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If you can, go watch Promare. Like holy shit was it good. Definite watch if you love Studio Trigger stuff.


Welp commissioned a friend for some more overlays and a new banner. They'll be inside the comments for the most part but what do you all think. My favorite one is how the Re: Coded overlay turned out. Edit: Bump for people actually awake.


Nothing like 30 minutes of overtime on your Friday combined with a 6 day work week for the next two weeks. Kill me.


Getting the cushions on my couch that I sleep on reupholstered and so I have to use the actual bed part of the couch. Problem is it makes working at the computer almost impossible. D:


Happy birthday Dere. May your shits be long and on company time.


Been cat-fished and stood up yet again. Now I'm here at this restaurant by myself looking like a tool. So besides the Direct how has everyone else's day been. Mine's been shit as you can see.


Just got Astral Chain cause ya'll tempted me. Managed to get it for $50 brand new since my Walmart does games $10 cheaper.


Just found out the class I was taking that was gonna be super stressful is a class I don't even need to take. Best part, I'm still in the time window of the add/drop period. :D


Got quite the scare tonight. While sleeping my father rushed into my room to say that my sister was in the hospital. She's fine now but apparently she'd had a very severe seizure. Doctor's gonna tell us what happened in a bit.


So since getting the 4K monitors one of them had an issue with flickering at the very bottom of the screen. Updated to Windows 1903 and now it's suddenly gone so yay I guess.


Welp Sonic Forces is done, thank god. It's so mediocre that it hurts. At least I got my OC, Bobo the Cat, to look appropriate in cutscenes.


So I got 2 4K monitors today for roughly $150 for both of them. All I have to say is everything looks so tiny now. D:


So yeah Sonic Forces is as bad as I remember. God why did it tie for first in the poll. Oh well at least it's short. Excited to restart A Link Between Worlds though.


Someone tried hacking my YouTube account twice today. Unfortunately for them you physically need to hit a button on my phone to log in. Take that random person from Tennessee.


Can't decide what game to do once both versions of Lost World finish on my channel on Friday. I'm already doing Sly 3, but I need something else to go alongside it. I'll have a little poll in the comments, and I'd love to hear all your input. *Bump*


And that's Lost World 3DS in the bag now too. Oddly enough I actually enjoyed my time with that more than the HD version.


I forgot how short Sonic Lost World's HD version is. I finished it really quickly. Just need to finish the 3DS version now, but I know that'll take much longer.


Happy birthday to Gak and Kerrick. May you remind me I will never get my Ape Escape Remaster (Kerrik) and may your dick not hurt from the bibles thrown at it (Gaj).


So I don't know if it's my new CPU or the PCIe 4.0 doing it's thing, but holy crap are renders fast. Last computer rendered a 720p 60 FPS video in like 5-15 minutes. This new computer does it in 1-5 minutes...with just a GTX 1060 6GB card.


And fixed all my issues. Removed my newer RX 5700 card and put in my GTX 1060. Now not only do my Steam games work again, but so does my internal AverMedia capture card. Man AMD really screwed up with those drivers. Returning the RX 5700 tomorrow.


This has definitely been the rig that's given me the most problems to be sure. But it's more my fault than the actual CPU. Except the graphics card I chose. Screw that thing.


Was gonna record Sonic Lost World on PC, but the thing crashes all the time. And it doesn't just crash my game, it crashes the whole computer which terrifies me. And it's only Sonic Lost World that does it.


So my PC case doesn't like certain types of audio cables. My Monster 3.5 mm audio cables only output sound to one headphone, but my generic name-brandless one outputs audio correctly. This upsets me more than it should. :(


So apparently this is coming out in December. I have the mightiest of needs to own this, no matter the price.


Sadly looks like there was one computer casualty when switching stuff over to my new PC: my internal capture card is now busted and won't work. Great sadness to be had for me.


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