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It's getting harder and harder for my parents to care for Ito given how quick they are to anger when he gets on a good tirade. Thus it's falling on me more and more to care for him when I need to ask them to walk away before they get too mad.


I can now make my GameCube games run in widescreen mode on the consoles without needing to use an emulator. This makes me happy. :D


Happy birthday to Kerrik and Gaj. Hope you both had/have a good day.


Everyone be posting their kitties. So I guess I'll show off my Floofy boy.


Commissioned a friend to make a "Need to care for my grandfather" away screen for my streams. I like how it turned out.


Trying to learn the rendering program Blender and this is my current status.


Welp don't know how, but a potato spontaneously combusted in my microwave. Need to change and need a new microwave now.


Welp I finally took the plunge to get a N2DSXL Capture Card. Was not cheap but hopefully it all goes well. Probably won't get it for a while though.


While not a selfie, Alphadeus did make a song for me. :D


Me: "Alright that's Future Tense done. Now where's that there Trophy for getting a Gold at least." *nothing appears* Me: "Dear god there is no trophy for it!?"


Coming this year in November, yours truly will be doing another 24 hour charity livestream event for Extra Life. I've already got the logo made for what I'm calling my contribution thanks to the talented Twitter user Sivartzz (he's also a friend).


So apparently YouTube is now terminating channels for promoting their streams on Twitch. Even if it's just one strike they are terminating the channels. Links in the comments for the story.


So my Xbox One S decided to switch into 640x480 resolution and would not let me change it. Took a while but I finally managed to change it back to 1080p. Didn't even know that 640x480 was even put on the console considering it's HDMI only.


Happy birthday Wilf. May it be a good one.


Welp that Super Mario 64 DS done. Wonder what I should stream next?


Put up soundproofing foam in my room. Took a while and now my room is a sauna because I put up the foam in the middle of a heatwave. D:


I just keep upgrading my rig. Got a GTX 1070 Ti just now so let's see how GPU acceleration with that is for rendering videos. Only reason why I didn't get a GTX 1080 is cause of the prices.


So I got one of those old Skip Doctor disc buffers and surprisingly it works. My Spyro games don't mess up anymore. :D


So I decided to clean my cartridges and man were they dirty. Mario 64 runs well now and not 50% of the time though, which is good.


Just to let everyone know, Walmart is selling the Splatoon 2 Joycons for $24 for a box of 2. It was posted on Slickdeals and I managed to nab one box for me and one for a friend.


So due to GameStop's screw up they actually did send me a confirmation email so now I might be getting 2 NES Classics. Hooray. >.>


Me: Oh hey the NES Classic is up at GameStop, let's try and get one. Scalpers: Nope. Edit: Managed to nab one from Best Buy. It's still up if people wanna try. Link in the comments.


Not having a good day with my grandfather, as he's being a butt. So have some Waluigi. :D


Doing a straw poll to decide which character I should play as in Birth by Sleep Final Mix first. Poll will be in the comments. I'd appreciate everyone's input.


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