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So I managed to get that promotion I guess. No call from HR but the VP called me to give me the security code so. *Shrug*


Welp Prime Day has started and I managed to nab some new RAM and a new PSU. Just need to actually FIND a 3900X now. XD


Man I forgot that the X470 Motherboards are backwards compatible with newer Ryzen systems. Might just grab a 3900X next paycheck actually alongside some higher RAM and a new PSU.


Gonna be streaming some Nitro Kart on my twitch if people wanna see how bad I am at the game. :P


So while I may be stuck at my current job I might be able to get a promotion. One of my leads is resigning and I am gonna go for that position.


So for once YouTube did something RIGHT. They have put in a protection against false copyright strikers that are too lazy to put a timestamp. Tweet from YouTube in the comments.


Got a commission done from a friend for the new Crash Team Racing. I like how it turned out.


Welp got my slew of rejection emails from jobs again. Looks like I'm still stuck at shitty Goodwill. >.>


Welp tore down my old rig since it's dead in the water. Graphics card still works which is great and the RAM is still good too. Really just the motherboard died which sucks but it's too much of a hassle to redo everything and it'd be better to rebuild.


Welp, my original PC that I gave to my parents seems to have died somehow. It won't even power on. Gets power for like 3 seconds then cuts out.


So Sony might be teasing something else with Ape Escape. I need this, don't blue ball me Sony! Tweet in the comments.


Guess who worked 6 days last week to basically get no overtime, and now they aren't giving him his sick pay that he took off despite having the hours. Man I need a new job, but I'm not hearing anything back from anyone.


Nothing like working on your day off and getting no overtime for it.


Neronium was impulsive and bought a new laptop. I had money to spare and my laptop isn't holding up too well. This new one is more of an investment in the future.


Saw Godzilla King of Monsters and I had fun. Go see it if you haven't I say, especially if you like giant monsters brawling.


Welp, a bunch of websites are down right now, but not DToid so all is fine. :3


Tomorrow is Ape Escape 1's 20th Anniversary and you better believe that I'm making a special video for it. Still sad we don't have any word of a remaster which sucks. :( Bump: Video I made is in the comments.


So Amazon is doing a big old sale on storage. From 256 Micro SD cards to SSDs and portable HDDs. Snagged myself a 1 TB external for just $40. Might grab another one.


Today is one of those days where I ask myself: "do I really need this job?" Then my mind remembers bills and I cry.


My ball of floof brought us a hummingbird in his mouth today. It was still alive, barely, but we got it away from him long enough to take it to an animal shelter. My ball of floof was no too happy about that.


Welp I'm down to my last assignment for the semester. Time to burn the midnight oil so I may turn it in tonight/early tomorrow morning and put this semester behind me.


Imported the Zodiac Age for my Switch for the sweet box art. They did not send me one, instead sending me the Zodiac Age with the lame normal art. Now my spaghetti is upsetti.


Happy Birthday Torchman. May your mechs not anger King Piccolo on his day.


I'm never getting my Ape Escape remasters am I? T^T


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Part 1 Dio summarized:


one episode left to go in Stranger Things s3, and so far ive enjoyed about 2 thirds more than i did the other third, that is, the three main plot more in comments, spoilers


In tribute to KyoAni I drew Dragonmaid


My graduation present to myself arrived! #watchtoid


Frosty, Gus and Soulbow are dying for your viewing pleasure: Come watch them get absolutely wrecked at Apex Legends!


Removed code that caused crashes and kept code that doesnt cause crashes Patch notes are a thing of beauty sometimes


For me, Atari Flashback Classics on Switch is worth having just to be able to play an arcade perfect port of the original Tempest on a What I wouldnt do for a Tempest 4000 port for The music from that game is

Virtua Kazama



Robson, a good friend of ours here in Brazil is a hobbyist restorer, just made a gold version of the N64! It goes nice with the Zelda golden



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