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Now that one review is done, now it's time to work on the next one. :D


Happy birthday absolutefreak!


So apparently Nintendo's source code for the Nintendo Wii, as well as any and all games planned for DS through 3DS up till 2013, including cancelled games, got leaked online. Nintendo's Ninja's are gonna have a field day trying to scrub that away.


Need some advice on how to handle something majorly important. Details in the comments.


Nero is upset. Nero would love some kitty pictures if people have them.


Happy birthday to Gus, the being who somehow got roped into the pungeon one day and came out a punny man.


Welp, paperwork is gathered mostly on my end. Wish I could get an affidavit from my psychiatrist and therapist, but I can't get them in time cause COVID-19 closed their offices and I don't have a fax machine. I really need the affidavits from them too.


Friends got me a mixer as a late birthday present. Now I must learn how to audio again! :D


Happy birthday Sam and Sir Shenanigans. Hope you're all remaining safe and have a great birthday.


Welp, Goodwill is taking me to court saying that I never complained about cut hours or a hostile work environment to management...this is gonna be fun. Hopefully my witnesses agree to help. I'm kinda scared. Bright side is I have an interview with Ralphs.


I wanna do "My first Quickpost" but the site won't go far back at all. :(


Man don't you just hate it when the weather has been consistent and then suddenly jumps up 20-30 degrees. Absolutely hate the heat and it's back now.


This was definitely the most painful gif I've had to edit so far. Mainly cause Bobbery had to be cut out in every single frame. Either way, I made a green screen variant for anyone who wants it. Yes I added the text on the banner too.


I made a gif. Adding shit to frames to where they match up is a pain. 15 minutes just to give Cyclops a Mega Man helmet. :/


Lord help me, I've learned how to make shitty Gifs. I feel like this is a shitty rabbit hole I'm about to go into.


Let me just say, making a demo reel with added edits when you yourself are not a confident editor to being with is definitely a challenge.


Nero tried helping out a big streamer, only to realize the streamer has stuff I'm unable to access to help them with cause I'm not a partner. Current status:


Don't know if anyone actively plays, but DON'T launch Team Fortress 2 right now. Source code for it got leaked and it's leading to all sorts of bad things with people's Steam Accounts getting hi-jacked, etc.


Happy birthday to Matt as well. We miss you AngriestCarp, why don't you love us in QToid much anymore? D:


Happy birthday Occams, may your Twitter be filled with cursed images and awesome music!


Got onto Twitter and found out my friend won that custom Xbox One X from Microsoft for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.


10 job denials in one day? New record for me!


Welp, universe decided that too many good things happened and the inevitable counter just occurred: go kicked off unemployment cause Goodwill appealed the decision, two months later, and they don't wanna pay for unemployment anymore. :/


I saw this, so you have to as well. What's worse is this is official from the Nickelodeon twitter account.


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