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#toytoid continues! Got there just as the NECA rep restocked.


Remember to trim your nails.


#Toytoid continues! The game holds no interest for me but I’m a sucker for a cool looking monster man.


All this talk of toys is neat. I’ve been getting some fun pieces to decorate my office. Here’s my newest ones.


My man out here living his best life.


America’s hottest new club is Hellfire. It’s got everything...


Goodbye Horses. I’m flying over you.


Movies, movies, movies.


Got some fun stuff in the mail today.


Pretty sure G-Fuel causes Cancer. Happy birthday, Soulbow. Drink some water for Christ sake.


Just beat Yakuza: Like a Dragon. It’s the best Yakuza game I’ve ever played. Wow. What a treat. Exactly what I needed in 2020.


Hello Dtoiders. I have a favor to ask. If any of you see this in the wild at your local Target, I would be so happy if you picked it up for me. Update: I scored one! Thank y’all for responding. That was very sweet!


It’s Christmas Day according to the clock and I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas. Someone out there is going to get their cheeks clapped while wearing those onesie pajamas that unbutton at the butt. God bless us, one and all.


Apollonia Saintclair. I am obsessed.


I’m a sucker for the old Marvel monsters. Fin Fang Foom, the original Groot, they all make me happy. So when I found this guy, I knew he’d fit in with my home office menagerie. Coincidentally, Bi-Beast was my nickname in college.


I don’t buy many movies but when I do, I make them count.


I can’t remember if I got this from one of y’all or saw it on Twitter but this has made me smile a lot recently. Reminds me of Andy Dixon.


Guys, it’s been fun. I have loved my time here more than anything I can remember in the last 49 years. If anyone asks, I was never here.


I am giddy.


Been hunting for this marquee for a while now. It’s so beautiful.


Go read James Joyce’s dirty letters to his wife. None of us have ever, ever been as horny as James Joyce was for his wife.


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Well that certainly sounded dramatic.

LOL Andy was here LOL
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