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Been busy all day, but I still have time to wish Wilf a happy birthday! :D


Alright, PC is nice an clean, and NVME drive is installed with Windows installed correctly. Now for the fun part: reinstalling everything I ever use. D:


Today is PC maintenance day for me. I am putting in a 500 GB M.2 NVME drive and tomorrow I shall get rid of other drives for a 6 TB Western Digital. That should last me.


I did a thing. :P Edit: Afternoon bump


Happy birthday Prins. Hope you have a good one.


Man, glad I missed the Direct cause getting hyped for Bakugan from one of my favorite Indie Developers? That would've been disappointing. Glad I spent my time helping my family buy groceries so they don't have to risk themselves.


Happy birthday to Ninja and Frosty. You are both amazing and this community is lucky to have you.


Took forever, but I finally finished the Ape Escape 2 review I'd been working on. I'm still not fully satisfied with it, but short of throwing out the script again it's the best I've got. :/


I just bought Ape Escape Move...lord why did I decide to waste money on THAT game of all things. *remembers YouTube channel* Oh yeah, that's why.


I have a mighty need for this. Also, I never realize how much Majora's Mask merchandise I have until recently. Have a jacket, phone case, keychain, wallet, decal for 3DS, and soon this. Luckily this one is smaller than the original F4F one so that's good.


Welp, got my mom Disney+ so she could watch Hamilton. As part of this deal though she must watch Gravity Falls! >:3


Behold, a video of floof!


So I was testing out something for my PS3, and that test turned into a full playthrough of Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault (Q-Force for PAL regions). Hard to say which one I dislike more, Q-Force or All 4 One. At least Into the Nexus is next.


That's Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One dusted...never again will I play that game by myself. God it was awful on Hard Mode by myself. D:


I think the UPS guy for our area has a vendetta against my mother. Details in the comments.


Is it weird that my render speeds for 1440p 60 FPS for gameplay videos takes the same time as 1080p 60 FPS on my computer?


Ape Escape twitter account is closing with no new game announcement. They made it for the 20th anniversary...Nero is upsetti.


Welp job security is at risk with people in my lab getting cut, fired, or quitting. With the Mexico plant reopening they may just get rid of us temps altogether.


Think I'm using too much internet, as my upload speed is getting throttled to high hell. Then again, I have uploaded about 20 scheduled videos today alone. :P


Happy Father's day to all DToid dads, and to all DToiders celebrating it. Give your dads a good day, or not. I can't tell you what to do. I'm not your dad. :P


Welp that's Ape Escape: On the Loose finished. Yep, definitely prefer the original even after all this time. The load screens were too frequent, even on emulators.


So turns out I was able to get a Majora's Mask 3D layout from my friend, so that poll was not really as necessary. Still doing All 4 One before Majora's Mask 3D though just to be fair. Here's what it looks like, friend did it super quick and I like it.


Thanks to all who voted in my poll. Ended in a 3 way tie so I am gonna put it in a roulette and see what I get.


Thinking of doing another strawpoll for what game to do for my channel once Portal 2 finishes uploading. Was gonna do Majora's Mask 3D, but some unforeseen circumstances prevent me from doing it at this time. Strawpoll will be in the comments. *last Bump*


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