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Well apparently Shinzo Abe, Japanese longest ever serving PM, might be dead from an assassination attempt. Was shot with a shotgun twice from behind. No word on his condition, but this is definitely gonna rock Japan's government cause elections are Sunday


Anyone having issues with MH Rise on pc? Friend is having issues and I wanna see if others are having problems before I start doing hardware diagnostics.


Whoops, accidentally ordered the wrong part in bulk. But it turns out I now need that part. Peculiar.


Rip Kazuki Takahashi.


Trying so hard to figure out why the R button won't work when the ZR button does. Just wanna game on the Frankenstein N3DS XL. :(


Made a fucky wucky. I thought I was recording commentary with my friend for Sonic CD's LP...turns out I was only recording HIS audio. :(


Just beat Sonic CD for the first time ever. Did the 2011 version on my PS3. 1 Gameover but it was at Metallic Madness Zone. Got the good ending with all Robot Generators, but not all Time Stones. Don't care though cause I finally beat it.


Read Ruri Dragon. That is all.


Nothing like drama about a funeral to round off the day. Oh boy.


Fun fact, just found out that New 3DS and New 3DS XL shoulder triggers aren't compatible with each other. At least I think they aren't cause I got errors when trying to boot up my N3DSXL and it boots with everything but the ZR+R cable I farmed from a N3DS


Managed to fix the New 3DS sort of. The power board was bad, big surprise, and the Motherboard was soft bricked. Managed to fix the MB and used a good power board to test till I get a new one. Thank the gods for 3DS Recovery Mode.


The DHL package apparently has been delivered! Huzzah. Can't fix it tonight more than likely so Friday project the New 3DS is.


Had bought an unrepairable Original DS for like $18, $20 after tax and shipping. Board did not power on and did not take a charge. Replaced the F2 fuse from an old broken, as in in half, motherboard and behold a Original DS that works once again!


Memory card corruption sucks. My GameCube card corrupted so I had to play through Twilight Princess' intro AGAIN. This is the third time. D:


So this day has just been shit. Not only with the whole SCOTUS shit but my dad got into an accident in the car I just fixed for him and it is wrecked. :/


Got approved for the Manga and Anime club for the school job. This is the first mock up of the flyer using Canva. What's the concensus/improvements to make? Feedback would be appreciated.


Got a region unlocked Japanese New 3DS with Mario Maker Faceplates (plays US and Japanese games) and a Teal Nintendo 2DS that I repaired. Anyone here interested in either one? Figured I'd ask. Need to recoup repair part costs.


Reshelled an original Nintendo DS today. Bottom screen has some dead pixels so I am gonna replace it. I love the teal color. Always wanted Teal or Red but could never find one. This DS was originally blue.


My father has been fixing all my family's cars all my life. So for this father's day I fixed the one thing he couldn't fix on his car: the Transmission Control Module. It had some blown caps so I soldered on new ones. Bought him some Omaha Steaks too.


Just shell swapped my GameCube and put in Laser Bear Industries's bracket for the GC Loader. Gamecube modding is complete now cause I got the ultimate cube. Also have an extra GB Player if anyone is interested. The spice must flow~


Teacher gave me her refrigerator simce she is retiring. On the one hand yay, on the other hand my convenient plan to buy the Xbox Minifridge is gone now.


8 packages of parts came in the mail today. Needless to say my mom was not happy and I am gonna get yelled at when I get home. XD


Tried fixing my coworkers DS Lite on stream the other day. Didn't go well. Ordered another replacement screen and now it works for her again. Beginning to think that the screen was already defective cause the seller also sold me a bad 2DS screen too.


Sadness. I got poarch pirated on some important parts and now gotta file insurance claims. Good thing I got insurance on them. :3


Over 500 textbooks checked in, and only 1 has the Cool S in it. Ashamed of modern moddle schoolers. XD


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