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Nothing's more fun then having your psychiatry office not only mess up when you need information, and mess up when they were supposed to send your medicine, but also when the receptionists are assholes to you over the phone. So pissed right now.


If Nero disapears for a few days he apologizes. He's gettimg an evaluation done and may have to stay a few days. Hopefully I don't have to, but just in case.


Finally got off my butt and did another video game review. This time it's Kirby: Triple Deluxe on the 3DS. Edit: Evening Bump


Happy Valentine's everyone!


Friend brought me back from a very bad brink the other day, so I decided to get him something nice for his birthday on Friday.


Thought I actually had another date, sadly it seems she "doesn't remember" so that's another one bust. Maybe one day I will go on my first date and not get stood up/ghosted before said date.


Gonna be streaming on my Twitch to try and get me out of a funk. http://www.twitch.tv/neroniumlive


Jellopocalypse's YouTube channel might have some work I could actually do for them. Sent in my samples so hopefully they bring me on for the freelance work. *hope intensifies*


Well, due to some rather self-destructive behaviors on my oart this last week I am now realize my medicine isn't working at all anymore. Hope I can get an appointment soon but the self-destructive behaviors have given me this status: being poor.


Good to know I have about as much luck in the dating scene as my job search has been. Nothing's more fun than waiting for a date to arrive, only to get stood up and then blocked when asking just once where they were. Send kitten pictures please.


Aaaaand poll ended, looks like I'm doing Superstar Saga DX. Thanks to everyone who voted.


Gonna be leaving what game I should play now up to a vote. Help me decide what to play cause I'm bad at making decisions. D: https://www.strawpoll.me/19339950 Bump Edit: Last bump for this.


Just got out of the test. Hopefully I passed. I tend to do bad on standardized tests. Edit: I'm also bad at typing on a phone it seems.


Welp, wish me luck. I need to go up north to take a test that if I pass I may have a job. It's part time for a school district in another city, but at this point Nero is desperate.


Happy birthday Shoggoth!


The moment when you realize that not only have you been on DToid for 5 years now, but you also forgot to make the 5 year anniversary post on the actual day...whoops. Love ya DToid, you all make me feel at home here.


Just was being a mad lad and actually fully played through/recorded Klonoa on the Wii. Man I forgot how BS that final level is when compared to the rest of the game.


Commissioned TheSmashToons on Twitter for this little guy. I love how it turned out:


Decided to mount my one 4K monitor on the wall to be use for livestreams. I like how it turned out.


Today hasn't been the best. Had a fallout with someone I thought was my friend, and then my comfort food/dinner got stolen by the door-dash person. :/


After much trial I am just about done with Sly 3. Just need to do the last chapter.


Completely forgot I ordered this. A nice little surprise today.


Why must car maintenance be so expensive. Getting a tune up since my sparkplugs are way past needing to be changed.


Managed to finally get the second blog out for my Capturing the Moment series on video capture devices. Today I tackled Hauppauge, the second ever type of capture cards I ever used. Link to the blog is in the comments.


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