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Splinter knows the Truth.


Hey folks, we’re taking your questions for Podtoid recording tomorrow so if you have anything you’d like to ask us, check out the article on the front page and drop it in the comments.


This text generator thing is great.


Shit’s tough right now for everyone so here’s a photo of Betty White and Eazy-E.


This is Clarence. He lives in the closet. He’s been with us for a few weeks now. I wish him good morning and good night.


I had to get this.


R.I.P. Joel Schumacher. Dude made some classic stuff. And it took me a long time but I’ve grown to really appreciate the homoerotic camp that are his Batman movies.


I’d proudly wear this on my lapel.


1882 mousetrap. They did not fuck around back then.


I can’t wait.


What We Do in the Shadows season 2 was fantastic. I’m so glad it exits ya and there will be a season three.


Well, I was excited about all the games shown at the PS5 reveal. Then I saw this and now there’s nothing left to do but wait.


My dear friend Angel sent me this. Bless her eyes.


With the Bill & Ted trailer dropping, it reminded me that Alex Winter was in Lost Boys. Then I remembered how much I loved Cry Little Sister by Marko. So here we are.


My first and I believe only platinum is Maneater. Reminds me a lot of the Tony Hawk games with the collectibles and the light tone. It’s fun, especially right now.


So every time I’m at a Goodwill or thrift store, I look for terrible, wonderful dvds to add to my collection. I have a big ol’ binder full of them. Here’s my latest acquisitions.


This isn’t real but it had me cackling.


With McFarlane Toys releasing 40k figures this Fall, I can’t help but daydream about a build-a-figure line. How cool would it be to build the Emperor or a primarch? One can dream!


I feel like this is old but it made me laugh.


I think we can all relate.


Beat Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Felt like going home.


Baby doll dresses with combat boots while browsing Gadzooks in the mall. The 90s were a fun time to grow up. One of the first cassette singles I ever got was En Vogue’s Free Your Mind. Still rock that shit to this day. #90stoid


Guys, I know we all hate politics on here and it never leads to anything positive or helpful when we discuss it but I have to speak my mind. I’m so sick and tired of keeping my mouth shut. Its vital that y’all understand I like big butts and I cannot


Okay, ya nerds. With Ghosts of Tsushima lighting a fire in our collective panties, what samurai movies would you recommend folks watch to get hyped for this? For me, it’s Sword of Doom. The name says it all. Posts your recommendations down below.


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