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Happy birthday Parismo! I hope your day is filled with love, smiles and you are filled with a sense of presence.


Skin. Skin. Skin. Skin. Skin. Skin. Skin. Skin. Skin. Skin. Skin. Skin. Skin. Skin. Skin. Skin. Skin. Skin. Skin. Skin. Skin.


Happy Mother's Day. Get it up top and down below.


I absolutely adore this poster. Goddamn, what a brilliant design.


Goddammit, Kevin. I almost dropped my coffee from laughter.EVERY DAY IS A NEW DAY!!!


Sometimes a story just makes you stop and slowly nod.


You'll have to forgive my pottery shards brain but my sincere thanks to whomever told me about these. I found them and it made me very happy.


When someone tells you that Burger is better than McDonald's...or that Burger King is good, beware. They're lizard people and they are trying to have sex with your children. Burger King: official sponsor of NALBLA.


Watched Childish Gambino's This is America video a few times now. It's stunning. Performance art. Social commentary. Almosy Kubrickian in the shots and the imagery. I love love love when a work of art moves me. Best goddamn feeling, folks.


Childish Gambino's new single and video. Wow.


Big shout out to white folks today on Cinco de Mayo. Those sombreros look great on y'all. Stay classy, Chad.


I don't really care about Star Wars anymore but I will always adore Nien Nunb. So here's you to, you weird labial-faced space Puerto Rican.


I want a shirt of this image very much.


Gus TT Showbiz is one of the examples I use when I tell folks in the waking world about why I love Destructoid. Thank you for that, buddy. I hope whoever you are, wherever you are, today is made for you.


I picked up the new Trial by Stone Chamberlain statue from ThinkGeek. Its pretty amazing. I put it on my shelf of happy things.


If you're happy an you know it, clap your hands!


This made me think of Mike Martin.


Finally acquired this over the weekend.


You're all too kind. The birthday wishes are the peanut butter spread thickly across the toast that is my soul. I keep all of you safe and sacred in my heart and it's the most wonderful existence for me. Bless your eyes.


You know, 4/20 used to be a lot more of a thing when weed was harder to get and less culturally accepted. Funny how things change.


Just a gem of a tweet. This is the kind of shit I'd say if I were a woman.


Thanos is so awesome. Look how big his gauntlet hand is. Captain America holding onto his fingers like he's a baby. And his hair is still perfect. Hollywood gonna Hollywood.


Harry Anderson passed away. For those of us who remember Night Court, he was a brilliant, kind fella. I'll truly miss him.


This was one of the first web comics I ever got into. This one is my favorite strip. So simple yet effective.


A question for the Youtube generation. Do y'all have a preference regarding the length of time for a video review? For example, I was looking for God of War reviews and saw one that was 20 minutes. Hell no. Too long. I want 5 minutes, tops.


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LOL Andy was here LOL

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