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I think my sister might have gotten me sick. Hooray...


So is the site just eating my Quick Posts until I double post or something?


Welp looks like I'm gonna miss the Capcom stream since I gotta go and adult on my day off. Makes me sad that I gotta adult on my day off too. :(


Guess who's car won't start so he can't get to work today. D:


It's still Sunday for me so happy birthday Seymour.


Yay my games that I ordered shipped. Soon it'll be Wario time! :D


Well that's A Crack in Time True 100%ed with all skill points, all Gold Bolts, all Zoni, and all trophies. Finally. :D


Finally at Diggernaut in Samus Returns and holy crap people weren't kidding about that boss. D:


Just thought I'd let everyone know there's a 128 GB MicroSD card on sale at Best Buy right now for $30. Link in the comments.


Happy birthday DeadMoon. So many birthing days this month. :P


Had to put my 19 year old cat down. I'll miss her greatly. My sister is a wreck because of it though.


Happy birthday to the birthday people today. Hope you've had a fantastic day.


Stream's finally over, total amount raised was $500 from donations and $50 from me for dying 50 times bringing the total to $550. Thanks to all the DToiders who came during that dry spell this morning as well. Really means a lot to us everyone. :D


Still streaming for Extra Life and I'm about $97.50 from my $500 goal. Thanks everyone who stopped by. Still going till 3 PM though.


Gonna be going live with the Apeathon in about 30 minutes. Stop on by and donate if you can, or spread the word around as that helps too. Thanks for the support everyone: https://go.twitch.tv/roxas1359


People already beating Odyssey, and yet here I am only around half an hour in because I have other obligations that I must do first. >:(


I'm close to finishing A Crack in Time for my YouTube channel...but Odyssey just came in the mail today when it was supposed to arrive tomorrow. Now do I be responsible or not?


Managed to find a pretty good Webcam at my local Goodwill for only $5. For a used one of this webcam it apparently goes for about $45 to $70. Good thing Goodwill doesn't always know what they have.


@CelicaCrazed How we gonna be handling the Extra Play Charity stream? We gonna be taking turns and streaming at certain times, or do we each do the 24-Hour Livestream?


Been selling and buying things over the last few days and I have a question on what I should do. Should I attempt to mod my original GameBoy Advance with a Backlight screen or should I just save up and buy one? My GBA is pretty old and beat up so.


I bought myself a New 2DS XL today. I like how it feels much more than my New 3DS XL. Gonna sell the N3DS XL to my friend.


I can get down for #Dinnertoid. Here's a Tuna Casserole I made the other night.


So I finally figured out why my HP printer wastes so much ink. Amazon also for some reason lists my printer as having a 4.1 user rating, but once you click on the item and scroll down it actually has 67% 1 Star ratings. >.>


So apparently the Fall Creator's Update can cause an endless reboot loop if you have an Elgato HD60 Pro due to driver issues. Elgato released a fix recommending you Update the driver and software before installing the FCU.


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