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No Flegma, you are the robots. (Was refused saving my cblog for me being a robot.)


I have started playing video games again, but the magic (and hook) was lost, hopefully permanently.


If you like reading retro cblogs like my latest, let me know what way you'd like me to write them. More context, more digressing, more about the game itself?


Retro review: Can of Worms (Livewire, 1986)

I decided to start reviewing old 1980s games I have in my collection, games most of you really have never heard of. Good or bad, no matter. This is, in a way, a continuation of OkändOnsdag, except now I'm focusing on a single game...


I don't have the time to write the blog, but here's the title that should be enough: "Heel-turn: Video games (for me)"


Aquanox Deep Descent is an upcoming thing?! Here's a sample of what I consider award-winning voice acting from Aquanox 1. I should play more of Aquanox 2 first...


I have somehow lost the original from a year ago... both the image and the drawing. So, here's a quick and very dirty colouring.


One of my favourite games when my age was measured in single digits. Also liking the sprite design over the C64 one.


I want to know what fun is, I want you to tell me. I want to know what fun is, I know you can tell me in the comments.


I feel I'm in a month-long bossfight with a neverending nesting doll (or Lavos) masquerading as a project, and the timer to world annihilation is reaching zero any moment now.


People and others lose their s**t on the net. No one cleans others' lost s**ts, and once something's on the net, it'll stay there. Hence, we have an ever-growing pile of (lost) s**t on the net. Such as this qpost.


Am I allowed to laugh at my thought of blue shells being IAPs in the cellphone Mario Kart game?


For once, it's a proper winter here. Below is a game scene I frequently connect with snow and subzero temps. Which games/scenes does winter bring to YOUR mind?


One more game I bought years ago but didn't play past the first maps. Not because it's mediocre (which it is) but because I didn't care for RTS. Even with dinosaurs.


Have some old video game music to listen to.


There have been more SNES Classic Minis (three) than any XBox One systems (zero) this week in my local hypermarket.


#Shoutouttoid to Orochileona for the motivational posts (and retro stuff) and Retrofraction and Lord Spencer for their retro stuff.


I'm looking at "Necromancer" on Wii U eShop (PC-Engine game), a horror RPG. Under important information: "Please note this title only comes with Japanese text and is recommended for people with knowledge of the language."


Stephen Fry in a Pokemon Go mock-nature-documentary promo video? Suddenly I crave Sir David Attenborough narrating a real documentary of H:ZD robofauna or the animals on Mira.


Tooting my own horn, but with people reminded of the Wii Shop Channel demise, here's the cblog I wrote in October about the channel's soon-gone offerings (with help from the community):


Sorry about this JuIc3, but I'm cancelling the Switch prediction follow-up blog. I have no chance to get it done in a timely manner.


The vomit of subconsciousness, even when filtered through fingers and the keyboard, produces results more wrong than Google's suggested search query completions. The baseline is nowhere to be seen, interlinked.


So I just followed five more people whose blogs I've liked but didn't get around to following. Thanks to Wes and D-Volt, I'm now on a roll, working to devalue the upvotes by removing the laziness-induced scarcity!


Either I'm wrong about review scores for games in different genres not really being comparable or I'm very happy about not going for a 2D projection of an N-dimensional unit circle scaled by 10.


While this hasn't been an issue lately, I felt putting it into a quick'n'dirty drawing was appropriate.


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