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It's the 10th anniversary of my YouTube channel today. And yet I have nothing planned for release to celebrate since two jobs makes me tired and everything that happened with my aunt. I wanna do at least something but sleepy sleeps has its grip on me.


Textbook returns are going swimmingly, if only cause I don't have many textbooks to check in cause kids keep forgetting them.


Public Library tricked me sorta. Asked if I could cover at 4. I said yes thinking it was for an associate. Turns out I am covering a librarian. No librarian pay for me either. Currently smad.


Have a test with the DS TV Out to output stereo. Gonna daisy chain another adapter once I get it.


Just completed the DS TV Out Mod. It works too, although it's heating up the board like crazy to where it smells so I gotta find out about that. It does output to the TV though so yay.


My entire city's digital infrastructure just collapsed and is down. Go figure I work today too. Oh well, hopefully it comes back up soon.


Today on soldering fun: finally added a speaker to the Gameboy Macro mod I did. Used a Switch speaker and soldered it to a point on the board and a ground point. Reassembly was worse than disassembly and soldering to say the least.


Lord help me I am on my BS for GBA SPs again. Just finished this little beauty on a stream from start to finish. Soldered the wire and everything.


My aunt passed last night at 12. Kinda a zombie honestly. Yesterday a doctor wanted to take her off the pain medicine before she passed, but luckily my mom and the nurses checked them and got a new doctor instead who kept my aunt on it.


I ended up interviewing for a full time position at the danger library. Found out from others inadvertently that I did the worst in interviews. I honestly am never gonna move up in this place after all the hard work am I? Current status:


Had my first instance of a kid getting an injury in the library. Hand sanitizer burst and got in a kid's eye.


Finally have a set up to repair stuff. Come by my twitch if you wanna see me take apart a DS Lite. Link in the comments.


Well just tried to charge my Steam Deck and it looks like my power adapter it came with is RMA'd. That sucks. I can technically use the Switch one but it'll take longer to charge which sucks. Edit: Replacement coming from Valve sooner than expected.


New project: I bought a dock for the Switch long ago that never would connect to the TV. It would charge but not display anything. I wanna fix that. So I've taken it apart and will try seeing if some areas aren't receiving current. Multimeter time!


Lord help me I am getting back into my handheld modding bullshit. I have a DS Lite I am gonna mod to have TV Out capabilities. And ANOTHER GBA SP mod. I told myself I'd stop, but that was a lie it seems.


Today's 6th graders were definitely bad. One of them grabbed the school phone and dialed 911 then quickly hung up. :/


So about a year ago I replaced the battery in my GameCube, but as pictured below slightly melted the ribbon cable. System still worked so I didn't pay any mind. Just replaced the board with a new one and suddenly my wavebird I thought broke works again.


Today was the first day we opened the library to the kids at lunch. For 6th grade once the announcement that the library was open was made it was a mad house. 30 students when to start I could only take 10. 7th/8th grade lunch was easier luckily.


My Wavebird controller and receiver are being weird and this makes me sad. Combine that with my internal 4K CC being weird and Nero is currently a sad little boy. :(


Last update on my aunt. She's officially in hospice. Doctor's can't really peg whether it'll be a few days or a few weeks she has left. Parents are going up tomorrow to see her one last time. Gonna use work as a distraction for me. Love to you all.


Remeber the knife/machete man who was supposed to be suspended? Well his suspension is up now, and just came in to see them get suspended for another 90 days. His old suspension was up last week and he made that week really bad with staff.


Really down in the dumps about my aunt. Her liver has shut down and doctors are saying she'll need to go into hospice. My father isn't taking it well, and I don't blame him as that's his older sister. Could use some cute animals to cheer me up.


Running the school library stinks when you can't actually check in or check out materials. :/


I apparently am getting my Steam Deck today. Super excited. Edit: Steam Deck got. Been messing with it and it's actually really comfy and not nearly as big as I thought it was.


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