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I definitely never finished Duke 3D on N64. Pretty sure we just used cheats to beat the final boss. Well a couple decades later and I've finished the PC version + Ep 4. Do I do the 3 add-ons? And should I bother with World Tour for Ep 5? I don't own it.


Random Sunday thoughts: The Steam Deck is great, but if you aren't using it to play the original Duke Nukem, why even buy it? Grandia's 70's sitcom theme song is better than the actual game. Tim Rogers is hilarious and I WILL watch a 3 hour YouTube video.


Now that I've 100% finished Moon, there's an RPG gap I need to fill in my roster of currently running games. The candidates are: FFVIII Remastered (PC), Grandia (Saturn emulation w/ fan translation), or Trials of Mana (Switch collection version). HELP!


Finally finished moon rpg. Had a great time with it. Though I'm frustrated because I'm only missing one achievement and it's because of the fishing contest which, if you know, you know. I can't decide if I care enough to go for it (I do) but it sucks.


Slimey insisted I share the cabinet I've spent the last couple days making for my new toy, so here it is. Miter saw cabinet with shelf and enclosure for a dedicated shopvac that triggers when you use the saw. I plan to build outfeed tables too, eventually


Rollerdrome got its hooks in me. Finished it but can't stop playing (NG+ is no joke). The challenges are great to chip away at too. Rare is a game that gets me to care about high scores, combos, etc. Not usually my cup of tea but this thing is too good.


I can't fit em all. Who knew Tony Hawk with guns would fucking slay?! And what's this? The art style from Sable I loved so much in a game that doesn't run like shit?!?! BYE BYE $20. HELLO FUN. Oh and Ion Fury is fun too, if you haven't played it yet.


Just finished Halo 4 which concludes my time with the MCC. I don't have a fugg'n clue what just happened, or why any of it was happening, or why seemingly important story dumps were hidden behind missable collectables. But it's over and I had a blast. <3


Oh this is perdy. Not a fan of the "never digital" nonsense but I couldn't resist an NES inspired... sort of shmup? I don't know exactly how it plays yet but I'll find out soon I guess. Only 9000 of these made huh? Neat.


I don't know why I decided to try this. This is either gonna be like the time I bought Sonic 06 or I just got my hands on a misunderstood gem. Who's to say? All I know is I love Factor 5 and I've never got around to this one.


Just finished the Triple Trouble remake with all emeralds. What an amazing "fangame." Up there with Mania and proof that Sega hasn't really known what it's doing with the franchise for quite a while. It's so good I consider it an official game honestly.


Gajina. There. I said it. I'm living my truth.


All the Halo talk recently got me thinking that I never finished the MCC. I just ran through ODST and it was great! Might as well keep the momentum and do 4 today. Did I mention I love short games? Finishing something in 1-2 sessions is great.


Anyone else give this fan remake of Triple Trouble a shot? I'm a couple levels in and damn this thing is wonderful. Also plays great on the Gabe Gear. 16-bit Sonic is best Sonic.


A couple levels in and this is a nice cozy 6. Here for it. I'll play anything that looks this good.


How come no one warned me that Alien Storm was pretty meh?! Felt like Golden Axe with a different skin and also not as good. Oops... I was supposed to start Vectorman.


Comix Zone, just like Dynamite Headdy, was more interesting conceptually, visually, and thematically than it was enjoyable to play. I'd go so far as to say that it was just plain bad. It's obtuse, way too hard, and your health drains just punching things?


Took a random Genesis detour to play one game I've been meaning to get to for a while - Ristar. It was ok. Dynamite Headdy ended up being the main course though, as I apparently had this as a kid and could never finish it. Amazing game but way too hard.


Just finished the cat game (100% at 6.5 hours but not gonna bother with achievements). What a magical experience. This is what I want from my video games - worlds I can explore from unique perspectives made lovingly real and full of detail. CAT! Play it!


New keyboard! Cherry Brown keys. Ready to break this thing in and start shitposting!


Another steamrolled game off the list. This one is an easy one-hundo thankfully. Second time with Klonoa 1 (first time with the "Wii" version), and first time with Klonoa 2. 1 is still a classic, but 2 manages to improve on it in just about every way! <3


Snake Pass is done. What a strange idea for a 3D platformer. At first it felt like QWOP but as a snake, and by the end (100% baby) I was zipping along like nothing. It has major issues (like the awful camera), but ultimately it was a refreshing, fun time.


26 hours later - Hollow Knight finished at 104%. Saw three endings and did a lot. I enjoyed this one by the end, but the early game was a slog and I was pretty close to writing a scathing hot take. I stuck with it and came to enjoy it by the end. <3


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