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Hell yeah Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance! So far so good. No bullshit, no dating, no camp building, no micro-managing every god damn thing. Just units, weapons, and strategies. I think I'm gonna like this one! Up to chapter 5 and I'm liking the plot.


Just finished Super Paper Mario. Bleck. Do I: Get back to Color Splash (was about to start chapter 3 I think), dive in to either Yoshi's Wooly World/DK Tropical Freeze, or start Fire Emblem Path of Radiance? I can't decide!


I hate to say it, but I'm finding Super Paper Mario pretty bad. I'm about to start the final chapter, and it's been a total slog to play. The aesthetic is bland, the levels are sparse and game doesn't commit to any one idea, is it a platformer? RPG? Uh


Just about finished with my newest game. Between now and the opening that just leaves me a week for polishing things up, and physical install. 5 works on display in total: Super Maria, Sad Sap, LONG, Debtris, and my newest, I/O. I'm fucking spent...


Anyone interested in doing a quick beta test of one of the games I'm currently working on: Sad Sap. I'd like feedback tonight if possible - 15-20 minutes playtime, tops. Link in comments if interested! Thanks BB's. <3


Time to shelf Super Mario Galaxy. 87 stars is enough... the purple coins are the last straw. I put the hours in 100% on 2 anyway so I'm satisfied - maybe I'll finish it up in 10 years. On to Super Paper Mario! I guess I was already 2 hours in... thoughts?


I just beat Galaxy with 62 stars. Tons oh fun. Should I go for 120? Normally it'd be a no-brainer, but so many of the stars feel like padded content. And I'm definitely not doing it again as Luigi any time soon.


I guess I'll be listening to the new Converge album all day on repeat while I code my new game. Seriously, this band never stops being perfect.


Odyssey "beaten". While chipping away at it I thought I'd also finally get to Galaxy 1 (I've only ever played 2), and I forgot how great these games were too! Except for the occasionally iffy camera, glitchy gravity, and waggle controls. Still great tho.


Rodea The Sky Soldier is an awful game. Avoid it. It's fine enough until the final boss, and then its mechanical shortcomings reveal themselves at the critical moment. I had to watch the ending on YouTube - the last level is broken, and not worth the rage


I wanted to get my Wii backlog down so yesterday I finished Metroid Prime 3 finally, then triggered the credits in Mario Kart Wii, started and finished Wario Land Shake It!, and today I started and just finished Punch Out!! On to Rodea... oh and Odyssey.


I'm playing Wario Land Shake It while I wait for Odyssey and uh, it's fun! Reminds me of Shantae. Also! There's something oddly liberating in not trying to collect everything. I normally obsess over 100% save files... but not this time!


After 8 long years of sitting on my shelf, I've finally finished Metroid Prime 3! I loved it! So much better than 2 IMO. Also I missed 1 scan... fuck. Now to decide if I ever play Fed Force. And also I can't wait to be done with Wii games for good.


My Odyssey shipped! It'll arrive on Friday and is traveling from Wisconsin... which makes me wonder if people from Wisconsin get their copies shipped to them from Boston, just to complicate things.


TIL People will use a Morse code translator to understand a joke. It was a good day.


Still alive, still shitposting. Massive change of plans with this one - apparently there's just way too much electrical interference inside a tube TV = stranger things. Always have a contingency plan! The end table turned arcade cabinet! Now to coding it.


Next up: I'm adding a Raspberry Pi and buttons to this old B&W security monitor to make a one-off video game. I've added an internal power outlet, an on/off switch for the Pi (plus script), and tomorrow I'll do the buttons. The game is called IIII.


As promised, here's the thing I said I was gonna make. I'm using a very old iPhone 5 as a camera, so excuse the image quality. It plays LONG, a version of PONG with an extremely slow ball. It'll be up at High Five Arts in Lowell, MA in November.


... I really didn't expect Metroid Prime 3 to be this hard. Feeling pretty humbled right now.


Just cleared Metroid Prime Echoes! Haven't played it in at least 10 years - Travel was just as annoying as I remember (for 100% anyway), and the final Ing boss still sucks, but I think I liked it more this time. On to 3, which I've never finished before.


For my next trick, I'll be building something for a show in November. Imagine a mid-century modern coffee table that functions as a cocktail cabinet. It'll house a boring game that no one will want to play... but that's contemporary art. Pics to come!


Fine. Echoes is actually better than I remember it being. I always used to think it wasn't that great... but the dark world mechanic is not as annoying as it is in every single game that uses it ever.


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