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Virginia just elected the first openly trans state lawmaker! It's so nice to have a good moment related to politics for once.


I am very drunk. Drunkest ive been in a long time. Feels nice. Like pushing your fingers out through a thick paste of old skin. Hope y'all are having a nice evening. /hug


Bloggers Wanted: Overcoming Fear

We’ve all been there. A game presents us with a moment or situation that fills us with dread.  It could be the inexorable approach of a supernatural menace or looking down from the top of an impossibly tall building. Games wil...


Ok, folks. So in regards to #ThiccThursday and #CatgirlFriday and #allthat lets do this. If you aren't sure about the NSFW-ness post it in the comments with a heads up in the qpost. That way folks have to click to see it and no one gets in trouble at work


Canadian Dtoiders, enlighten me as to what this is.


Just going to go head and lay it out here folks. Side/under boob and ass cheek isn't going to fly for catgirls and thicc ladies and all that. We all appreciate the beauty of a big booty but cover it up a bit more.


I love when this kind of shit happens. Guy tries to correct a fact about the origins of Indiana Jones' costume...to the original costume designer.


Beware of Sport People. They may be trying to infiltrate the kingdom of the Video Game People.


The saga of Mike Sounders will live on for many moons.


Saw Blade Runner. Pretty good. Didn't whoop my ass but certainly better than it could have been. Dennis whatshisname director fella is just great at establishing shots.


Mike Martin is the voice in my ear late at night. I like this world more for him being in it.


How do furries do this?


My goal in life is to be as relaxed as this turtle.


6th in line at my local GameStop. I haven't done this in a long time. Takes me back to all sorts of release days.


Happiest of birthdays to all the folks celebrating them today and this weekend. Thanks for making this site and by proxy my life a better, happier experience.


Wes likes tacos. I like Wes. Wes is tacos. Thanks Wes for being tacos.


Harry Dean Stanton passed. I always thought he'd be the one to turn out the lights.


Happy birthday, Dere. You are so loved and liked and respected around here. I hope your day is filled with love and laughs and cake.


I love decorating my desk.


Hi folks. If you need a boost today, scroll down and read Dere's quickpost. Its a beautiful human moment.


Hey folks, if you are in Texas I'm thinking about you. Been through a few hurricanes and it can be rough. But moments like that bring out the best in people too.


Update: Added picture. Finally had a reason to post a picture of Ottis Toole in the comments today. So happy Friday!


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