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Six levels in and Nightmare Creatures is exactly the sort of terrible janky game I was in the mood for. It's bad, but in a sort of good way.


I might need to set right a VERY old wrong. I rented Nightmare Creatures as a kid and never finished it. Do I emulate the PS1/N64 version or do the PC port? Not a lot of info on the version differences. Any Nightmare Creatures nerds out there?


Got the urge to play TimeSplitters. Never did the first one so I just ran through that really quick in PCSX2. Uh, this "game" is basically a proof of concept demo! Wow! No wonder we all only ever talk about the second one. 9 barebones levels. No story. Ha


I'm gonna tackle the small fish first before even thinking about the PS3 library, so in the comments I'll list the Vita games I own already, and then the ones I'm on the fence about. Help me finalize my Vita library!


Messing around with my new Mayflash DolphinBar on PC and what's the first thing I finish? Link's Crossbow Training. Not bad! Maybe I need more lightgun games - I see House of the Dead 2&3 are an option, as well as the Resident Evil Chronicles games. Sure!


I'd like to remind everyone that they're expected to be at the all council meeting this morning at 10am. There will be refreshments.


I'm starting to feel like GCN/Wii emulation is in good enough a place to start backing up all my games and moving over to PC for future replays. Transfered my saves, am backing up my discs, and just grabbed one of those Mayflash Dolphin bars and it works!


A couple years back I started the Gamecube Fire Emblem game on my lovely light blue/green console. Yesterday I decided to backup my saves via the hacked Wii I use on my CRT, and get back to the game... but with Dolphin instead! What? Save States? nuh uh.


So Origami King is definitely better than Color Splash so far. It's also really pretty, and I love the lighting improvements in the engine. Same great world building and writing too. But the battle system is a total non sequitur right? It just, exists?


Just finished Color Splash. What an AWFUL final boss fight. Ugh. So that means I have 1 game left on the Wii U to finish. But in looking at my physical games collection, I realize I actually only have a few games left unfinished. Crazy! I'll list inside:


Spent most of the day yesterday getting back to Color Splash and finding my bearings after a long hiatus. Nintendo really doesn't understand this franchise. CS is great... if you completely remove the 'rpg' battles. I love everything else here. Really.


Finished Secret of Mana! I think I ended up liking it, but I don't take back any of the things I said about how janky it is. Started up Trials but it's asking me to pick a character and that gives me the FOMO sweats so. Maybe a series break for now.


While I haven't been loving Secret of Mana, it's been enjoyable enough up until you get the ability to fly around the map. Everything since then has been an absolute slog. So close to the end though. I hear the final boss is overly difficult too. Yay!


I don't know why I decided to watch the Sonic movie on my birthday when I had a MUCH better option available. Anyway, Jim Carrey needed back surgery right? He carried that thing.


Stunlock of Mana: Popoi sees the reaper.


Ok, I started over with Secret of Mana and as always, I didn't get nearly as far as I thought I had. I THINK I finally have a grasp on the terrible menu system. Things are starting to click and I'm beginning to like this in the way I did the first game.


Just finished Age of Calamity. Not bad. Better than the first Hyrule Warriors. The story wasn't amazing and I didn't care for the general plot which I'll spoil in the comments. But beyond that the game was good. Not gonna 100% it though, no thanks.


I only own Nintendo published Switch games, so today I learned that you all have a bunch of game boxes with random publisher logos in the bottom spine. Ug. Ly.


I've flatted 3D World again (except for the 5 character flag pole clear), and Bowser is 100% less furious. Great fun! So everyone is always complaining about Champions Road, but the real Dark Souls is that final Marathon stage. Fuck that level


Haven't introduced Mandy (yes, after the movie) in the qposts yet. Had her two weeks so far and she's about four months old. She's filling the hole in my heart left after our last cat died last month. Also, 3D World is still as amazing as ever.


I caved and got 3D World/Bowser's Fury. Do I just dive in with the new content?! Hmmm. Also was playing Galaxy a bit today - I'm coming around to this game a bit more, but it's still not my favorite. The soundtrack is perfect! Controls are still jank.


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