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#MondayMusic Sonic 3's Ice Cap Zone on PC had quite a different music than on Megadrive. (I think this one is worse, how about you?)


Thoughts on GameTek: The Math and Science of Gaming

Earlier this year, I backed a Kickstarter project that had the goal of publishing the best GameTek segments of the Dice Tower podcast over ten years as a book. I didn't know what Dice Tower or GameTek was, and I still have listene...


Have I missed someone or doesn't base FE Warriors have a playable ground-based character that uses a spear?


Video game awards shouldn't be Oscars but Emmies

Player Unknown Battlegrounds is a nominee for Video Game Awards' GOTY title. Understandably, that sparked a debate on whether early access titles should be eligible to be nominated for such an award: a game that hasn't been reviewed by...


Jinx's comment on DVD spindles for COD made me think if a game can use up even the largest storage media like the tape drives. Maybe Skyrim/FO4/Minecraft with mods?


#OkändOnsdag The Dam Busters (Sydney Development/various publishers, 1984) shows that there's less to render at night but has also a nice cinematic dam kill.


#MusicMonday A possibly less-known chiptune version of Castlevania's music in MSX2's Vampire Killer (Konami, 1986), released a month or so after Famicom's Castlevania.


By a complete coincidence, I watched today the Spanish version of Dracula (1931) one year (to a day) after Lupita Tovar's death. And yes, that film is superior to the one with Bela Lugosi.


Is Switch shortage still a thing in the US?


Adding insult to injury with the lackluster Switch port of Syberia 1, GOG is offering the same game on PC for free right now. I really liked it when I played it a few years ago, except for two early puzzles.


I'm far too happy to see *anyone else* (Jeremy Parish on Polygon) share my sentiment that NSMBU is the best core 2D Mario title. Not sure I'd call it the best overall (Galaxy 1 is the only competition in my mind) like he does, but I'll take this anyway.


I shouldn't have been surprised that Sonic Forces is giving me more and better reasons to play through the story than Mario Odyssey did before the "post-game" content.


#OkändOnsdag Epic (DID/Ocean, 1992) has pretty impressive intro. Not so sure about the game. (YT video by einokeino303)


I got up at 6am to watch a Sonic Forces stream. I need to make better life decisions. Also, I think Odyssey got a lot more enjoyable in the post-game part.


On the subject of Tim Follin... and if you're interested in video game music over the years, check out the YT channel.


#MondayMusic One of the better things I remember from Solstice (Software Creations/bunch of publishers, 1990) on NES is the music by Tim Follin.


Installed Pax Romana (2003). Thankfully, DRM doesn't work in Win10. Installed Yager (2003). Says it requires DX9 or better. I suppose I should be happy I have old PCs lying around to install these on.


Have a good day, Chris.


One-step guide on how to make a surprise Smash reveal at the end of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 direct induce web-wide rage. Step 1: Reveal Tatsu joining for lunch. (Yes, this is just a joke.)


If I publicly state that my goal is to read and review the book "Gametek: The Math and Science of Gaming" by Geoff Engelstein, I hope that I'll actually read it instead of just play games.


I have given up on being fun instead of being right. Let's see how this works... The moons in Odyssey feel as pointless as Korok seeds. Hmm, I seem to have room for improvement either way.


It's Wednesday already?! Uhm... Incoming (Rage Software, 1998) was one of those 3D tech showcase games. #OkändOnsdag (YT video by Naceo)


I must have lost my funny bone, since I don't really have fun playing SMO or FEW. The skeleton is no longer inside me.


Waking nightmares: seeing Cage's Detroit morph into a licensed Blade Runner title. (No, that's not happening AFAIK.)


To get away from playing Odyssey, I installed Nethack. Nevermind the cat, the dog, the goat and the cow, I skipped straight to the horse.


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