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BABY HEAD IS COMING BACK!!!!! It's so awesome that the beat 'me ups are coming out again! And to get them on all the systems? That's just icing on the digital cake I call video games.


I really miss Prince.


Today in "Great Moments in Cosplay"


Hey. Hi. Excuse me. Yeah, you. Fuck you.


Spider-Man does a great job about letting you be a virtual tourist. I swung past the Guggenheim and smiled. I adore games that do that.


This is so goddamn cool. Little moments like this elevate good to great.


Got some new shoes. Steve Madden makes some awesome styles.


This right goddamn here. I adore this.


A haiku about fanny packs: Side pouch or sad pouch Be hands-free at the gift shop Margaritaville


Socks and Sandals: A Haiku Warning this may cause severe Vaginal Dryess and Jimmy Buffet


This exists. Now you know that. You can't unknow it. It's behind you. You'll never see it though, no matter how fast you turn around.


Homeoftheblues, you and your family are seen into the fabric of this place. Like a blanket made of skin. Soft skin. Skin treated with salves and ointments for preservation and suppleness. You cover me.


Shout out to all the working moms out there.


It's the fact that the little girl is facing away that really does it for me.


I'm fucking sick of the praise this hate monger, msygonistic, diseased child predator is getting from the very community I call home. #AMA about Spider-Man


Y'all...did you know there's a Gamergate thing but for comics? It's called Comicsgate and these fragile ass nerds are cracking me up! Maybe next they can get rekt by McDonalds and have a McFlurrygate.


Little fun fact about me, this was almost my avatar here. Comes from Animal Man and is my favorite comic book cover.


Amna and Nekkid. Two greats, great at grating on my nerves. My dick nerves, that is. Hope y'all have a good one.


Recent acquisition. Been looking for this one for a while.


Recent art acquisition.


Obama summarizes so eloquently and tenderly what Aretha Franklin meant to generations. A beautiful thought for a soul that touched us all.


I finally found a rebel flag I like.


This made me really happy.


This is my happy thought today.


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