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Were people seriously worried that there would be no towns in the new Zelda?


I'm all for the new God of War. For once, Kratos doesn't seem to be angry to the point of stupidity.


Confirmed for Steam release.


Is Plastic in Mirror's Edge Catalyst supposed to be autistic or something? Saw a video with her in it, and it just looks like she's really dense.


I used to write reviews as a side thing. Been contemplating doing that again.


Gawker trying to sue Peter Thiel for "paying to take them down" is not only foolish, it's also doomed to fail. The fact that they're considering this seriously is a testament to how deluded they are.


People claiming that Gawker going down means free speech of the press is threatened are dumb. The piece they aired offered no information. It was a person's personal life. It does not deserve to be defended, despite how poor the person's behavior was.


Pokken patch notes, for those curious: http://pokkenarena.boards.net/thread/1616/june-15th-patch-notes


I don't think we should stop being hyped for games. I think we need to manage that feeling better, though. I was super hyped for Blue Dragon. While it was disappointing, I still acknowledged that it was a fine game. Just not as cool as it should've been.


Oh man, this video.


EVO is gauging interest on making Miis have custom moves, since it takes 0 effort to do. Vote yes. There's no good reason for Mii's to have banned movesets. https://twitter.com/EvilMrWizard/status/740349056409468928


You can't hide the truth, Jed Whitaker. Or should I say, Shitpostbot20XX! I am not fooled by your tricks!


http://frontwirestudios.com/official-statement-fact-check/ This is a very moderate way of saying "Yeah, we're not gonna get far with this", even though they think they can. They do not fall under Fair Use here, despite what they may think.


For those poor saps who want shiny pokemon, but think they have to do the Masuda method: Go look up SVExchange. It requires no hacking at all, and gets you any shiny you want. Save for legendaries, of course.


Upon reflection, it becomes obvious that Code of Princess was not a good game. One of the few times when I agree with Steam's users in saying that it's not worth a buy. It's so shallow, slow, and clunky.


Denial is a hell of a drug. I'm a moderate, for the most part, and even I can see that this guy is so far up his own butt. Just because "it's words" doesn't mean you can just go around saying what you want. Like it or not, words have consequences.


I've recently heard that this streamer, by the name of LowTi3rGod, got banned from Twitch. For those who don't know: he's a saltier, angrier DarksydePhil. Was kinda funny to hear he finally got punished for running his mouth off.


Oh, man. I've found an online system worse than Nintendo's. It's Battlenet. So atrocious. I can't even see my cross region friends unless I log into a game's EU/Asia server, and even then it's only in-game. That's so bad.


The complaints about McCree remind me exactly of a certain Hearthstone card. Heck, they even serve similar purposes. It's not surprising at all, really.


To post a counter video to Dr Mel's post, here's an awful high level match against a Sonic. Despair at the snail-like pace. This is what it means to fight Sonic at his most efficient level. Kinda like Jiggs in Melee.


Whelp, this sucks. She did a lot of good work, and died relatively young. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-05-17/studio-ghibli-animator-makiko-futaki-passes-away-at-58/.102204


In this post: How not to design your 3D platformer. To be fair, it's currently free on Indiegala's site. I still wouldn't grab this, though. http://store.steampowered.com/app/368900/


People who watch Baccano's sub over the dub and use "author's intent" as a defense are the worst. Baccano takes place in America. They should be speaking English. ARGH


People who call Resident Evil 6 the low point of the series don't remember Resident Evil Survivor.


My reaction to the new Megaman cartoon designs.


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