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Nero had to help a friend move today, and as such had to drive a 15-ft U-Haul for the first time. And on the highway too. Fun times. Now for sleep.


Stayed up till 2 in the morning but hey, at least Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions is done. :D


Welp, nabbed myself a Hydra SCART Switch so we'll see how well that performs on my cable management.


Looks like now the Nintendo 3DS' Operating System Source Code has gotten leaked now. Man Nintendo just can't catch a break with this stuff.


As a graduation gift for myself I bought this big boy. Sold my old one for $300, so I basically paid the price of a 2070 for a 2080 Super.


Man I am behind on the emulation scene. Didn't realize PCSX2 had released an actual new official build last week. Time to learn its ins and outs.


Just saw Scoob with some friends. Not the worst movie I have ever seen, and it has a LOT of pacing issues, but I'd give it a solid 5.5-6 out of 10.


Woke up this morning to a little thing my sister and cousin did to celebrate me graduating.


Got my last assignment graded, and it's official I have passed all my classes and have my MLIS now. Now to wait for the degree in the mail.


Had to call out of work today for family reasons, and the call turns out didn't go through. Just found out the email I sent at 5 am didn't go through either, so I basically no showed by accident. Ruh-roh. D:


Looks like YouTube did a big bork and messed up. Hope I don't come back to seeing something like my channel being deleted or something, cause knowing YouTube that could actually happen.


Happy birthday Taterchimp. Hope you are having a fun one.


Have to say today was a better work day than yesterday.


I feel bad cause I keep screwing up simple tasks. My supervisor is patient, but I can't seem to get it and feel bad as a result.


Legends Never Die: A Mega Man Legends Review

Foreword: As always there is a video version of the review below that this script was transformed into. Overall I love Mega Man Legends a lot and hope some day we’ll get a Legends Collection, a remaster, or a 3rd entry. Until the...


Got a Mega-Review blog going up tomorrow morning. Hope people enjoy it, it was fun to make.


Happy birthday Torchman, may you drop a colony to celebrate!


Got my decision from the judge already, and the decision was clear: fuck you Goodwill! Current status:


So much to memorize at new job. It's very daunting being an assembly line worker.


And after 8 hours I am done. Done with my final assignment and, provided I pass this last assignment, the owner of another expensive piece of paper. :D


Man the last stretch of a semester is always painful, cause you just feel burnt out and don't wanna do shit. That's me right now trying to finish the absolute last assignment I have for grad school. D:


Mega Man Legends as a series has more personality and charm than the entirety of the Mega Man X series. #UnpopularOpinionToid


New job wants me to start Thursday for orientation, but that morning is the day I have the court session on the phone with Goodwill. Seems they also forgot that I told them about that. Now I'm nervous again. D:


Now that one review is done, now it's time to work on the next one. :D


Happy birthday absolutefreak!


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