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Should I buy DQ XI right now on Steam in a drunken fit of stupidity? Or be a patient boy and wait for the Switch version? GO.


I'm here to set the mood for the evening.


Remember this thing? I built it about 2 years ago but I never use it. Which is sad. I just had the idea to put one of my extra Raspberry Pi 3b+ units in it and run RetroPie as well as add a Power/HDMI/USB passthrough. Maybe I'll use it more this way?


I think this is the first and last time I make a touch screen game. The Raspberry Pi couldn't handle it for some reason (runs at 14fps..), the touch screen required a hack to work, and now I have to hide a Windows laptop under a pedestal! Don't do art.


I'm so glad I 'bought' P.T. through the PSN website back before I ever had a PS4. Just did the trick to download it by setting up my PC as a proxy server. This should be fun!


Back in nasty New England. Ask me anything.


I'm in the dirty south. Ask me anything.


On that day. The day of the incident... Did anyone here see a black car?


So this is what I've ACTUALLY been doing the last two weeks. More photos in the comments! Here are two new arcade cabinets for two of my oldest games: Debtris, and The Adventures of Sisyphus. Exhibition of 8 works coming up in Sept. in Massachusetts.


I made some really cool arcade cabinets but the light isn't great (duh, it's 9:30pm) so I'll share tomorrow. In the meantime, help me pick my next backlog game to conquer - list in comments. Also Wes is hot.


Beat Samarost 3, which was nice. Also tried to get back into Shadow Warrior 2013 and I just can't. It's so boring after playing DOOM and it's really doing nothing for me. The new Dangus isn't playing games he doesn't like just for posterity - he moves on.


I'm still in a FPS mood so maybe I'll try for the 40th time in the last year to get No One Lives Forever 1+2 working on my PC. I fixed the 60fps audio bug at one point, but never could address the stuttering, janky mouse movement. Anyone have any luck?


Well I'm 17 levels into DOOM 64 and I think it's safe to say it's my favorite of the older games. Which is a nice surprise, because I always assumed it was a port and never planned to play it. Series ranking time! DOOM(2016)>DOOM 64>DOOM>DOOM II>>>>DOOM 3


Let's gush about DOOM (2016) in the comments. I just finished it.


On to level 11 in Descent. This. Game. Is. So. Fucking. Brutally. Difficult. But I love it.


I'm so happy to be playing DOOM(2016). Finally. Halfway through and I'm starting to get a little upset that I'll never be able to experience it again for the first time. Also, does anyone else enjoy exploring the maps more than the combat? No? Just me?


I still haven't finished DOOM (2016) simply because it takes a good 5 minutes to finish loading on my PC. Yes... I have it installed to a HDD. No... my SSD doesn't have enough room on it. It's an amazing game though. I literally can't wait to finish it.


I'm not the only one playing Forsaken Remastered am I? It's a decent Descent 'clone' and you should play it. Yes. You.


I think it's funny that a game called Volume has pretty bad audio production


It's good to get a game you've left half finished for several years off your backlog. Bye Bye Strider (2014). You were fun! How about Oddworld: New n' Tasty next? There's one I haven't touched in a long time.


I played Blood Omen 2 so you don't have to. Go ahead, ask me anything.


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