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First attempt at making a batch of korvapuusti(s). (Think cinnamon rolls cut in a wedge shape, baked on their side, and with cardamom in the dough). Didn't hold up together well enough, or get brown enough.


My disappointment of the day: there are Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds video games, *but* it's an 1998 RTS on PC and a 1999 3rd-person shooter on PS1. Video is from the game's cutscenes.


At times, it feels like the best thing to do is lay down in bed and stare at the white ceiling. (Video unrelated.)


Looks like I need to buy some insulation tape for my Gamepad charging cable. And get some third-party cables just in case.


I got to the skell license mission (27h in) and the water purification plant plotline is advancing nicely -- that's probably my favourite questline of any Xenoblade title. Waiting for Slovity Pagus to make her appearance...


Mortifoles, germivores, tectinsulas, scirpos -- all reasons why I find the world of XCX so much more interesting than the one in XC1 and XC2, although they can get frustrating. Two plant mortifoles are in the picture below.


So I watched a bloody SFM music video with a pony singing One more soul to the call (from Silent Hill: Homecoming), and I'd better steer clear of rabbit holes.


Cheese is to milk what surströmming is to fish.


I wish XCX had the climbing feature from BotW, although that might take away the exploration use of skells. The "Zelda-ish" presentation of the Follow Ball made me smile. Fits the green suit Tatsu has.


Future Connected done. My replay of XCX may change my opinion, but I find its narrative the least bothersome out of the Xenoblades. If the screen burn-in reduction kicks in during a cutscene (5min limit for me), that's too long a time not spent playing.


A hundred cblogs later, I still got nothing good to say or worth saying, but at least I've given up on the idea of printing the best of them on paper. Yes, I know you've written more and better.


I gave up on trying to 100% Xenoblade 1 this time, too, and finished the game at around 78 hours. In hindsight, replaying XCX might've been more fun. (As an aside, 1X2 sounds like sports betting.)


While I'm still on the "Iron Helix" groove... looks like the guy who did the music uploaded a video showing off his setup for mixing the audio. Atari, Mac, MIDI, 3.5" floppies, CRT displays galore. I don't understand a bit of what he's saying.


The idiotic obsession of having a sauna even in two-room apartments around here has the upside of it being the coolest room in the summer heat.


As Shulk et co. were fighting against a big mecha of which I saw mostly the feet, the final boss of Shadow of the Beast came to my mind. (I've never played SoTB, just watched longplays.) "We will stub your toe!"


Memories of Iron Helix (1993)

The first CD-based game I ever played was Iron Helix (Drew Pictures/Spectrum Holobyte, 1993). You probably haven't heard of it, but it was released also on Sega CD and Mac. Given how it's a Windows 3.1 game, it definitely won't work on...


What's the point? I wrote a 900-word blog on a 1993 game I haven't played since 1990s and could only link to a YT playthrough of it. Ehh, I'll reread the blog in the morning and decide whether to post it or not.


Huh. Not even a full week on vacation and I already think it's possible not everything I do will fail and cause misery.


And so I make another mistake.


Browsing the web and typing this qtoid w/o a mouse while the battery is recharging. The tab key is getting *hammered*.


Thinking about making an 8-bit adv.game with my engine for Bass's jam, but no luck yet coming up with ideas that don't involve people. Going through dead relative's estate and finding items that spawn flashback game sections? Nope, I couldn't to it well.


Quick impressions: Bridge Strike (Switch)

I spotted Bridge Strike (Project R3D/Drageus) on Switch's eShop page for latest releases, and the screenshots looked... familiar. I'm not referring to how it looks like a remake of River Raid, but how RetroGamerNation had reviewed the ...


I finally got on holiday... right after noticing I've lost my sense of taste. So I've stayed indoors in isolation just in case... which means sitting where I worked for the past three months, next to my work computers. Could be worse, though.


Thoughts on Future Connected so far (met the kid): the exclusion of the Scouring of the Shire from the movies, and if given choice, should Nopons replace Pikmins or Lemmings?


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