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Currently retranslating my original translation of Ape Escape Big Mission, or should I say it's proper name: Ape Escape: Curious Big Mission. Finally found a good onomatopoeia dictionary for it.


Don't know what's worse. Knowing I didn't get a second interview, or having to watch them be conducted right in front of me cause of how the schedule was made. :/


Trying to find a reputable person for Live2D commissions that also does Mecha is next to impossible. I just wanna commission a proper VTuber avatar, but my little mascot is considered too mecha for many. Image for reference.


Debating on whether to sell my hacked Vita or not...I could get some good money for it, but then I don't wanna buy another one later. But I also don't use it too often...


Getting all my finances together this Sunday to make myself a budget and get ready to repay my college loans. Hopefully I am strong enough to keep and maintain that budget.


Switch already arrived. Can't wait to raffle it off for charity!


Got a good picture of my cat. Then when I wasnin the bathroom it started raining hard and now he's mad at me. #Caturday


Another librarian is leaving my library. We only have 1 left now, and they are part time hourly. Skeleton crew time I guess...


Welp my Extra Life event is scheduled. Gonna be doing it on November 9th at 12:00 pm PST. I'm even giving away a Nintendo Switch too in a raffle. Not the OLED one, because those are being scalped currently and I'm not made of money!


Finally beat my first Randomizer and didn't have to scrap it due to technical problems. On cloud 9 at the moment. But now time to sleepy sleeps.


Welp I am definitely not getting a second interview cause I can't interview for shit. Ranked worst out of all candidates. Currently spiraling.


Friend is driving and it feels weird being a passenger rather than a driver. But you do see interesting cars and trucks.


With the help of my friend I was able to make this logo for the next charity event. It's gonna be a bunch of randomizers with each $50 mark being reached unlocking another randomizer. All for Extra Life this year.


Got me some Noods and Japanese fried chicken for dinner. Time to gorge.


Welp I am no longer going to Sedona. Don't feel comfortable going after this shakeup and non-guarantee to be able to go. Gonna probably do the charity stream around that time.


Me thinking I'm gonna be productive this morning, and my cat going "about that chief."


Current work status I can elaborate on later.


Alphadeus not only made me a song before, I also commissioned him to get a cover of Sanctuary and I loved it. I use it for Kingdom Hearts projects now to avoid the dreaded copyright claims. So thanks Alphadeus! #Alphatoid


Want to play Dread, but real life obligations keep interfering with that. That and the want to be productive on my channel. Pain.


Couldn't play Dread cause my mom needs help setting up a new phone. Been at it for a few hours now.


Welp, couldn't snag the Amiibo for Dread, so I went to Best Buy to see if there was any left. No luck, but I did find a DualSense Midnight Black Controller that was open box and got it for $50. So I'll take that as a win.


Interview is done, now to play the waiting game.


Happy birthday Mike, you're a good person with a big heart and I hope everything you need comes to you with ease. :D


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