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So brightside to yesterday: City of Carlsbad called after Wednesday's interview and said they just need to do a reference check. Apparently that Wednesday interview went better than I thought.


Spent today moving my sister out of her apartment. Started at 7 am, and barely finished at 10 pm. Current status:


So I helped out a reputable modder for retro consoles. Shipped him some of my junky consoles and he modified my PS1 on the house for helping him out. I'm so excited.


Just discovered how good GoodRx is for my medicine. Gonna try using them cause otherwise I've gotta pay $400+ for 3 generic medications today. While with GoodRx it'd just be $100. American Healthcare sure is amazing no? /s


Just found out Jamie Lee Curtis has expressed interest in the live action One Piece and would love to play Dr. Kureha. I'm not gonna lie, I'd watch the series just for that. She's also apparently a big One Piece fan too so that's awesome.


Welp, my sister moves tomorrow. She waited till the last minute and now my father and I have to help on our only day off this week. Current status:


Hello, my name is Neronium, and I am a repair addict. I am giving this junk system to someone, but wanted to clean it up. An hour later and the junk system works again...whoops.


Welp both interviews are done with for the day. Next interview is Wednesday, and the one after that is April 6th. Hope I can get something, but I wasn't too confident about the second interview I did today.


I love how this N64 turned out. Repaired it and replaced the light a few months ago, but now it has an Ultra 64 custom jewel which I think looks neat. Thoughts?


Have Gizmo in a weird sleeping position this #Caturday. Later that night he came holding a bird in his mouth. :/


Aw yeah, guess who has 9 hours for a work week. It's this guy...beginning to feel like I never left Target.


I get a LOT of requests for Demon Slayer at my library. Sad thar the most up to date and most prevalent type of Manga we have at our library are by Tokyo Pop...that should show how outdated our collection is.


I got spoiled on the most anticipated One Piece chapter thanks to Twitter. Nero is a sad little boy now. D:


Guess who got another interview scheduled. This one is luckily farther out than the others, but it's with the second largest school district in my county as a School Library Technician 1. They called to schedule the interview during my appointment too.


This one still nagged me, so I finally fixed it. Behold, Frankenstein's New 3DS XL. New shell pieces were not cut properly, so I used the good ones from the other N3DSXL. Camera now works, 3D works, edit: soldered on new speakers so we gucci.


So after training today I got a slew of calls from libraries to schedule interviews, even one from my current library for an hourly position that I eventually got picked cause the old hourly they hired quit in a week. So next week is busy with interviews.


I am now scared of work. Details in the comments.


Warning to all on YouTube. Starting to see Kirby and the Forgotten Lands spoilers in thumbnails like boss fights and whatnot. Tread carefully.


Man, work's been calling me in lately to cover for one of the librarians. I don't know why I keep saying yes, besides the fact that I need money, cause this just lowers the amount of hours I can use later.


I got the test results for that position that required me to do all that mental math. Apparently I passed, so they may contact me for an interview. Current status of my brain:


Got called in to work again today. 3 minutes before my shift began, I ended up getting a call from Carlsbad Public Library. They scheduled an interview for me! Current Status:


As someone who has never seen anything about Jujutsu Kaisen, I like the prequel movie a lot. Food for dinner was also good, although the chef did mess up my order. Overall a good day today.


Remember when I said I had made a video for the library, well it finally got posted to YouTube and I can share it everywhere to boost it. It's super short, but that's cause we're trying to start an in person program. Even at work I'm a weeb!


It came in the mail! This was my first ever gold medal for Extra Life. Wanted to thank everyone here who watched and donated suring Random Mania last year.


Just took the test for that new job, and holy crap was that a LOT of math. I ended up having to do a lot of mental math cause they wouldn't let us use calculators and we were being filmed through our webcams. And the math was big numbers too, so not fun.


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