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Free advice to Ninty on online services: "Better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt."


OkändOnsdag: When you combine Finlandization, SDI and a computer magazine calling Raid Over Moscow (Access Software/US Gold, 1984) an exciting game, you get a political crisis. (YT longplay by ?/DerSchmu)


I don't even remember how long ago I last partook in a Splatfest. Still feels 'meh', so I stopped after three rounds. It also appears there's a glut of ice cream.


A look at Levels+ on Switch

Levels+ is a mobile port for Nintendo Switch. You can get the original Levels as an ad-funded free-to-play title with in-app purchases at least on Google Play. There, I said it. So what is Levels and what's the difference between ...


After weeks of Switches not shifting from the shelves here, three of the four were sold this week. Splatoon 2 Splatfest effect or something else?


I'm enjoying mobile ports on Switch all too much. (I got other uses for my cellphone battery than games.)


Cave flying with Gravitron 2 (2008)

My pick for today's unknown game definitely wasn't unknown, with Eurogamer having run a story on it just recently. Instead, here's a quick and hastily written look at one old game that can be found on Steam and seems quite unknown. And...


WellknownWednesday: Rotoscoping, decapitation and adverts with a Page 3 model + an included poster. Which of these do you think sold Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior (Palace Software, 1987) the best? (YT video by Hipoonios/Recorded C64 Games). (NSFW?)


Ever play a game where the level pack chosen by default is called "OfficialPack1" and the game is truly madly insanely hard? TIL that was the expansion pack levels and the "Standard" level pack is the main game.


Got the credits of Yoshi's Woolly World to scroll. No Yoshi games ever again for me, thank you very much.


I'm happy to hear the temperature's dropping below 20C here. Now playing: Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains.


The problem with writing OkändOnsdags over a month in advance is that someone (Eurogamer) might cover the game I intend to before I get to it, like they just did. Fine then, this week'll have BekantOnsdag.

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First thing to check in Splatoon 2 Splatfest World Premiere? Yup, still there.


Typical retailer price for SNES Mini here: 150€. And I thought 80€ for NES Mini was much. Someone's cutting out the middleman i.e. scalpers.


OkändOnsdags: Naming a game "Fury of the Furries" (Kalisto/Mindscape, 1993) ought to be impossible today. Coincidentally, a year later a reskin was released as "Pac-In-Time" (Kalisto/Namco, 1994). (Video by Lemm/World of Longplays)


Regarding the Bayonetta tease... well, the Bayonetta amiibo are supposed to release this month, aren't they?


Trying to stream this was one hour of wasted effort. Plus an hour and a half later after playing it: "Error saving game."


Fine, I'll toss something in #musictoid as well. Sometimes, an album title as generic as "Video Game Music" is just so perfectly accurate. Here's the first track.


The present-day me cannot play Life Force and enjoy it. Die in level one, reset. Die in level 2, reset. Die in level 1, reset. I don't remember when was the last time I got to the Game Over -screen.


I know I shouldn't judge a game by its trailer... but Switch seems to be getting "Shephy" and "Physical Contact: SPEED". The trailers (on YT) don't fill me with great hope. Please let there have been QC after "Vroom in the night sky" got on eShop? Please?


OkändOnsdag: Wiz'n'Liz (1993) - two geriatric mages hunting for wabbits at high speeds in an almost bizarre creation by Raising Hell Studios. YT Video: World of Longplays/RickyC


How do you pour gasoline on the flames that are conspiracy theories why Nintendo hasn't rolled out the Switch VC service yet? Ninty seems to know the answer.

FP: 8===D

Communicord's Steam Sale Picks

I asked the nice scary folks over at the Communicord to give their recommendations for what to pick up in the 2017 Steam Summer Sale. Here are their responses and very short justifications why. None of the people mentioned in this blog shou...   read


So I pushed the communicord sale cblog to publish early on 25th since I was mistaken about how the cblog list handled multiple cblogs a day. Let's hope I'm right this time :-)


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