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So I need to take a leave of absence from work to care for my grandfather, and the only thing I still need is the paperwork from my grandfather's doctor so that I can make sure I still have a job when I get back. The doctor's taking ages to do it though.


So someone used my email to make an Epic Games account and f*cked up logging in thus giving me the chance to change everything and lock down the account.


Welp back to the capture card drawing board for USB 3.0 cards. Really should write more than one blog about capture cards. Especially since I'm not in school right now.


Decided to put my new Ryzen 2700x when it came to video rendering. An episode in 30 FPS that would have taken 30 to 40 minutes takes 11 on this PC. I wanted a jump, and I'm loving this jump. :D


My PC is fully built and has Windows 10 installed. This is good news to me after such a bad week. :D


Sorry for being so negative on Qtoid, but man I just can't get a break. Now I won't get the money for the PS4 I sold on eBay cause the buyer for that backed out. And now my car won't start too. Something has to go right for me eventually right? T^T


This just isn't my week it seems. The workday was awful to say the least. Got so fed up I almost quit on the spot. But since I need the money and not even McDonalds wants me I can't.


And now the major depression is kicking in. Need pictures of ferrets to cheer me up cause of what happened to me with an eBay sale I did.


You know what's more discouraging than anything. When you can't even get an interview with McDonald's. Degree's help my ass, don't go to college kids it just puts you in debt.


Welp that's the RAM acquired, just need the CPU (which I am buying tomorrow maybe) and the OS and my build will be complete.


Welp that's every project except Fallout 3 done on my channel. Ready to change my name tomorrow on YouTube.


Welp, just found out in January I'm gonna have basically a second job now. Whatever free-time I had is now gone by then it seems. :/


So I wonder how long it will take for people to figure out Fallout 3 hinted at Fallout 76 as well. There's a Vault 76 jumpsuit in Paradise Falls from 3 with a holotape.


So for some odd reason the Disqus section whenever I click to read the comments is highlighted with a grey box that prevents me from posting. I don't have ad-block so I'm confused as to why.


Built most of my computer and wired it up. Just need a few more parts and then we see if I made an expensive boo boo or not.


Finally convinced my parents to allow me to not take summer classes. That's a load off. Now I'm in a better financial place for the fall semester.


I feel so bad. My grandfather wants to have these engaging conversations, but I don't know Spanish. D:


So it's do or die time for my car. If I don't pass smog then my car is officially done since due to California law most catalytic converters are illegal here so I'd have to special order one, which would cost a fortune given the year of my car.


Almost got scammed out of my laptop I was selling. Caught it before it was delivered. But now I'm depressed cause I'm an idiot.


Surprisingly my new computer tower arrived just now as I got back from a wedding. Soon it will be filled with parts.


Darn, the Motherboard I wanted for my new rig is now back-ordered and would take weeks to get to me. Welp, time to go hunting for another board.


Happy birthday to Parismo. Hope you have a good one.


Guess who's messed up his back cause of how he has to stand when his grandfather has to go to the bathroom.


So I'm trying to research a video editing rig since I don't game on my PC as much as I do video editing. Problem is I don't know which CPU to go with. I don't need an amazing one, but my i7 4790k is more for gaming than rendering.


Man my grandfather is on a good one today. XD


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