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Welp, finally had my first bad experience with USPS. They lost the Muramasa Rebirth I sold. So now I gotta refund it. Called them and they were complete assholes over the phone too. :/


Apparently there's gonna be a Gundam live action movie by the director of Kong: Skull Island on Netflix. I don't know how to process this...


Apparently according to some PS3 Updates are no longer downloading, just abruptly and without warning. So I hope you've updated your newly purchased PS3 games if you have. Man the Jim Ryan era of Sony is gonna be filled with this ain't it?


Apparently I missed when Muramasa Rebirth on Vita jumped to ludicrous prices. Might sell mine since I am content with the base game.


Me today: I'ma play inFAMOUS 2. Me Actually today: Sonic 3 & Knuckles babee!


He always wants in then back out at the worst times. #Caturday


Got a sudden hankering to play Mister Mosquito. Shame I a) don't own it and b) can't afford it cause it goes for money now. Well the NTSC version does.


So, decided to beat Ratchet 2016 again in 60 FPS...then AGAIN for a third time in a row cause there are missable trophies I didn't know about. So that's Ratchet 2016 beaten in under 2 and a half hours and the Platinum Trophy acquired.


What's in the box?


Oh right, Happy Easter everyone:


Randomly decided to check out my Content ID/Copyright claims on my videos, looks like some sneaky 3rd party person is claimed Legend of Zelda jingles as their own. So I get to spend Easter filing claims...yay...


Just beat Kingdom Hearts 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage. Hadn't play it since launch week, so I never experienced the nerf to enemies and the final boss in a patch before. Was refreshing to not die every 30 seconds in the final boss that's for sure.


Off to get my first COVID-19 vaccine. Felt positive about my body so I will actually participate in #selfietoid.


Welp, should've listened to people, the dual card set up for rendering isn't as good as a newer RTX 3000 line card. Gonna get the card tomorrow, and luckily I sold my two 2080 Supers to my friends. Their buying the two cards lets me get 1 RTX 3000 now.


Help, I've fallen down the Transformers toy rabbit hole of toys that are awesome, but not officially licensed by Takara or Hasbro. I've wanted this Omega Supreme for ages!


Happy birthday to DToid's resident dad and bible throwing maniac GooferBrute. May Big Chungus visit your dreams always.


Guess an update to my capture card makes it not like the Open Source Scan Converter. And here I wanted to record some Paper Mario to go with the commission I got. Welp, that dream is shelved for now.


Thought the Analogue Pocket was coming out April, but I guess it's May now according to the Pocket's FAQ on the website. Sadness, thought I would get it by my birthday.


Happy birthday to Ooktar and FakePlasticTree. Hope you both have a great day.


Missed the Target PS5 restock by 1 minute. Was in my cart then poof. :/


So in a weird coincidence it turns out that someone I went to high school with writes for Nintendo Wire. Didn't even know until I saw their picture on an article. Small world.


And that's now Dream Drop Distance done and dusted. On to 0.2 then 3 next year. 0.2 will be super short though so now I gotta plan what's coming after that. So far the new games on the docket will be Paper Mario, Infamous 2, 0.2, and Spyro: A Hero's Tail.


Apparently PS5s went back in stock at Best Buy today...and Ibslept through it. D:


Welp, got my Davinci Resolve Studio 17 key finally. Took about a month to get it, and now I get to learn how to use it.


Managed to finish up Pokemon Omega Ruby faster than I thought I would. My team composition unintentionally took down every major challenge. Thanks to how broken Fairies are and the effort I put in to get a Togekiss.


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