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Man, these dating apps make me realize only bots or scammers are attracted to me.


My friend has had a Dora the Explorer doll on his roof for well over a decade and a half now. He just sent me a picture of what it looks like and honestly, scarier than any horror game for me the past few years. I'll put it in the comments.


Sounds like I didn't miss much at work when it comes to Ubisoft. Already knew about Rabbids before work so.


So far really liking Rift Apart. Me is happy. :3


Commissioned a piece from a Twitter artist. Gonna use this for Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando's review. I love it. Link in comments to the artist.


Friend wants me to sell his old retro consoles for him and I get a percentage. This is gonna be fun.


Forgot that PSN enables stuff when it is midnight on the East Coast. So not only do I get Intergrade, I get Ratchet tomorrow at 9 pm right after I get off work! :D


Hyperkin continues to be the bane of my existence when it comes to being the only readily available replacement parts for older consoles. Got sent an N64 power supply by them and it causes so much interference on screen due to shoddy grounding it's sad.


My favorite YouTube comments on my videos are when they ask about stuff on videos that are almost 10 years old.


Turns out HR is sending out my check Thursday, which means I will end up getting it next week. Meaning a month of no income. I am so screwed.


Have finally learned what I make an hour. Was right to guess it was $23. Still waiting on my first check though, which is somewhere in the US Postal Service system. Would have thought it would have gotten here today, considering it was sent out Thursday.


Help, brain being dumb and filling head with bad tboughts. I can't sleep cause of it. D:


Sonic Twitter is wild. I don't know why I poked that hornet's nest today. :P


Got my PS5 darkplates. Now my PS5 isn't an eyesore.


Preloading Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart right now. One week away before I see if I regret my PS5 purchase. XD


Man, California toll roads all having different websites is fucked. Just got a $30 violation .


Bought chicken from the grocery store for lunch. Left it in the bag with my mom while I went to work. This little shit decided he wanted some chicken. Didn't even finish it. >:(


God this video is so true it hurts.


Interesting updates. Can't wait to see how it pans out. Either way, I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day in the US and a great Monday in the rest of the world.


Saw bits of Cruella today. You know, sometimes villains are juat villains a d trying to make them sympathetic requires much thought. Disney put no such thought in this case.


Just got complimented on my eyes by a patron. That's a new one.


I love Sonic Colors so I still win in the end. :3


Oil change time at the Nissan dealership. AMA, cause I am gonna be here a while.


Second day done. Our library reopens tomorrow but I have tomorrow off so. :P


First day at the library. Loved it. The Principal librarian is also a big gamer, as I noticed his Jack Frost pin, Sonic the Hedgehog socks, and NES controller tie clip.


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