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Sometimes, I wonder how the "demakes" of new games would have been received on the old systems back when they were still in the game. Microhexagon, Portal, Super Bread Box, Luftrausers...


I'm looking into if there's a reason I should hate years divisible by ten. 1980, 2010, 2020 are obvious to me, 1990 is stretching it a lot but 2000 is so far the odd one out. Maybe call that the leap year exception and ignore it...


My failure to accept my own failure when it matters is a personal failure But right now it probably isn't the best time to quit my job in an act of penance.


If I haven't told here before how the original Another World runs on a virtual machine, I have now. Of course, the SNES port history is legendary. https://fabiensanglard.net/another world polygons/index.html (replace spaces with _) A related video, too.


I can only hope I could one day make games that look this good in action in 192p.


May 29th 35 years ago, Gradius (or Nemesis) was released into the arcades.


192p in 2019 ftw.


No good deed goes unpunished... donated money yesterday, today I woke up with a bad headache, painkillers took time to kick in and I'm not going to get today's work done today. <-- the implied causality is of course wrong, but humans are superstitious.


I should try the Rosenkreuzstilette games. And finally finish Megamari. Some of my friends did that, so it can't be that hard, can it?


Somehow, I'm not interested in Animal Crossing but MySims is my jam. I suppose I should be happy the series died ten years ago with MySims SkyHeroes, rather than live to become riddled with in-game purchases.


When you store games in two rows on one shelf, you can surprise yourself by finding "new" games in the back row. I had no recollection of having Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop (Wii). The downside is that I have now 2x MySims Kingdom (DS).


On the upside, the Steam event got me to finally play Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds and Gunhound EX. On the downside, it still didn't get me to play Dust.


Two more reasons why I'm a bit lacking in space. But at least I've played both of them a fair bit.


Fledgling retrodev: Self-flagellation

In February, I released an MSX game that attempted to merge point'n'click adventures with text adventures. This blog is about how and why it failed in that goal; a bit of a postmortem, if you will, with a dash of comparison to games ot...


Note to self: another game sharing the visual style with comics, like Caped Crusader.


Whenever I see a game called Flatland and it's not based on the book, I feel disappointed. Although I fear if I saw a game based on the book, I'd also feel disappointed.


Quick'n'lazy fishy lunches continue... plank-cooked salmon with mashed taters. (Warning for headphone users with the video)


The next time I decide to have bread with smoked Baltic herring for lunch, I'll remove the skin and the bones of the fish the previous evening. So much for having a quick lunch.


I've been writing a blog on what is wrong with my retro game from February, and right now I've got only 1400 words worth of explaining why it is bad and why I should feel bad. It's definitely worth lambasting for least 2000 words, if not 3000.


Are the next consoles still going to be just souped-up PS360Wiis the way NeoGeo and SNES were souped-up Atari 2600s? (I.e., just multiply extant resources like RAM, CPU etc. rather than introduce something big like digital distribution.)


At least a bit space-efficient game storage (160-180 Wii games).


If you hated how Xenoblade 2 had Tiger!Tiger! that was so different from the rest of the gameplay, maybe avoid Omikron: The Nomad Soul. Adventure, FPS, fighting... I liked it, though, despite the fighting parts.


Done with Sacred Citadel with one character. Maybe replaying Sanctum 1/2 would be in order next.


So... we're not trying to fully suppress the virus because then there'd be no legal justification to uphold the restrictions after which the virus could/would spread again at high rate?


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