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Thinking about making an 8-bit adv.game with my engine for Bass's jam, but no luck yet coming up with ideas that don't involve people. Going through dead relative's estate and finding items that spawn flashback game sections? Nope, I couldn't to it well.


Quick impressions: Bridge Strike (Switch)

I spotted Bridge Strike (Project R3D/Drageus) on Switch's eShop page for latest releases, and the screenshots looked... familiar. I'm not referring to how it looks like a remake of River Raid, but how RetroGamerNation had reviewed the ...


I finally got on holiday... right after noticing I've lost my sense of taste. So I've stayed indoors in isolation just in case... which means sitting where I worked for the past three months, next to my work computers. Could be worse, though.


Thoughts on Future Connected so far (met the kid): the exclusion of the Scouring of the Shire from the movies, and if given choice, should Nopons replace Pikmins or Lemmings?


Having finished XB1 on Wii and reached Erythian Sea now on Switch, I'm thinking of just stopping with Xenoblade 1 and restarting X since I dislike Shulk's motivation. I don't even think Tatsu was particularly annoying.


Kinda happy I stumbled upon this cover.


Finally got XBC1DE on Switch. One, I had forgotten the "finish a quest before getting the quest" flashbacks. Two, Shade didn't go off on the character network this time?


So now I found a youtube channel debunking (cooking-related) hacks found on YT. The cakes are indeed lies.


If I wear socks, how can I know my feet exist? And how do I know how what I would normally call "my body" is actually mine and not someone else's that this consciousness I call "me" is possessing? I might need a break.


To leave a site/job as a regular or stay long enough to become a villain. Somewhat relatedly, your ears will curse me if you watch that video.


Ever had a writer's block on qtoid?


Not sure if this tells more about me or the Microsoft next-gen console presentation, but Kerrik saying "Microsoft sure didn't" (sell next-gen on him) made me ask "Microsoft tried that?" Was that the presentation later derided for "no-gameplay gameplay"?


It feels now a bit weird how "happy" some of the tunes (Challenger 1985, Free Flyer) in the original Gradius were.


Spoofing this Endless Ocean 2 let's-play series again for those with the time... less gags, more extra information not included in the game (Zanclean flood etc).


Got my eighth mini system, a CoreGrafx Mini (including THEC64, excluding a RasPi and an AtGames handheld). Doc, I have a problem, and I don't mean only "when am I going to have the time to play them all".


Backwards compatibility = good. Had Wii not been BC, I wouldn't have bought these games (albeit only HM-AWL not preowned), and the bottom 3 + the Zelda (bar the OoT "master quest") I've got again on Wii/Wii U. And it isn't that limited an edition, right?


I don't dare to think how strange cinnamon rolls without cardamom would taste. Note to self: try baking cinnamon rolls this summer.


Well, I have now bought my first duplicate system beside PCs: a New 2DS XL beside my New 3DS XL for the eventual case the latter breaks. I blame you folks here with your collections of DS/3DS systems.


On one hand, I'm curious about writing more seriously about old games somewhere with an actual editorial process (and isn't Dtoid, because I'm 'known' here). On the other, taking doing anything I like more seriously has quickly meant disliking/hating it.


#confessiontoid I haven't played anywhere near all the the games I've talked about. Hunter, River Raid, Raid Over Bungeling Bay, ..., Consortium (which I think is the game Slimybear245v20's trying to remember).


Bought Bridge Strike (Project R3D/Drageus) on Switch knowing it was an Amiga game from 2019 (not knowing it got a mobile version). The trailer says "Awesome pixel art", but even looking at the game title below, it's not scaled correctly. Devil, details.


*Epilepsy warning for the video* I reinstalled Super Hexagon. Still can't clear levels other than hard. No desire to try clearing hardest (and hardestestest?) at all since I made the mistake of using the music as a ringtone. Begin/Again?


So I watched a YT movie review on Gunhed (that gave its name to Blazing Lazers in JP). Rather than Elerium, Unobtanium etc. the English version has... Texmexium?


Got notice a CoreGraphx Mini has been dispatched to me from Amazon UK. Nice to see them ship in here in Europe as well.


I can't tell if I dislike the long days more than the long nights here, and I don't even live further to the north of Whitehorse (I'm ignoring longitudes here). Hat's off for those who do live further north.


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