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Another notch in my hedgehog skin belt - Sonic Battle is done. A largely mediocre game built on a relatively competent engine. Should have been a classic beat em up, instead it was a repetitive arena fighter with wildly uneven difficulty. Nice try I guess


Hey WEBMASTER! I've got the 'logged in to legacy on qtoid, logged out on front page' issue like most are having I think? I can't deal with this ATM (about to go to work), but should I hold out for a fix, or do I have to try to fix it? Is waiting worth it?


Sonic Marathon Update: Finished the first, and wonderful, Sonic and Sega All Stars today, as well as the two Riders games. The first was maybe one of the worst racing games I've ever played, while the second fixed enough to get a passing grade. Not great.


I just grabbed Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing (the first one, not Transformed, I've already played that). I feel like this one gets overshadowed by its sequel but uh, I'm liking it maybe more? I'm about 20 missions in and enjoying its more focused vibe.


Just finished the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed. All things perfectly balanced - it was better than the HD version in some respects, and worse in others. Two different versions of an across the board mediocre game. Ultimately not a fan of either release.


That's a lot of DQ news to wake up to. Never finished 11, so now I'm excited about that single-player remake of 10 to put my numbered run back in order (not that that's important for this series). Excited for 3 and 12. Hope this comes west and to PC.


Sonic Unleashed (PS3) is done. Finished! This marks the last major 3D game in my series marathon, and it's also the most difficult to talk about I think. It might be the most confusing game in the franchise. I'll try to elaborate in the comments.


As a kid a spent a lot of time on a friends copy of Super Star Wars, never able to get past the first speeder level. Finished the game just now - feels good to get an old game off the list. Oh, and it sucked. Like, really bad. I wonder about the other two


Just finished up Sonic Forces. Besides the initially pretty stupid plot and the whole avatar thing, I found this one pretty fun. What's the general consensus on why folks don't like this one? I thought it was fine. It had a nice variety of level types.


At approximately 4pm Eastern time on the 17th of May, year 2021, yours truly, Dangus "Dangus ))<>(( Taargus" Taargus, completed the final chapter of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). I have tasted the nectar of the gods and dipped my toes in the fountain of life


SONIC UPDATE: Shadow's 06 campaign finished. Sonic Pinball Party done - didn't love it, had to finish it on Youtube. Caved and played Drift 1 and 2 - these are borderline unplayable. Just finished Sonic R and uh... I actually really liked it. Early 3D <3


So you all kept bugging me to play Sonic Spinball and I did and I knew it would suck and here I am two hours later emptier for having played it. Another one finished though!


I finished Sonic's campaign in 06 just now. I'm gonna need some major convincing to play this again as Shadow and Silver. It feels truly incomplete walking away now though... I don't know what to do...


I'm in the Sonic weeds for sure. This week had me playing the 3DS versions of Generations and Lost World, Tails' Skypatrol, and now Rivals 1 and 2. Of the bunch Generations 3DS is the only one that's any good. Stay FAR away from the others my god.


Speaking of Metal Gear, they really need to remaster the best game in the series.


I was in a shit mood today at work... overwhelmed by it all, and stuck listening to an outside contractor's shitty music. After they left someone put this album on and totally turned my mood around. Thank you Lightning Bolt for being the best, as always.


I'm at the point in my Sonic series playthrough where I'm avoiding 06 to play the alternate versions of other games... Just finished Generations 3DS and it was great (with some exceptions) and I've got Lost World 3DS installing now. Here we go.


Sonic series run update: Lost World is finished. I actually liked this better than Colors in the end, although it was more uneven, it had higher highs and lower lows. It was a visual treat. Reminded me of the old 3D bonus levels. Not bad.


Finished Sonic Colors (Wii). I'm surprised to find I enjoyed the 3D game more than its 2D counterpart, but then Colors is still largely 2D either way. The characterization and narrative was cute and unoffensive, the worlds were fun, and it had good music!


Oh, nice. Sonic Colors (Wii) is actually pretty decent so far! Go figure.


Stayed up late to finish Sonic and the Black Knight. Honestly, this one would have been fine without waggle controls, and was generally an improvement over the Secret Rings. But seriously though, when are Sonic and Amy going to just fuck already?


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