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Been a long time coming, but I'm finally gonna be starting The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for streaming at long last. Mainly cause I finished New Vegas and there is now a giant RPG hole that must be filled.


Just got my schedule for console launch week. Looks like Xbox Day I am off, but PS5 day I am working. Will be very interesting.


Never realized how dumb I was being for my health insurance. Gonna call my provider tomorrow to change the plan cause holy shit my expensive prescription deductible resets January 1st, and I might as well just shell $80 more a month not to have to deal.


Welp video for the PSU, which is basically a video of me building a PC, is up. Now to wait for the dislikes to come in cause I took a sponsored offer. :P Other than that, how's everyone's day going?


Welp answered my question on unlocked framerates on Series X. Unless a specific patch goes out, or the game natively has the ability to unlock framerates the framerate of a game is locked to its target one. But, with the HDR and stability added it's fine.


Got my schedule next week...I work one day apparently. This is going to be a problem. :D


Update on that free PSU, works like a charm in the high-end rig I just built today. No problems, no temperature problems either. In fact the temperatures were pretty low which is good. Long run test will be needed, but no bad I will say for now.


Got this email on my YouTube channel's business account and I am wondering if I should take them up on their offer to do an unboxing/test video. Edit: Despite what people were telling me here, I did it...and I got the power supply today in the mail. :D


Welp first week of work is done. I like it, but not many hours at all so despite being my highest hourly wage ever, I make less than I did on standard unemployment.


Urge to build new PC rising. Not for the friend I was helping yesterday, just to build it in general. I have a problem. D:


Sold a bunch of games I know I can get back eventually to replace my friend's CPU. Turns out his computer has some memory issues. I think the RAM is bad in it, or worse the DIMM slots area going bad. :/


Welped, was repairing my friend's computer when I noticed something was off with the CPU. One of the pins must have slightly bent when I was working, so I gotta get him a new CPU. Thank goodness I have a new job, but I still feel really bad.


Finished my first shift. So many customers. I can manage though, had more through Goodwill. More BS through Goodwill too.


I has job. Lord help me when the consoles launch though cause I'm working the Tech department of Target.


What's in the box?


Need opinions on a background layout for Pikmin. I'll post them in the comments and I wanna see which one people like more.


And, after a little while, I managed to beat Emperor Bulbax and get the last part thus getting the Happy Ending to Pikmin. Also found out the cable extender for my GameCube is what was causing Pikmin to be weird. Shame I found out at the end of the game.


Played through Pikmin till gremlin hours. Almost got 100%, but I failed on Emperor Bulbax cause I didn't have many Yellow Pikmin. Didn't help that my controller was broken the entire playthrough and would drift, probably would've saved some Pikmin...


Pulled out of the editor job due to real life circumstances, but might have a job with Target. Second interview is next Sunday.


Doing bonus, off stream stuff for my New Vegas playthrough and man I forgot how much I hate the Legion ending. Good thing I got it out of the way so now I don't need to play it for another like 10 years. :P


And so Fallout: New Vegas is fully done. All DLC completed.


Looks like I get one more shot at this editing thing. If not, then back to nothing but rejections. Let's hope I don't bomb it like the last one.


Not looking good on the editing job front. Welp, story of my life I guess. I try my best and it isn't good enough. Well, onto trying for more jobs I guess.


Man nothing like a parent "pep talk" that leaves you more insecure about every job you're ever gonna try to get. Mother made me feel like the video I did was shit, I look like shit, and now I'm paranoid no one will hire me. Thanks. >.>


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