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I'm getting tired of writing blogs on my own. Anyone feel like trying to collaborate on one? I have no particular topic in mind, but it probably should involve old games.


Why did the frog cross the road?


"Why don't I take screenshots of every stage in this shmup for my blog? It's only eight levels." Bad idea. Just because I could beat the game in 1990s doesn't mean I can do it today.


I'm entertaining the idea of offering feedback on longform cblogs on Discord. I just need to get over the thoughts of "blind leading the blind" and "will I do worse than Lucille van Pelt"?


I beat Never Stop Sneakin' (missing two chars or so). Not going to touch that again -- repetition set in 3 hours into the game and it never let go.


Spammers(?) have found a soul sibling in me - why else would they be upvoting my last Disqus comments from three weeks ago?


Retro Look: Yie Ar Kung-Fu (Konami, 1985) on MSX

"1-2-Kung-fubar!" I decided to start reviewing old 1980s games I have in my collection, games most of you really have never heard of. Good or bad, no matter. This is, in a way, a continuation of OkändOnsdag, except now I'm focusin...


Confession: All my games from '80s fit in a small bag, even with their original packaging. It feels like I must have a wall of cassettes, cartridges and game boxes to have a valid educated opinion on old games.


NSB: Styling Star has many ongoing threads - Alinatron, Molly, Rosie, Yolanda right now - and it feels like the plot content is overwhelming me in a bad way.


Shoutout to Barry Kelly -- I bought a RCA-Scart adapter as they suggested, and the video+audio work with my MSX (SVI-738) now.


Looks like my old microcomputer has stopped working. Power light's on, but I can't find the channel on my TV any longer -- so no video or audio. (Yes, the same computer worked with the same TV a year or two ago.)


The weekend is coming. Have some PC-Engine music.


End of the month brings deadlines, post-crush crash impending. Feels video below. (I was hoping for a victory fanfare... not this time.)


I can't care for modern AAA games, it took me long to spot the reasons the CTrigger visuals on Steam are said to be worse and I don't think I care -- WTF have I become? "Dead inside" is a good start, I think.


I finished watching Once Upon a Time... Space this weekend. For a cartoon made in 1982, I'm impressed... except for the final deus ex machina.


Here's a screenshot of my next Retro Look game (maybe next Saturday) where I had just killed two of my own troops with a rocket launcher. Better than the total wipeout I managed the previous time.


Hey doc, we really should've made that left turn in Albuquerque. Just look at this world we're in now!


My first go in Laser Squad (1988) left all my squad dead after two turns. I don't think I'll be reviewing this one either, just giving it a quick look.


Eurogamer said Zuntata's music is now on Spotify. I'm tempted to finally create a Spotify account.


Retro Look: Boardello (MSX)

Boardello (Dave Collins/Bubble Bus Software, 1985) sounds like a pun multiple times over. In fact, I believed it's a Game That Must Not Be Named, because it's all too convenient it was this blog of all my blogs that made Dtoid think I'...


Well, I can't publish a blog for some reason I don't know: the site refuses to set it to public, and copypasting it to another blog didn't help. Here's the game in question, though.


No Flegma, you are the robots. (Was refused saving my cblog for me being a robot.)


I have started playing video games again, but the magic (and hook) was lost, hopefully permanently.


If you like reading retro cblogs like my latest, let me know what way you'd like me to write them. More context, more digressing, more about the game itself?


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