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Dtoid Memories: A Descent Into Madness

�Be funny, don�t be not funny� This was the advice from the KissingSuzyKolber guys when they were over at Deadspin and it�s basically been my commenting philosophy ever since. Deadspin was (and still to an extent) an unfiltered alternative...


Great Strides Cystic Fibrosis Walk (NVGR)

Cystic fibrosis is a devastating genetic disease that affects tens of thousands of children and young adults in the United States. Research and care supported by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation are making a huge difference in the lives of th...


Puppy Bowl IX Preview

Puppy Bowl IX is just a week away so let�s get a good look at the competition (Note: if you want to say goodbye to your productivity, just pull up the live look in stream found here Name: Agatha Breed(s): Miniature Pinscher Fun Fact: Lo...


I say, in the arms of an angel...

Hello PAX attendees, I�m a simple man. I�ve been blessed with a lovely wife, 2 kids, and 2 wieners My life and my current obligations prevent me from going to PAX anytime soon. So the possibility of having ol' Foghorn ...


VanDomination (shortblog)

Story Link Over the weekend, competitors in the Bassmaster Classic witnessed history as Kevin VanDam caught 28 pounds of fish, his biggest limit of the world championship, and collected a record-tying fourth Bassmaster Classic title in dom...


Joining the current gen and resolutions

While I was disappointed the wheels on my car didn�t magically disappear and be replaced by hover jets, I did finally got with the times � In terms of resolutions for 2010 - I hope to get through at least 50% of my backlog queue (daun...


Wal-Mart Black Friday Deals [shortblog]

A couple quick things- 1) That PS3 bundle looks tempting. Not wake up at the ass-crack of dawn tempting, but that is one heck of a deal 2) If you can find Lock's Quest for $7, you have no excuse not to pick that up. Anything else jump...


The Forgotten: The other SMT game

[WARNING: Here there be minor spoilers!] Most everyone around here knows about Persona 3/FES/4 and Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne is a hardcore RPG lover�s dream, but there is another Atlus RPG that tends to get lost in flood of praise for ...


Adventures in gaming � Proud papa year 1

So last week marked the end of my first year as a dad and I thought I should reflect on how my gaming life has changed in that time. I will note that I wouldn�t change anything that has happened during that time and if I have to sacrifice...


Mother must be so proud (NVGR)

Allow me to pimp the fine works of my brother Thomas - That's him in the orange go-go boots. The one whose top falls down. The one with the extremely hairy back. You might have seen him as the guy in this: I'm a proud older brothe...


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