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And with one last competency and a conclusion I have completed my ePortfolio in one month's time. That's 14 papers of hell done. Current status:


Welp, have to age-restrict certain playthroughs on my YouTube channel now. Parents not being parents and YouTube getting uppity shit. Probably gotta change my Discord server stuff too. :/


Looking at the Xbox Spring sale and honestly it's not bad. I might actually get a lot of games on it, as opposed to the Sony Spring sale which disappoints me. My PS4 is becoming more and more useless it seems.


Time to get myself back to being productive with school work. Need only 2 more Competencies for my ePortfolio before I'm done. I have until the 10th to do them, but I should get them done now. Problem is, I apparently saved the two hardest ones for last.


While the Great Crystal sucks majorly, they make up for that terrible location with this quest alone. John Di'Maggio hammed up this role that I absolutely adore him and he's my favorite character in FFXII besides Balthier of course.


I love FFXII, it's my favorite FF game by far. It also has the worst dungeon in the history of the franchise. The Great Crystal is not friendly. Just got lost for two hours in there. Found the Esper by accident along with Shellga and like 3 Rare Game.


Only April Fool's day thing that matters.


Just got contacted by my old boss and coworkers at Goodwill San Diego. They've all been fired, and only executives are allowed to remain on payroll. Even worse, if they reopen they said everyone's previous positions aren't guaranteed. Glad I left now.


Welp, managed to do the paper. Ironically enough I ended up finding a Ratchet and Clank 2 track that put me in the zone. Was one of the last tracks I'd thought of to use.


Accidentally mentioned having writer's block on Twitter and the "Let me write your paper for you" bots came out. Help!


"Hooman, it is my sphere. You shall not take it."


My IDW Megatron gunpla is here. Might do picture progress of my first build and dump them inside of this quickpost later.


Nero got a warm jacket today. Love the design. I am a simple man and will grab Ape Escape and Crash Twinsanity merch when I can.


So while everyone focused on the direct today, Beenox stealth announced new characters for Nitro-Fueled. They are the mook scientists from the games, Baby Cortex from Crash 3, Baby N.Tropy from Crash 3, and the best character of all...a Checkpoint crate.


So a while back I got an email from an undergrad art student at my school thinking I was in her department. She emailed me just now asking if I had turned in Assignment 6, to which I had to break the news to her that I'm in the MLIS program, not the Art.


Super upset people are being racist to the local Asian restaurants I frequent cause of COVID-19. Be they Japanese, Chinese, or Korean people are being assholes to them and it makes me sad and angry. Support your local Asian businesses, especially now.


Found toilet paper in the wild today, and eggs. Wild. Bought 1 pack cause I'm not a barbarian.


I'm not normally into models and gunpla, but I have an absolute mighty need for this.


Made a review of Ratchet & Clank 1 in the Community Blogs, you should check it out. There's a video version of it at the bottom too. :3


Welp Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is gonna be the longest playthrough I've ever done on YouTube. I'm guessing between 110 and 120 parts by the end of it, which to be fair I'm doing just about everything in the game.


Nothing's more fun than killing a god of reincarnation by repeatedly throwing 10,000g's at it. (FFXII Esper + Gil Toss = Death)


Had my friends choose randomly which Core Competency to do for my ePortfolio and I said one of them is the most difficult. Friend's chose the most difficult one without me telling them which one it was.


Happy birthday Zerotonin. Hope things pick up for ya!


Added a Blu-Ray drive to my rig, so now I can watch Transformer's Animated for the umpteenth time on my computer. Oh and Jojo Rabbit too. Also cleaned the dang thing since I forgot last month so now it's nice and clean.


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