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Why must car maintenance be so expensive. Getting a tune up since my sparkplugs are way past needing to be changed.


Managed to finally get the second blog out for my Capturing the Moment series on video capture devices. Today I tackled Hauppauge, the second ever type of capture cards I ever used. Link to the blog is in the comments.


Just cleaned the brush my vacuum and holy crap I could have made a wig with how much hair was stuck to that brush. Vacuum should run really well now.


Never read a statement about loan repayment when you are half asleep. Puts you in defcon mode instantly and makes you not see that you don't start repayment until next year.


Just as a warning to those who care: Kingdom Hearts Re: Mind stuff is starting to appear in droves on YouTube at the moment. Saw a couple of videos that had "ending" in their title, so be careful.


Nothing like waking up to another job denial. What sucks is they cited lack of experience. But won't let me volunteer to get the experience.


Streams over, thanks for everyone who stopped by to watch me be bad at Kirby: Triple Deluxe.


Nero's God Awful Take: Gaming peaked during the 6th generation of consoles. Less BS, less day one patches, and that's why we see this current generation full of remakes, ports, and remasters: cause they are trying to capture when gaming was still good.


My friend finished my emotes and this one is by far my favorite one.


Welp both PS3s are dead. The original one doesn't wanna play games via disc drive anymore, and the one I got scammed on Offer Up for doesn't wanna even work half the time. Should've just gone and grabbed one from GameStop with all this hassle honestly.


First time buying something on Offer Up and I got duped. Got myself a PS3 on the site, guy was super nice, but lied through his teeth about the system. Disc Drive don't work, and the WiFi dongle on the board is shot so no wireless controller capabilities.


Can't stop watching Baba is You memes and videos. Send help, help with Baba that is.


Happy birthday Wes. May you find a way to get those tacos.


The universe is determined to kill my PS3 it seems, or make it that I can't play it. From HDDs beginning to fail (transferred the data to a new SSD a few weeks ago), to now both my controllers not wanting to charge at all and the fan making scary noises.


Final Fantasy XII is a perfectly balanced game with no ways of breaking it mechanically. This video proves it.


I just spiraled into the fact that I am further breaking FFXII for myself. Ribbons for everyone! :D


I come back from a funeral and see we are all downvoting to hell now? Good to know this place is still wacky. Also, going to that Mega-Church funeral reaffirmed my decision to not wanna go to church on my own accord...ever.


I don't game as much as I think I do it seems. Between this and the Switch I think I barely gamed a fraction of what everyone else did. :( I wonder what my Xbox One list would look like. Probably not as good either honestly.


And now I'm sad. My favorite Let's Play channel, Super Gaming Bros (aka SGB), are ending their playthroughs this year. They are part of the entire reason why I started to Let's Play and put a lot of focus into it. 10 years is a heck of a run though.


So I broke FFXII The Zodiac Age mechanically to the point in which I'm laughing. So much super boss level equipment and I'm not even half-way through the story. Bless Trial Mode and all its bullshit. This video sums me up right now.


Decided to clean my room, and not only did I find my Switch Pro controller finally, I also found an unopened, factory sealed, license copy of Windows 10. I should probably sell the Windows 10 license so I can at least get some money. Anyone here want it?


"And, remember, the universe has a wonderful sense of humor. The trick is, learning how to take a joke."


Go figure, despite working most of last year, getting a raise and promotion too, I made significantly less money than 2018 in 2019. Might even have to pay since you don't get breaks for education anymore.


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