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It's confirmed: I have bad taste. I thoroughly enjoyed Driv3r. Finished it in a day. I still like Driver 2 the best so far. Up next is Parallel lines, then 76, and finally San Francisco. The Wii version of SF and then that 3DS game are maybes.


Just ran through Mafia: DE in 11 hours and even did it on classic difficulty. Not a bad remake! This basically unifies the three games into the same general visual quality and that's cool. Got SW: Squadrons, and then it's back to Death Stranding. GAMES!


Ordered a Series Controller for my PC just out of curiosity and to see how that new D-pad feels but I was overlooking the new share button! That thing is gonna come in handy for all of the crazy JoyToKey profiles I have and emulator hotkeys. Arrives Wed.!


Brett told me to git gud so I did. That's Cuphead finally finished after hundreds of King Dice tries. Fuck that guy and I still think that boss is terrible. Thankfully, The Devil is way easier. Also, Happy Birth Seymour you beautiful bitch.


Just righted a 20 year wrong and FINALLY finished the original Driver. Feels good! Had to bail on the PS1 version and do the PC port due to the framerate. Just configured the Driver 2 PC port and I'm ready to right yet another long standing backlog wrong.


I just suffered through Star Wars Rebel Assault 1+2. I love the old cheesy nineties acting and FMVs but my god these two games were awful to play. The second one was better than the first, but that's not saying much. Maybe X-Wing Alliance next?!


I just replaced all the case fans in my PC with (not cheap) Noctua fans and finally ditched the molex adapters and inline resistors. All 4-Pin PWM connections now! I've made a terrible mistake: it's too quiet in here. I can hear myself think and I hate it


I've been chipping away at Bully: Scholarship Edition for about 6 years on my PC. Gave it up a while back because it used to crash constantly on Win10. Welp, I've returned thanks to a fan patch that addresses that issue. This game was actually fairly fun.


Just survived another 5 weeks of work! Yay! They cancelled the next stint, so I'm on lockdown again until January. Games! Just finished Prince of Persia 2008. NOT BAD!!! I liked it more than I thought I would. Heard the epilogue is bad. Gonna ignore it.


Just knocked out PoP:TTT in a day (two sittings). I can easily rank these three games as SoT > TTT >>>>>>>>>>>>>> WW. I finished Forgotten Sands a while back, so now it's time to play PoP 2008 and put a button on this series run.


Got back to my old Killer7 PC save and finished it up last night. Uh, guyz... I forgot a huge chunk of the story was about the US Presidential election. Strange timing on that backlog clear. Truly.


My Steam backlog category has 105 titles in it. Many of them are games I'm right near the end of, so today I knocked Blazing Chrome and KUNAI off the list! Blazing Chrome was great. KUNAI was good, but not amazing. Great to be able to focus again right?


Just finished Resistance: Burning Skies which marks the end of my series run. Overall very mediocre bunch of games. If I had to rank them: Retribution > 3 > 2 > Burning Skies >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>))<>((>>>>>>>>>>>>1


Breezed through both CARRION and INMOST the last couple days (all caps stylization is a real thing lately huh?). I can recommend both for sure! I know CARRION didn't light the world on fire, but it was definitely a cool game and pretty unique!


I prefer the bulk of my gaming collection to be on PC. Any word on if these No More Heroes ports are timed exclusive on Switch?


Threw my original Rift up on Amazon. Grandfathered into using it until 2023 but nah, I haven't touched the thing in months, and I got it for free (as well as another one that I sold months back). I'll eventually get an Index or just hold off on VR.


Sly Cooper 2 is fun, but too damn long. The repeating level themes kind of kill it, and the mission design is great but too often padded with repetitive tasks. I'm at the blimp level and feeling the fatigue. Impressed with the gameplay variety though.


Finished Shattered Memories last night. It was ok. I liked some of what it did, and absolutely despised it in other ways. The story was ok, but really awkward as some sort of 'remake'. Two hours into Downpour, just got past the mines. So far not bad!


Pro Tip: Go get your ears cleaned. At the doctor. With the water thing. I can hear again.


I've been kicking myself for spooktober games to play. A few years back it was all the Castlevania games, then RE, last year was Silent hill. Then I realized I never finished Shattered Memories or Downpour! So I think those should do.


Hot take: Super Mario Galaxy is just as janky and awkward to control as the recently maligned Sunshine and 64. Like, are we going to... hand wave... away the gyro and pointer controls? RIP Switch Lite owners.


It was good to one-hundo Sunshine again! I've been meaning to replay it since it released and had one dropped restart quite a few years ago. It has so many issues, but it stands next to SM64/Odyssey well, and I'll always prefer the open level 3D games.


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