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Happy birthday Wes. May you have a great day filled with all the tacos you can eat.


So, turns out I was gonna get let go from Target next week anyways. That makes me indecisiveness easier. :P


Ended up getting a random email from my old summer temporary job. Looks like they wanna possibly rehire me for 6 months. I'm conflicted though, more in the comments.


Pins will also be "available" on April 1st. I really want that Galaxy pin.


Finally got all the Platnium Clrtex Relics in Crash 4. Still so much left though since I am barely at 52% completion. D:


Happy birthday Shibb and Julc3. Hope you both have a great day.


Managed to get that $70 for eShop for $50 with a gift card I had for Walmart. Can't decide whether to get 3D All Stars again (needed to sell it for money), or get Age of Calamity.


I'm looking to sell some of my extra capture cards. Don't know if anyone here is interested in one of them. First one I'm selling is an AVerMedia Live Gamer HD 2 PCIe capture card. Need some extra cash hence why I'm selling it, plus I have another card.


Decided to make a new avatar for my stuff. Had commissions for my little character lying around so I figured I might as well use them more.


Wanted to stream, but fear of having another stream alone is preventing me. I should stream more, but hardly anyone shows up or chats and I find myself to be a boring person. Maybe one day I'll get over this self-doubt.


Gonna spend this month doing Crash Bandicoot reviews since I finally have templates for what I need. Figure I might as well use them and also see if I can do a review for Crash 4.


Woke up to the surprise that the stimulus got deposited for me. Used it to pay bills instantly. :P


Managed to get one last review done before the end of the year. Time for Pikmin! :D


Happy birthmas to DToids resident cat-dat and cat-lover RiffRaff. Have a great one. :D


Can't seem to play my New Vegas with DLC since I subscribed to Game Pass. Don't mess with my New Vegas Microsoft. That's my lifeblood. D:


Got a little bonus so I bought my cousin a Switch Lite. She cried when I gave it to her.


That's day 5 down, only three to go till my next day off. Now time for sleepy-sleeps.


Hooray for 8 days straight of working as of now. Was supposed to be off till Tuesday, but got called in today, yesterday, and now till this Thursday. Only get Christmas off it seems.


I went to GAMER IKEA and got my fixture. Pictures in the comments.


A bunch of the GameStops in my city are going under, which means the furniture and fixtures are for sale. Grabbed one of their statue and figurine display cases with the plexie-glass for like $70.


Final update on the Series X: called Microsoft and they discovered they forgot to update my order. Apparently I'll be getting it today or tomorrow. :D


Just beat Donkey Kong Country 1 for the first time. I am really bad and it took me WAY too long to beat it, but besides only playing 1 or 2 levels back as a kid this is the first time I ever beat the game by myself.


Really hoping my Xbox Series X order I got from Microsoft doesn't get cancelled or anything. It's been "pending" since November 9th, and I'm nervous. Edit: Looking like it was cancelled and they didn't notify me. Will call them tomorrow.


Commissioned someone a few months back, but everything was delayed cause of COVID. Just got the layouts back and I am happy with them. They are for the Spyro the Dragon series when I do reviews on them. Other two in the comments.


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