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Mondo has been rolling out their Comic Con reveals. Here's Annihilation. Its fucking gorgeous.


An old friend sent me this picture. This is the original copy of Legaia we bought together the day it came out. I remember it so vividly. We spent hours and hours playing this, maxing out every character and getting all the summons. Made my heart swell.


Mondo is putting this poster out for Comic Con. It's by Ken Taylor who did my favorite Beetlejuice poster. I gasped a little when I saw it. I can't fucking wait to have this poster up in my office.


I dipped Oreos in a chocolate stout beer earlier. My first bite reminded me of my first blowjob and that "so that's what that feels like" moment.


Charlton Heston wrote a cblog. Y'all should go read it. And nanashi is back. So now my heart, mind and soul are having a threesome.


From one resplendent grandmother to another, happy birthday WILF. You and Mr. Blues make this house a home and we are better for knowing y'all.




Finished Overlord season 2. That was a hoot! Someone had the dubbed version on YouTube. I love YouTube.


Someone left their chicken wing bones on a shelf at T.J. Maxx. They say that God and the Devil are in the details. Moments like this prove it to me.


Just finished this short story collection from Thomas Ligotti. A real treat for horror and weird fiction fans. Kind of Lovecraft and Kafka had an insect baby and it went on to get a Master's in Creative Writing.


Rewatching Overlord season one as Hulu has it dubbed. That's fun. Found season two as well. Didn't even know they made that. Good ol' anime. All these years later and it's still so much fun.


Which one is God?


Mike, for Christ's sake, please be careful!


My dear friend Angel sent me this. She knows me too well.


Saw this today. I laughed heartily in a fit of rage.


I don't own a lot of physical media anymore. But what I have, I'm quite fond of.




Wearing your anarchy symbol t-shirt to Whole Foods while spending $60 on vegan cheese and soy bacon. #MyBattlefield


I keep meaning to change my phone's alarm to Husker Du's New Day Rising.


Y'all...Y'ALL...Elsa is back! What a lovely thing to be able to say.


Buddy of mine sent me this exclusive image from the new Beyond Good abd Evil game.


Questions and applause.


Just ordered this poster for the house. Mark that one off the list.


Meanwhile, at the grocery store in Hell:


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