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Finally on lunch now so I can say happy birthday to Robo Panda Z! Bless her and her master friend's list.


Well I start my new position at my old job today. Hope it goes well. Also happiest of birthdays to our resident taco man! If only it were yesterday as then I would shower you with bunny girls.


Apparently the Epic Games store has changed it's refund policy to match Steam's.


We laid Ito to rest today. Service was nice and there was quite a large turnout. Went to the after party at my Uncle's and managed to reconnect with my cousin so that's good.


My last Saturday at work has been almost as stressful as New Year's Eve. Makes me a bit glad it's my last Saturday so I won't have to do this anymore.


On a more positive note, seems Limited Run Games is teaming up with Pound Technologies again to make an RGB SNES HDMI converter. It theoretically could work with N64 and GameCube too since they all share the same input for cables.


Welp surprising no one I did not get the job I interviewed for back in December. No one else has gotten back to me either, not even grocery stores. Hooray.


Downside to when you only get 4 hours of sleep after staying up till 2 am on what was the busiest day of the year at work: the second wind wears off at night. :(


Well my day might have been shite, but I will still wish Soulbow a happy birthday. Maybe by next year we'll cure your Siege addiction.


Current work status.


Welp hopefully I will get a new job soon since I'm finally leaving my old job by or before January 11th.


Thinking of streaming but don't know what to stream at this point. I wanna stream now before the surreal/denial of my grandfather's passing wears off and I end up an emotional mess for the next couple of days.


So it's official. Ito's now in hospice and cannot eat anymore since his throat has closed completely. His breathing is very labored and we expect he may pass within today or tomorrow. Thanks everyone who showed concern and support. Edit: He passed at 5.


So apparently someone stole about 30 copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 for Xbox One from the shipping company they work(ed) for and are selling them for like $100. Careful for spoilers out there folks, as it's gonna be a long month and a half.


Bad news everyone, and it's about my grandfather. He was better for one day, but he's declining fast now. He's going into hospice tomorrow as he can no longer swallow anything and would need feeding tubes to continue, which is something he never wanted.


Welp power's out until 3 am PST. This will be fun.


Good news, my grandfather is still alive. The medicine started working which is great. He still has whatever disease he's contracted and the CDC is now involved, but at least he's alive. Thanks for all the warm wishes for him.


So my grandfather might not make it through the night. More in the comments.


Show of hands, who would buy this? *raises hand*


So apparently my fight stick works on the Switch. Playing Smash Ultimate with it right now and it's definitely interesting.


Call me when CTR or Ape Escape is announced. Don't have time for the Red Dead circle jerk. Back to homework.


Current status about school since I just did horrible on an assignment and might not pass the class now:


Getting nervous about tomorrow's interview but I'm still hopeful. This is the first time I've ever gotten an interview besides when I applied for Goodwill; also doesn't help that Goodwill gives everyone an interview so there's that.


So hell has frozen over, cause I have an interview with the San Diego State University library on Wednesday for a position. It's temporary part-time, but I'd be making just as much as I make at Goodwill full-time working less.


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