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Thanks to everyone who stopped by the stream. Not only did we break our first goal, but we also hit the second goal of $500 within the time. I purposefully wiped out at the end of the stream because it was only supposed to be 24 hours. Thanks to everyone.


Edit: Still live folks. But there has been 1 person who has wiped.


Going live in about 40 minutes. Check the comment section for a link to the donation page.


So I'm actually doing a review for once on my channel and need some feedback before it goes live. Anyone willing to help me out by leaving comments in this Quick Post? Edit: Video is now live for the final version. Hope to do more reviews in the future.


Happy birthday to Descruff as well, and thanks again for putting me in this Padoru-dress. :D


Mother made me wait in line for the Popeye's chicken sandwich. About 30 minutes later and I give it a 7/10.


Happy birthday to Mr. Moyse. Thank you for always sending the good vibes around here and making the site overall pleasant to be on. Hope today finds you well and everything goes your way today.


Neroniumuru Neroniumuru~


Just letting people know that Extra Life for a good portion of the Destructoid team is today. The website is currently down, but it is being worked on by the people who host the event and will hopefully be up soon.


Just woke up and got half ready for work when then I realized: I don't got a job anymore.


Careful on the YouTube front, apparently Luigi's Mansion 3 broke street date and videos of the bosses, final boss, and what not are showing up. Just got spoiled myself so now I'm sad. Especially cause I've not watched a single Luigi's Mansion video.


*sigh* Had to mediate a family fight between my sister and mother while my stream was still going on and I had to delete the VOD cause I don't need the internet hearing everything again. Man, and I was having fun with MediEvil too.


So...my mother made me feel inadequate in regards to both my YouTube and Twitch channel. Apparently 7 years of trying to make it big on the platforms means I'm not trying cause I'm not getting money like my cousin from it...Current status:


Just got insider stuff from my manager cause it's her last day. Apparently half of HR also quit suddenly.


The mood when the only policy that kept you wanting to stay at your job is changed to make things worse. Good thing I put in my two week.


Welp I oulled the trigger and put in my two weeks notice at work. Let's get a new, better job! Wish me luck.


Welp I got my upteenth rejection letter for a job. I give up, gonna go through a temp agency at this point cause it's clear that I can't get a new job on my own it seems.


So Analogue announced a new handheld system that can basically play the entire Gameboy to Gameboy Advance line as well as things such as Game Gear and Neo Geo games. Best part, it'll also have a dock to allow for on TV play. Current Status:


So I don't know if it's true or not, but A Hat in Time for Switch is saying it now comes out on November 8th rather than October 18th. While if true that makes me sad, I also didn't realize that Outer Worlds comes out this month so happy days on that end.


You know work is going to shit when the managers are leaving all at once within a week. I mean supervisors, coordinators, manager, and director of my department.


Happy birthday Mike, may there always be dogs to fuck.


Didn't realize how badly the Sertengrat breaks FFXII. Never got it before today since it spawns with a rate of 1/1000 times in an invisible chest. Got it on my 3rd try today and managed to get to Level 54 of Trial Mode at level 38.


My friend made a random Steven Universe shitpost video that went viral. In one fell swoop he's eclipsed my entire channel in terms of views and subscribers. One day vs 7 years. I'm happy for him but am a bit depressed.


12 hour shift done. Now for sleepy sleeps till I get up tomorrow to do it again.


In video game related news, apparently AlphaDream the makers of the Mario & Luigi RPGs is filing for bankruptcy. This makes me sad. While Bowser's Inside Story's remake isn't as good as the original I still loved it a lot.


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