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I've registered only a bit over 4400 km to Wii Fit U thru the Wii Fit Meter so far. I'm disappointed.


The reveal of Cadence of Hyrule got me to try out Necrodancer first. That didn't amount to a sale, though, since I had had from some GOG sale indeterminable amount of time ago. So... for whom is that a good thing?


At this rate I'll get the Labo VR kit. I'm a sucker for anything endlessoceany.


Looks like Snow Battle Princess Sayuki is coming to Switch. I'm not sure, but it looks like it has a lot to do (a straight port?) with Heavenly Guardian / Legend of Sayuki. I'll probably want to get it...


I shouldn't be this upset that a game called "Pine" has a stylised spruce or a fir as its logo. But I am.


How many of you have ever used a ball mouse? (Not trackballs but the ones with the ball under the mouse) And how many of you have used it in the past ten years?


I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that the Captain Toad DLC has so many remixes of old stages rather than fully new levels for the price it had.


Anyone remember HD rumble?


Midnight blues... so here's Midnight Brothers (ZAP Corporation/Sony Corporation, 1986) on MSX. Not sure if this qualifies as a licensed game...


Can a problem exist without a thinking being to observe it?


That's Keroblaster finished in the overtime mode as well. I suppose I should try the dev's earlier game one day...


An Octopath Traveller prequel is coming, but it's for mobiles? (USGamer)


For years, I thought I'd like to play The Reap. Now that I've seen video of it in action... I'm no longer sure. (I was reminded of it by the premise of X-Morph)


My "Four in February": Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, MCF: Ravenhearst, MCF: Return to Ravenhearst, Sky Force Reloaded, Horizon Chase Turbo, Virus LPQ-79.


On the positive side, Startide on Switch got a patch and I could get past the part that crashed the game constantly. On the negative side, it's still not a fun game.


It feels strange to see the community blog list without one from Kerrik52. But I suppose that's for his best.


Finished my first hidden object game in a long while (Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove on 3DS). Not a good platform for such games and I'm not happy about the navigation either.


I played a hidden object game on 3DS. I had to find a sandwich in the image. The game didn't accept the hotdog in the image as the answer :-(


I wonder if I'm inclined towards playing old games because I don't have the time and energy to play (most) new games when they come out and are relevant.


Good question: Why shouldn't I upload my retro games' source code in GitHub? My weak answer: I can stand knowing my code is crap. I can't stand everyone else knowing my code is crap.


Did I really just not get the Super Trophy in Horizon Chase Turbo because I got 146/145 points on Asphalt and Sunshine?


Really happy to see Santi Ontanon got his XRacing ready for MSXdev'18. Looks like a game I'll be happy for BSR to lose against.


Those playing FEHeroes... why do you do it? What is your goal? (I've decided to try maxing (5*, L40) as many different characters as I happen to get.)


I went through my Wii U digital games one day. I had completely forgotten amiibo touch and play (tap). What a misstep that was...


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