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Man I lack willpower. Got a PS3 Super Slim 250 GB for $20 and it's in perfect working condition, but I already have a regular PS3 Slim...


Just did the GameStop sale for $4 for $40 and got myself Morrowind: GoTY Edition, Spyro 1, Digimon World 3, and finally Panzer Dragoon Orta. I think I made off good. :3


Welp I'm now the owner of a new Google Pixel. It's fancy, and destroyed my wallet's funds. D:


Welp, now I need a new phone because my MAXX decided to shit itself. Best part is I'm not gonna have any money left after I have to do the upgrade fee and the sales tax on the phone. >.>


Happy birthday to Mike Martin!


Been a frustrating couple of days trying to install Windows 10 on my old laptop to give to my father. The laptop runs just fine, but the Upgrade Assistant would get stuck at 99%. Turns out it was Windows 7 Update's fault. >.>


Hope everyone on the Vegas strip is safe.


And translating is now fully done. Again I don't think it's 100% accurate, hell it's probably not even 90%, but it's the best I can do by myself. I'll try to get the blog up soon for Big Mission with the cutscenes translated since it was requested.


I'm about halfway done with the translations of Ape Escape Big Mission's cutscenes. Wish I had a reference to go by since there aren't Japanese subtitles so I have to listen for what they are saying. Once done I'll be the first one to translate the story.


Dammit I thought One Piece Unlimited World Red Deluxe on Switch was getting a physical release in the states. Turns out it's digital only and is 10.4 GB. Now I'm sad. Current Status:


Honestly surprised how much Japanese I remember. Any DToiders fluent in Japanese willing to help me translate some Ape Escape cutscenes? :D


Moving everything out of one's large editing room is very difficult, especially when the one moving everything is sick. >.<


Happy birthday to everyone today. :D


Question, would anyone care about the history of a capture card's company? I only ask because when writing the capture card blog I'm going down rabbit holes when it comes to who owns what and I'm finding it interesting. Example in the comments.


Just found out Ape Escape 3 got a Japanese PSN release in 2014. Welp, time to triple dip for Ape Escape 3 again. :P


Two truths, one lie. I'm afraid of dogs; own every base model of console starting from the 6th generation up; I know how to write well.


I'm mulling about writing my first blog, but I don't know how interesting the topic would be since it'd be about video capture cards for things like recording and streaming.


Happy birthday Dere. As you play Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age remember not to believe the lies of Ondore. No matter how tempting they are.


Doing a strawpoll to replace two games that I'm livestreaming. Would appreciate if anyone would be willing to vote in it. Link in the comments. Sadly can't continue Final Fantasy XII or Fallout 3 due to technical problems. :(


Really liked the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super. Really showed off a character that is underutilized I think. Still mad about Buu though. >.>


Hope all DToiders stay safe during the hurricane.


It's a birthday today I see. Well happy birthday @Tohsaka! :D


Today's been a pretty good day. Finished the N. Sane Trilogy completely by getting a Gold Relic in Stormy Ascent; got my Japanese copy of Ape Escape 3, and my transcript got to SJSU for Grad School. Now to just hope that I get in.


Well that's all 3 main games for the N. Sane Trilogy done and Platinumed. Have to Platinum Crash 1 again since I originally did it on another account, but it's also time to take on Stormy Ascent.


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