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Thursday night libations. AMA.


Politics are a shitshow but at least it gives us moments where we can laugh.


Picked up a new arcade marquee. This is one I didn’t think I’d find as easily as I did.


Beat Castlevania: Rondo of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Symphony of the Night. It was fun. My first Castlevania-type game. Not sure I'm going to hunt more of them down but I'm glad I tried it.


PETA submitted a commercial for the Superbowl where a bunch of animals kneel, similar to what Colin Kaepernick did. It was rejected. #Darksiders3 of course for this joke of an organization but shoutout to them for figuring out how to make a snake kneel.


By the logic of the basketball crying tiny basketballs, in this world, people cry fetuses.


Found this at a thrift store over the weekend. This and the 1992 Olympic Basketball Dream Team were the closest I ever got to being a sports fan. So many dumb, delightful cartoons from my youth.


Hot take: George Crimners > Elaine Dell


Thinking about how divisive today's reveal was for Smash, let me know who you would have picked. My choice would have been Football Demon Johnny Maximum from World Heroes.


Got a hot tip on the next Fire Emblem character in Smash.


Upvotebot downvoted me. That was the cruelest cut of all.


Another marquee for the collection. Has an African bootleg poster vibe to it.


Neil Peart died. I'm not the biggest Rush fan on earth but I know just how important that band is and what that means to a lot of folks out there. You have my sympathies.


Chuckles ensued.


Best thrifting find I’ve had in a while. Can’t wait to watch it.


My first crush.


At least you aren’t Jaidan. Here’s to a hopeful new year. Also, happy birthday Soulbow.


RiffRaff is a keeper. Glad you’re here, buddy. Happy birthday.


Well, season one of the Mandalorian made me happy for Star Wars in a way that I haven’t felt in years. I can’t wait for season two.




I saw the new Star Wars movie. I have two thoughts that I’ll post in the comments.


The joy of treating yourself at Christmas. The movie was okay but David’s little room of horrors has stuck with me for many moons. Glad I was able to find this at a reasonable price.


What's some new music you discovered this year that really stuck with you? For me, it was Orville Peck.


I won’t change my avatar but if I did, this would be it.


Blessed be Cursedmas!


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