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Finally can use all my power outlets in my room. Top one near my consoles never worked for some reason, but my dad replaced it for me. Now to clean up my cable management. :P


Streaming right now some Legends 2 on a PS Vita.


And that's the N64 that FedEx destroyed, and a junk one repaired. It's true too, Japanese N64 Motherboards CAN play US games perfectly fine, just need to change the plastic. So now I've got 4 working N64s, and one pure junk one.


Another GBA screen replacement. This time for DToid user Mamekuma. :3


Happy birthday TheIntern, may your book sell well and you get all the muns. :3


Yay, I get to stress more now. Details in the comments.


Apparently ASUS has a Gundam collection. Just got this email from them.


So I impulse bought another Vita today...it's a Japanese one my local mom and pop store was selling.


New shipping woe, well sort of. The replacement Pikmin 2 I ordered is super scratched. Person shipped it as a loose disc sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard.


Holy shit, I somehow managed to get through. Now to wait till next year till when I can pay for it. Got the reservation for the 256 GB model.


Tried getting a Steam Deck. Apparently having an account from 2012 is too early for Steam. :/


Very interested in the Steam Deck. Might even preorder it honestly.


Good news. FedEx approved my claim for the damage to the N64. Now to find out how I get paid. They sent me an email with a check number, but I can't deposit it mobile wise.


I was just a little gremlin right now. Details in the comments.


I can't find my 3DS game case and it's annoying me, cause that's got most my 3DS games in it. D:


Me: I'ma play some Pikmin 2 on my GameCube. Gamecube: About that...


Current status when I sold a 3DS Capture Card for lots of money. Didn't even expect it to sell.


Managed to reverse the 0 for 3 on GBA repair. Currently 2 for 3. Third one has a messed up MB for charging. Gotta reflow it. Pictures in comments for the two repaired ones. They have bright IPS screens now.


Happy tri-birthdays to Ninja, Welsh, and Frosty. May your cake be moist and delicious, and you all be showered with praise.


0 for 3 on GBA repairs. Was building the last one when the hinge popped out and landed in the floor vent. So upset. This just hasn't been a good week.


0 for 2 on GBA repairs so far. First one I messed up the screen, second one I messed up the shell by accident. Maybe third time will be the charm.


Still Dr. Mel's birthday on my time, so happy birthday to everyone's favorite Doctor! :3


Just beat Rift Apart, holy shit I've not loved a Ratchet and Clank game this much since A Crack in Time. I still have some gripes with it, and think A Crack in Time was a bit better, but this is definitely in my top 5 for the franchise.


Shell swap complete. I also found out that the N64 can play Japanese or North American games on the same Motherboard. So now I have 3 working N64s and one broken one.


You know when I joke "can this day get any worse" I don't actually mean for my day to get worse. Piece of my car fell off cause someone almost hit me and took off. And my debit card doesn't work either. I'm about ready to just break down and cry.


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