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Latest game purchase: Battle of the Bands (THQ, 2008) on Wii for 4€ at Gamestop (preowned). (The covers in the video start at 2 minutes in.)


I'm curious how many people playing and liking Streets of Rage 2 don't know that if they press up + jump when they're airborne when an enemy has thrown them, they can land on their feet and not take damage from the fall.


I've seen over a dozen Hyrule Warriors ads on YouTube this week. Just because I got HW and HWL (with the compass clock even) and all the DLC for both, it doesn't mean I'm getting HW on Switch. Really!


Anyone here ever play Drakan: Order of the Flame (Surreal Software/Psygnosis, 1999)? Never mind the horses, just give me a dragon! (The video doesn't get to that point, it just underlines how this came out 3 years after Tomb Raider.)


Ubisoft's Starlink was to be a toys-to-life game, right? Haven't heard much of it recently.


Missing the manuals

You may call printed manuals treekillers. I'll make a claim that printed manuals were, at a time, part of the game. For instance, this guy here. You know him, don't you? Let me draw him in greater detail. What, you don't think that's...


I need an intervention -- I've published eight blogs in nine weeks.


SP Solace: Rogue Aces

Rogue Aces (Infinite State Games/Curve Digital, 2018) Grounded Luftrausers? (PS4, PS Vita, Switch) Twenty years ago, me and two others frequently crowded around one keyboard to play the local multiplayer in Triplane Turmoil (Dodekaedro...


I've been really liking Rogue Aces so far (PS4, Vita, Switch). Think Sopwith (1984), Wings of Fury (1987), Triplane Turmoil (1996) with random-generated levels/missions.


Some things should've been around already yesterday. Sorry, Wes.


Got myself Just Dance 2018 on Switch, but I don't have a solid opinion on it yet. But I can think of worse things than paying for Just Dance Unlimited (the subscription service).


I fear my next cblog in the Fledgling Retrodev series may become... excessively technical. Do I use a triple buffer and why? Add more depth levels to fill in the gaps on screen? Eh, so be it then.


Ever attempt to finish the first stage of a game for over a dozen times and when finally you manage it, you want to take a screenshot and press F12, which was actually the button that resets the emulator?


Just finished watching the last episode of season 1 of Star Trek: TNG. That series is from 1988, 30 years ago. Hasn't aged badly.


I started up Tengami (Wii U) for the first time. "You found a Miiverse stamp!" At least I finished Affordable Space Adventures in time...


Thoughts on The Mooseman (2017)

In 2017, a game called The Mooseman (Vladimir Beletsky, Mikhail Shvachko, 2017) was released on Steam. For me, the peculiar thing is that it is based on Finno-Ugric mythology, of which Finnish mythology is but a small piece. Given...


Today's the only day in a year I'd expect to hear of Ninty's plans for cloud saves etc.


Retro Look: Sky Jaguar (Konami)

If there is no video of a game version on Youtube, does it exist? I decided to start reviewing old 1980s games I have in my collection (or in this case, played a lot in the 1980s), typically games most of you really have never heard of...


How much of reviewing video games is about what the reviewer likes vs what the reviewer imagines others like?


I'm curious how opinions would split if there were a "New Super Mario Land" coming. I have no reason to think one is coming, though.


Last night, I finished NSB: Styling Star. I should take photos of peeps carrying shopping bags with Reprotoid emblem from Fashiontoid (the store). I need to check what the New Game+ is...


The same way I got this as an unsolicited free bonus game, I think my blog on this game will likewise be an unsolicited bonus chapter in my (hopefully) eventual physical cblog collection.


I don't think I'd have the patience to play this game: Wizkid (Sensible Software/Ocean, 1992). Of course the red nose lets you juggle the obstacles. Of course you get out of the well by flooding the toilet down there.


Another weekend to forget work, go ice fishing and just stare at unmoving tip of the fishing rod. Roach and perches here, but no carps. Do European perches count as basses?


When my Wii U dies, I will be happy to have a perfect excuse to not force myself to play classic Wii/WiiU VC titles I don't like and also cut down my backlog. Oh bother -- except those on SNES Mini Classic. Foiled!


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