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This is all three Darksiders in a human centipede configuration.


Found this sweet fella when I was setting up the Games Room. He's now guarding the teeth collection.


I am stunned with the accuracy and profoundness of this tweet.


Got my God of War special edition art book in. Shout out to Fuzunga for letting me know about that deal.


This is my ending of Thelma and Louise song.


I think out of all the toids, selfietoid is my favorite. It's such a treat to see a moment from yall's lives. Makes me very happy. Thanks for that.


Here's that brilliant Alien play put on by high school students in its entirety.


A student made this for a design class and left it. I so want to shake this kid's hand.


OK Dtoiders, listen up. My job had an active shooter situation today. Turned out not to be a thing but there was about 20 minutes of fear. If you are under lockdown, DO NOT try to go to the bathroom. Not even Elvis looked good dead on a toilet.


I had this poster in high school and it makes me smile. Was really mind-blowing as a kid to see these two worlds collide in art.


This was my first car. Like my actual first car. Still running many, many moons later and gifted to someone who needed it. I kept the chrome skull shifter knob though.


@wes tacos what's up with the gay cowboy poster I drew hanging in your bedroom which I also drew basically let me draw you naked as a gay cowboy.


My dad has decided to donate his body to science when he dies. He was given the option to leave a note for his future dissectors. It will read, "Please be gentle." Going out with a dad joke. Mad respect for him.


Found my old issues of Cthulhu Sex! Some kids had Playboy, I had this. Good memories. And before you ask, yes the pages are stuck together with the lifeblood of a defrocked priest.


This one got a big ol' guffaw out of me me.


Anthony Marzano showed this to me and I am now a little more complete.


My newest poster acquisition. The Shining by JC Richard.


As someone who has been around for some pretty legendary April Fool's Days, y'all have made this one really special. You took it upon yourselves to create something and that's the sign of a thriving, amazing community. Thank you.


So I've been watching the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. I'm up to Stardust Crusaders but can't seem to find it streaming anywhere with the dubs. Does anyone know of a place I can watch it dubbed?


Just ordered this. I love how its kind of a take on the old Polish movie posters and the Birds is one of my favorites from Hitchcock.


Buy this and know joy.


Finished recording Podtoid earlier today. The Community Shoutout was for all the Dtoid parents sharing their adventures, triumphs and struggles with us. When folks share their waking world with us, it's makes this here house a home.


I wish the anime I grew up with was easier to find on dvd and blu-ray. All that 80's/early 90's stuff like M.D. Geist and Patlabor and shit like that. We'd rent anything the video store had cause it looked cool. Good memories.


Stumbled across a bar that had this in it tonight. Needless to say it was pure bliss to play again.


Hey y'all, can everyone comment again?


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