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Welp, got paid today and as a treat to myself leaving danger library, I have gotten all of IDW Phase 2 Transformers volumes. All 12 of them. My wallet weeps, but I am happy. :3


Never a dull day at danger library. One week to go.


Happy birthday to the soon to be Dr. Fishfucker Gamemaniac! Hope the doctorate program is treating you well and you discover all the bacteria of life!


Running a Scholastic Book fair the week before Halloween. Gonna call it the Scholastic BOO-K Fair.


You ever receive validation for not doing something that makes you realize you dodged a bullet? That's my feeling right now about not taking danger library's hourly position job after putting in my two weeks.


Let it be known, doing inventory control on a site that hasn't done inventory control in 20 years stinks. At least I have stuff to do now.


Turns out I did get a raise and was never told. My hours are so abysmal at CVPL though I didn't notice. XD


Happy birthday to resident artist and good person Inquisitive Ravenclaw! May your day be filled with joy and no work bs.


Management wants to meet with me, as they just read the reignation letter and 2 weeks notice email. Edit- they tried to offer an hourly librarian position, saying they were working on it for a few weeks and couldn't say. Got "approved" the day I resign.


Welp put in my two weeks. I feel sad. But also happy cause danger library won't be danger for me. We'll see how management responds.


Another day, another time machette-perverted man has been suspended from our library. Been 3 times now. :/


Anyone need a SUPER laptop? I buy laptops without ever really using them. Gonna use the money from it to pay back my family/friends. It has 40 GB of RAM, 1 TB SSD, RTX 3060, and Thunderbolt 4 connection. Sorry to keep hacking my stuff but I am a pack rat.


Got catfished again. Sadness. Time to drown my sorrow in a bottle of wine my parents have.


Auditors came for facilities. Haven't gotten the ones from educators yet which is good. Only 30 more minutes I believe.


Oh no, I tried dating again. Damn my loneliness. Didn't go any differently though...stood up so still no ACTUAL date has occurred. Edit: apparently my bank got hacked into around the time of the "date" too. Now I'm annoyed and lonely. No money got taken.


Making a Mummy display for an A frame next month. Canva is so much fun to use when you have ideas.


Welp this one is finally done. New top screen installed, new MB (the one it came with was messed up physically) and all functionality works. So happy this one is done. Went with a white top bezel cause red ones are rare to find. And I love its look now.


Someone took my copies of Captain Underpants and Drama by Raine Telengamier. Sadness, I had them on my banned book week display.


Got reprimanded today at the school library by the district. I will admit I made a mistake, but only cause they want me to give old materials to new students to the district rather than brand new materials. :/


Got a commission for an overlay that I absolutely love, and was gonna go give the person a tip on their Ko-Fi, only to find it and their Twitter have been nuked from the heavens. Current status:


Not only was I able to get my old insurance plan cancelled, but also I was able to get a refund for September's premium. Hooray that's $300 dollary doos.


Nothing is more fun to waking up at 1 in the morning to hear your cat fucking up a coyote pup. My cat is lucky to be alive and the fucker wants to go back out again? Hell no. He did more damage from the sounds of it as the pup was whining, and he's fine.


Feels like everything is getting into alignment to mess up at just the slightest misstep. Currently anxious as heck.


Got my commission from Cpt. Shool on Twitter. Love the work they did for Tom Fawkes and love how the commission came out. I'm using the Nerobot in thumbnails related to Zelda games now. :3


Can't decide if I should grab Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed on PS5 or Xbox. I originally reviewed the Xbox version of 1's remake.


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