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I'm watching new Twin Peaks right now. That's the most amazing feeling. Then, the Dark Crystal later this year. It's just an amazing time to be aware:




Hero Complex Gallery is having a black light show this Friday. This is Dan Mumford's entry. Already setting aside a frame for it.


Listening to Ministry in my office and working on a Collection Development Policy. Life is a pleasant experience some days.


It warms the knotted pine sphere that lays in my chest to see y'all ask about each other.


Darksiders 3. Well ain't that some shit. This will be fun.


I bought the most wonderful art print. It's very NSFW so I'm posting the image in the comments.


Beat Resident Evil 7. Lordy, that was really fun.


It's an oddly comforting thing to pretend to care about Thanos vs Darkseid. Takes me back to my college days when we would debate the most inane shit.


Y'all are so kind. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It's been a lovely day and I feel alive and well. Love y'all!


Jeff Rosenstock. Pretty good music. Reminds me of a much smarter version of the stuff I listened to in college.


This was the tv I spent years playing Smash Bros and Goldeneye and lord knows how many other games. The family still uses it. Makes me smile.


In a perfect world, this is how it would always go.


I don't have any photoshop skills so just pretend I put the Persona 5 UI over this.


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I am a Community Blog Manager for Destructoid. I am also the resident Resplendent Black Grandmother. My mind is broken glass and my heart is swollen and corpulent, like a cheeto left in a puddle of Diet Coke.

Well that certainly sounded dramatic.

I, with the full support of the Shadow Council, have taken it up myself to hand out decoder rings to all new members here on the C-blogs. I also like handing out little bonus gifts as well depending on what's in the trunk of my car on any given day. I do this because I have things growing inside me. Dark, twisted things that need love. So let me love you.


This is a past banner of mine that was made by fellow Dtoider and sexting partner Char Aznable. I have tattooed this on my heart. My apologies for it being cut off but I don't know how to make it smaller and screaming at the screen hasn't worked yet.

This is a picture Science Jesus and kind-voiced personal savior Beyamor drew while thinking about me. It's my old avatar but it still rings true in the hearts of men and beasts alike. I bet he wasn't wearing pants when he made it. A man can dream, right?

I was recently gifted with a Dtoid card. Its hard to put into words how much this means to me that I am finally a playing card.

I am the God King of my Heart.

Here are some pictures of things I like. I hope you like them too.

LOL Andy was here LOL[img][img]