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Welp I have my car insurance. Now if only I had my car as that won't be done till Friday now. Apparently it WAS the crank-shaft sensor.


Update on the car: might have something wrong with the crank-shaft.


So...apparently my car was once involved in a recall and is doing the thing that caused it to be recalled in the first place. I just can't have nice things can I? :(


Neronium got his car. His wallet will be crying for the next couple of years.


Neronium did a big boy thing and is 65% done with getting a new used car.


Got this from Twitter user itptmn, and I feel bad for laughing as much as I did.


I can taste the salt of Geno fans from here. I got Isabelle though so I'm not gonna complain.


A very merry birthday to our resident Serial Pooper Dere. May his toilets beg for mercy.


So I did a big blunder. Was leaning back in my computer chair when it suddenly snapped and broke. The result: I fell backwards, kicked my desk, and broke my keyboard. Got a replacement keyboard, but now I must go chair shopping...


Just realized I forgot to wish Hlarge a happy birthday. Happy belated birthday dude; hope you like the new job.


Daily reminder to do a hard save of your work regularly. Was working on an update video and my editor crashed and autosave didn't save my butt this time.


Woke up early today to get my physical copy of Dust today. Really happy I got that but mayhaps I should have gotten the Collector's Edition.


Sorry for the lateness on this one, but happy birthday to HoTB! He's a great member of the community and is always fun to see around along with Wilf. Enjoy your 40th man!


Welp I made a mistake when making the randomizer and now cannot continue due to constant crashes. So now I must start anew with a new randomizer seed. This upsets me. At least I got a meme out of it.


Oh hey my RetroFighters controller finally has shipped after I ordered it back in February...


The luck is not with my randomizer. The game crashed on me and it deleted all my progress for the last 3 hours I was streaming. Made me sad. Not cause of the lost progress, but cause I gotta do the Fire Temple all over again.


Welp I normally don't like actually posting my videos onto here, but I made an announcement video regarding the charity event I'm doing this year.


I don't necessarily have a kitten anymore, but man does this cat love to still act like one. #kittentoid


Commissioned a friend to make me what basically has summed up my Ocarina of Time Randomizer thus far. Behold.


Happy birthday to Nekkid and Amna. They're both wonders to have in the community and we'd be worse off if they left.


If there is anything my first livestream of the Ocarina of Time can be summarized with it's this: Hearts, Money, and lots of Nuts.


I might actually be purchasing a new-used car soon. Current status:


Looks like the Reignited Trilogy has been delayed till November 13th. To which I say, good. Seemed like it was releasing way too early since we've not even seen really much from the 3rd game at all.


It's getting harder and harder for my parents to care for Ito given how quick they are to anger when he gets on a good tirade. Thus it's falling on me more and more to care for him when I need to ask them to walk away before they get too mad.


I can now make my GameCube games run in widescreen mode on the consoles without needing to use an emulator. This makes me happy. :D


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