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Today is one of those days where I ask myself: "do I really need this job?" Then my mind remembers bills and I cry.


My ball of floof brought us a hummingbird in his mouth today. It was still alive, barely, but we got it away from him long enough to take it to an animal shelter. My ball of floof was no too happy about that.


Welp I'm down to my last assignment for the semester. Time to burn the midnight oil so I may turn it in tonight/early tomorrow morning and put this semester behind me.


Imported the Zodiac Age for my Switch for the sweet box art. They did not send me one, instead sending me the Zodiac Age with the lame normal art. Now my spaghetti is upsetti.


Happy Birthday Torchman. May your mechs not anger King Piccolo on his day.


I'm never getting my Ape Escape remasters am I? T^T


Welp for once the latest YouTube drama actually involves people I follow and it ain't good at all.


Culmination of about 2 years of my life has come crashing down just like every other attempt to be decent at something. Now I'm horribly in debt, and have nothing to show for it. Still stuck at a dead end job that's cutting hours so I can't pay my debt :(


Ever buy something for yourself, only for life to give you a string of bad luck that makes you ever regret treating yourself. That's me right now.


Welp with Zodiac Age out again I figured I should start making the template for enemy bios. Here's what I came up with and what I plan on using for every enemy, hunt, and boss. What do ya'll think?


Getting logged out constantly and getting Disqus server errors when trying to comment. Sadness.


Saw Endgame to avoid being spoiled by my asshole co-workers. Man...that was a trip. That's all I'll say about it. Go see it!


Ouch. RIP 7 years of hard work I guess. Although given that my channel's growth has slowed to a crawl doesn't bode well for me. Definitely doesn't help my confidence.


Warning to everyone with a Twitter, people are purposely misspelling Endgame and spoilers in many capacities to spread it around and get it trending. Tread lightly. It's gonna be a long week for me.


This is the definition of a treat to be sure. Love the reactions and faces in this one. Almost makes me wanna get the game if it means we get more animations like this.


Need to create a LibGuide for one of my classes by Saturday and that's basically me making a website. But I'm garbage at graphic and web design so let's see how this goes. :D


It's times like this I wish the video views from this site would translate to views on my YouTube page. Picture is from my old Game Anyone? account and I'm trying to find out if it's a glitch or possibly spam bots somehow.


Welp, after many months I've finished the Reignited Trilogy 337%. That's 120% for Spyro 1, with all skill points, 100% for Spyro 2 with all skill points, and 117% for Spyro 3 with all skill points. Can't wait to see what they do in the future.


Man it is hard to not have a debit card for what will be now 2 weeks. Thanks US Postal Service for losing my card...again. >.<


Managed to get myself Super Scribblenauts, Prince of Persia Sands of Time, and Sly 3 all free thanks to the rewards program on a retro gaming site I go to. Shipping was free too so I'm happy. :D


Apparently my Disqus account I made before the merging stuff has some email it's attached too that I do not know of. Trying to see if I can access it so I don't lose this account and so I can change my Disqus avatar.


Gonna do a New Vegas birthday stream. Link in the comments.


Such a tragedy about Notre Dame. Yet another reason why my birthday sucks.


Another year, another birthday for me.


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