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Happy birthday DToid. Thanks for tolerating my existence. :D


After all that preparation to try and NOT get spoiled for Star Allies my phone decides to put nothing but the 3 people I blocked on my feed with the final boss in the thumbnail. This has happened to me with BoTW and Odyssey now and I'm so upset.


So random grad student story time. For my database class we had to design our own databases as a group. One of the groups decided to make a Weed database.


So I just found out there is an actual working Chrome Extension that blocks YouTube videos and channels for you and now I won't be spoiled for Star Allies cause I blocked the people who always post the final bosses in YouTube thumbnails. I'm happy now. :D


So my ISP has basically screwed over my family and now we're trying to get a new plan from a competitor. Problem is though the only other option is AT&T with a 50 Mbps upload max which is down 100 Mbps from the current one I have.


My Super NT came today and it runs like a charm. Have some Super Nintendo cartridges on the way as well so this'll be fun. :D


Just found out that David Otgen Stiers died. Rest in peace Dr. Jumba you shall be missed. T^T


Oh shit it's people's birthdays!? Well happy birthday to Vxxy and our resident grandma Occams.


So I've been trying to get my IPS monitor to stop saying it can't detect a signal for the last hour. Did a bunch of updates, even flashed my BIOs. Turns out I'd been using the wrong HDMI cord. I'm an idiot. >.>


Welp, just upgraded editing software again. Got Vegas Pro Edit 15 now so now I can properly use CUDA encoding. :D


Managed to nab myself an HP 27er IPS monitor for $40. Love working at Goodwill sometimes. :D


I feel a bit smug hearing about how after I left a part of the company I'm with everything started to fall apart. Makes me both happy and sad. Happy cause that validates that I worked hard, but sad cause my co-workers now deal with the problem alone. :(


Just got myself a Super NT. Sadly the Famicom version sold out before I was able to buy it, but I nabbed the jet black one instead. I was either going to get that or a New 2DS XL Capture Card.


I finally did it. I did a blog thingy. Link in the comments. I know it's not the best but since I have to blog for school I figured why not blog here as well.


I feel like this is a good song for Valentine's Day.


Double post, whoops.


Welp, my computer seems to be going screwy. Whenever I play games I get huge amounts of lag. I think it's my CPU bottlenecking my GPU, but either way it's getting annoying.


I made my first database. :D


I didn't even realize the Super NT was coming out soon. Hopefully preorders stay open till I get paid next week.


Welp, someone stole my car's registration sticker from my license plate. Hope it fell apart on them because my father makes it so that it will rip if removed.


I hate that I get writer's block from writing even the tiniest amount. It makes doing homework very hard. The only way I get over it is if I find the right song to listen to, but the song needed changes every time I write something new. >.<


Barely the first day of classes and already I'm swarmed with homework. Didn't miss this that's for sure. >.<


RNGesus is not looking kindly on me. I need to get the Wizard's Relic Staff for Donald in KH1 and I'm just not getting it. I've killed almost 500 already and nothing.


Happy birthday to RoboPandaZ and happy belated birthday to Larx and Wes. :D


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