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This may be the worst song I've ever heard and I'm including the surprisingly large amount of white power metal and folk I've been exposed to. I want to hear the worst song you can think of. Share in the comments.


With due credit to Kyle Kinane, I want to be excited for a video game the way black guys get excited at close up street magic.


Twin Peaks music. Neo-Roy Orbison.


Remember when Batgirl was a mute and could only talk through fighting? I feel like Isay Isay and I could have entire conversations using only tv and movie references.


Limited Run Games just announced that they are releasing Corpse Killer! This was some dumb FMV goodness back in the day for me and I absolutely will be getting it.


When you've got a big dick and she knows it.


You wanna fuck me? I'd fuck me.


I don't have any pictures of a Minion fingering Mary and Joseph at the same time but I have this. So yeah. #Miniontoid


Just got out of Godzilla. That was so much fun! Also, surprisingly beautiful cinematography.


Thank you, Inquisitive Ravenclaw, for making me aware of this. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go shout with joy until my voice goes out. I am losing my goddamn mind right now.


Picked up the Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2 soundtracks on vinyl. I don't collect records but I love the album art and video game music on vinyl is fun.


The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is coming to Netflix on August 30th!!!!!! I've been waiting so long for this and I'm so happy its finally going to be a reality.


This is all three Darksiders in a human centipede configuration.


Found this sweet fella when I was setting up the Games Room. He's now guarding the teeth collection.


I am stunned with the accuracy and profoundness of this tweet.


Got my God of War special edition art book in. Shout out to Fuzunga for letting me know about that deal.


This is my ending of Thelma and Louise song.


I think out of all the toids, selfietoid is my favorite. It's such a treat to see a moment from yall's lives. Makes me very happy. Thanks for that.


Here's that brilliant Alien play put on by high school students in its entirety.


A student made this for a design class and left it. I so want to shake this kid's hand.


OK Dtoiders, listen up. My job had an active shooter situation today. Turned out not to be a thing but there was about 20 minutes of fear. If you are under lockdown, DO NOT try to go to the bathroom. Not even Elvis looked good dead on a toilet.


I had this poster in high school and it makes me smile. Was really mind-blowing as a kid to see these two worlds collide in art.


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