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This is Miss Priss aka the Prissiest Miss aka the Pantaloon Bandit.


Me when I read something about being outraged over a silly video game.


Been a while since I was in a raid group where someone was an asshole. This time it was a fellow ninja who thought I should be kicked for not doing enough DPS. One of those players that always has to be too DPS. Wow, that took me back to WoW days.


Just a head up there's a glitch with Final Fantasy 14 where if the power goes out while it's on you have to download a 22gb update. It's apparently a thing. A very, very annoying thing.


Thomas had a terrible secret.


Khorne approves.


My coffee mug has been an object of derision in the household.


Saw Baby Driver. You should too.


My fiend dressed his kid in the baby shower gift I got them. Then his wife promptly made him change the child. He married well.


Need a favor! Can one of you technomancers make me an image or gif of Bane as a train conductor?


I want this on a t-shirt.


Y'all debating sandwiches.


Drunk and singing Little Shop of Horrors. That's fun.


Beauty school dropout! Bend over and shit on this bible!


Mike Martin is okay. Best news I will get today.


Don't care if you think he's great or garbage. This is just well fucking done.


This is my ninja in Final Fantasy XIV. His raid gear makes him look like a Eurotrash barge captain so instead I went with Riverboat Gambler. I try to ignore that his long hair clips through his collar. I really, really try.


You know, looking at Mario wearing a sombrero I feel like some asshole is going to bitch about cultural appropriation. Sigh. I hope not. But I can just see it being a thing.


I'm so happy for Metroid fans out there. My friends are elated at the new game. Glad to see Nintendo learned from their mistakes with Federation Force and listened to the fans. Good show, Nintendo. *Golf Clap*


Saw this and thought about you, Game. Thanks for occupying that space in my mind.


OrochiLeona always wishes us a safe and happy weekend. That's so nice. Always makes me smile and feel good. Thanks for that, buddy. You're awesome.


UK Dtoiders, tell me about this election that's going on right now. Is this good or bad for y'all?

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I'd like to give a shout out to Gus TT Showbiz. Between the username and your comments, you have cracked me up a whole lot. Thanks for that, buddy.


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