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Just had to fix my parent's computer too. It had failed boot sectors after cloning to an SSD. Rooted around in the cmd and eventually got it working again. Now I sleep for computers have tired me today.


Fixing my elderly aunt and uncle's computer. Help. D:


Man, I feel super drained. Really didn't want to work today. Went to a party last night for my coworker who left. Was fun but now I am even sadder that she is gone.


With today's repair I did something a little different: I did an original Xbox by replacing the fans with Noctua ones, both on the case and the GPU, and replaced the clock capacitor so the thing actually keeps time now. Super happy. Current status:


Today was the last day of the librarian who brought structure to the public library I am at. Now that she's gone I fear.


Psychonauts is 100% completed. Hardest part wasn't Meat Circus, no hardest part was Coach Oleander's Basic Braining Minigame in 75 seconds. >.<


Might be able to move out soonish. Just sent something out for afforable housing with the school district. Am gonna room with friends.


Almost done with Psychonauts. Decided to 100% it since I am close already to doing so. Just have 3 minds left. Well two, then...Meat Circus. D:


Managed to snag a commission from someone I'd been wanting to commission for years now. Super excited.


Finally got my hands on a broken New 2DS XL, repaired it and now it fully functions again and has a working top screen. Was an interesting first repair.


23 people have left my public library job since I started last year. Just found out another coworker is leaving the 15th, and have one leaving the 11th. So many vacancies. We still don't have a branch manager either and it's almost been a year.


Happy birthday Kerrik! May your day be filled with gaming on CRT televisions. :3


Think someone just ODed in the public library's parking lot.


Got the okay to order manga for the public library. Limited to 5 books for now, so I got 2 Twilight Princess volumes and 2 Splatoon Volumes. Need to think of one more to get, preferably one at Children's level cause our Kodomomuke selection is trash atm.


Took a chance on someone who was bulk selling broken 2DSes with just stock photos. Got both that I ordered today, one had a broken screen that I just replaced and now it fully functions. Other one I need to diagnose more to find the cause. Current Status


Welp someone broke into the library last night and trashed the place. Ripped the door off its tracks and smashed into things with the fire extinguisher. Even got into our lounge and trashed the place including our microwave for some reason.


Got my benefits from the school. Also am doing Student Loan Forgiveness if I can.


Happy birthmas to Chronolynx. May your doggos always be happy and playful!


Just found out Pat Carrol died too. Sadness, loved her as Ursula especially in Kingdom Hearts.


Computer's been acting weird lately. Had it just crash on me again, which it never crashed even once with my old MB. Gonna do some digging around and see what could be wrong.


Got the 2DS and DS Lites that were "for repair" from Goodwill. Yeah Goodwill just made the mistake of having the 2DS' Sleep Mode switch on. It fully works and doesn't need any repairs. Turns out it's the New Super Mario Bros. 2 one, as that game's on here


Playing Psychonauts and I forgot how much I love it. Gonna play Psychonauts 2 afterwards cause I got it on sale for my PS5 alongside Stray.


I keep getting staff mad at me cause the person keeps calling getting mad at them cause I am not at the library everyday. :/


Man nothing is worse than finding out that 2 SD cards I bought from Walmart are fake. D:


Frankenstein's 3DS is alive for the permanency this time. Everything is functional, and I just need a bottom plate that matches now.


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