up Blood Omen 1 for the first time. I like it! It's like Zelda if you were a vampire.


Hey! Pikmin was not for me. At all. So happy to be done with it. It joins the ranks of Canvas Curse/Rainbow Curse and Kirby Mass Attack - 3 more games that are touch-screen only and awful because if it. I'm not normally this negative... but yeah. Bad.


Knowing this game exists makes me so sad.


This is my 300th qpost. I've never CBlog'd. I'd probably write about my work as an artist that shows video games in a 'fine art' context. I'm too tired though. I love you people. Let's get me to 69 follows for instant 69 faps.


Looks like Dangus Taargus is moving into a new Apt a mile down the road! I also found this while cleaning/getting ready. Anyone wanna buy it? I'll throw in a quick handie behind the dumpster.


Oh boy I think I'm gonna like Hollow Knight!


I've had this thing for so long. I don't really use it much but I can't bring myself to sell it either...


On the train this morning I figured I'd get Hey! Pikmin at the Amazon Prime discount price - but it also said I was eligible for FREE same day shipping. They weren't kidding. I hope this one is good. Metroid and M&L:SS are all that's left as far as I know


I got the Bayonetta amiibo (player 2) on a random trip into Best Buy to get the Majora's Mask Link that I really want. They didn't have Link, but the guy there ordered one for me! So nice! Does the Bayonetta one even do anything? Eh, who cares. It's Bayo.


After almost 5 months... I finally finished BoTW. Such an amazing game! 62.03% complete. Maybe I'll start at 100% when the second DLC stuff comes out.


Downloading Splatoon 2 last night put me to sleep. Oops... I'll try again after work tonight? Or just fall asleep again.


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