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So now that the New 3DS, DS Lite (Macro), and GBA SP are pretty much fixed, it's time to move my attention towards another 3DS XL (friend's old one) and a Nintendo 64. N64 doesn't display or show games, so that'll be fun. Not as much fun as the 3DS XL...


In excellent news, it took soldering and lots of trial and error, but the Faceplate New 3DS from last year is fixed with a good touch screen digitizer. Daughter board was bad which is why no power. It charges too so the soldering worked!


Managed to get a COVID test today. The city wanted me to do a PCR Antigen test since my household has a confirmed case. Best case scenario is it's negative and I am just sick. Worst case is I gotta quarantine for 10 days.


Trying to fix that 3DS I got last year again. Soldered a new charging port on but still nothing. Mayhaps I got my wiring mixed up on ribbon cables. 3DS has a lot of those.


Current status of my trying to free-eye the tiny switches on the L and R buttons to connect them to the DS Lite board. Eventually got all the contacts connected, and the new power switch works. Pics in the comments.


Well this stinks, my father has the 'Rona which means I can't work. Just when I think I am gonna have a normal paycheck. Probably have it myself, but can't get a test till Tuesday.


Ze transplant vas a success!


Surprised the loading on the SD2SP2 isn't slow at all. It's like running an actual Gamecube disc. Also apparently I can set uop virtual memory cards with it in Swiss.


I love how far GameCube softmodding has come. Just got a little device for $7 that fits in the unused GameCube Serial Port 2 and lets me play my GameCube games via backup on an SD Card. It takes a while to rip my discs, but with disc rot it's worth it.


Wonder what this could be. :3


Lord help me I'm on my soldering bullshit again. I just found out that SP Motherboard I thought I fucked can still be fixed with a USB C Charging Mod. Time to get to work, once I get paid tomorrow and order it. XD


Today in shit I never realized: The original Majora's Mask on the N64 had options for surround sound and I find that amazing and fascinating.


Wanted to get tested, even slow testing, because of yesterday. It is however impossible to find testing anywhere in my city, adjacent city, or even county. Yay.


Library is giving out COVID-19 test kits. Lady comes up to me and says "I'm already positive, but I need to test my kids." Current status.


When it comes to resolutions I'm gonna take it small and try to be practical this year. One resolution I have is to get better at soldering, cause I'd like to actually put that skill to use on console and handheld work.


The fan came early. And found out the solder joint on the light came loose so now it's working again. Sorry if I am annoying you with these Dreamcast mod updates. XD


Just by chance I found a purple Dreamcast shell cheaper than where I was about to buy it. Thanks universe. Gonna have a black and silver emblem on it. Might do green buttons since the LED mod has stopped working.


My mod stopped working already for the LED. I give up on trying to change it, if there's no way for it to work for me then so be it. Either way, so long as the Dreamcast keeps time that's fine by me.


Finally got the LED mod working. Controller board needed a wire jumper to a voltage pin. Now to just get a Purple case for the Dreamcast! Happy New Year everyone!


Happy birthmas to our resident G-Guel maniac Soulbow. May your G-Fuel always dossolve properly and not be left as a powder.


And cause things were going too well, universe decided to snap back. Sonic Blast Man 2 apparently freezes on level 4 for the guy, so now I gotta refund a huge chunk of change. :/


Burnt my fingers more than once this morning doing some soldering. Messed up the junk GBA SP Motherboard so there goes the dream of fixing that, but I did install new fuses and a battery holder in my Dreamcast. Now to fix this N64...


Welp, new (used) router is set up so I have internet again. May NetGear and their abysmally complex way of setting up and resetting routers die in a new years fire work display. :P


Also, sorry to post again so soon, but does anyone know of a place to determine whether an article of clothing is legit from a brand or not? My are trying to find out if my late grandfather's Versace jacket is real, but we are drawing blanks.


I am ending the year as I began it: working on repairing consoles, handhelds, and controllers.


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