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I'm well set to do my MySims blog. Got MySims, Kingdom, Racing, Party, Agents, SkyHeroes on Wii and Kingdom, Racing, Kingdom, SkyHeroes, Agents on DS. Kingdom*2 on DS? I accidentally bought a second copy. Now I just need a few months for research.


What was the first platformer you ever played? Mine was likely Great Giana Sisters (C64), Bubble Bobble (PC) or Alley Cat (PC).


Doing Lawman's work... Tesla vs Lovecraft on Switch is a few euros off (12€ vs 15€) in Europe.


I need to play more of Go Vacation on Wii. And if they add support for two joycons per player in this minigame, I'm double-dipping.


E-mail subject: "Confirmation of unsubscription", contents "Hi, this e-mail has important information to you from [my ISP] in the attached PDF file." A free translation of most of the email my ISP sent me. It's legit, but you wouldn't believe it.


Winter, please come back, all is forgiven.


L.F.O. -Lost Future Omega- -- what am I missing?

I apologize: despite saying that I won't write more blogs for now, I felt the need to let out my opinion on L.F.O. -Lost Future Omega- (mebius., 2017 or 2018) on Switch. Maybe on Steam as well, but it possibly never got past Greenlight...


Not cat women for this Friday but Hulines. Image from Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny (Westwood/Virgin, 1997).


I had no idea Wii U would again be this relevant in my gaming outside of recording Wii footage. I just need to check how well Just Dance Unlimited works on that.


Dumb luck is... first time blogging about a 55-year-old video game (Spacewar!) and a week later reading the news about it being introduced to the World Video Game Hall of Game.


BoB: Lost in two forests

Welcome to the forest. The sun is high in the sky. The trees -- bushes, more accurately -- surround you. They're not that tall, but you are even shorter. They don't even leave a shadow in which to rest. The tunic you're wearing is get...


Anyone feel like becoming a beta reader/peer reviewer for my blogs? At this rate, the edit change log at the end of my latest blog will become longer than the original blog itself.


Mmkay, I'm pretty sure Rogue Aces is my game of the month for the first four months of 2018. I've already spent over 35 hours with it and while it's finally getting a bit boring, I still haven't truly beaten the normal campaign yet.


How I think the new Blade in XC2 should've been coloured.


Thrust onwards!

Game genres evolve, recombine and effectively die out as the time progresses. This is a "brief" look into one or three or four of those genres, one that I haven't seen many new titles in recently: flying games where gravity is an eleme...


How many people here remember Zarch or Virus?


After seeing the piano tech demo with Deemo(?), I'm kinda expecting Nintendo to start a collab with IKEA to produce *slightly* longer-lasting build-it-yourself peripherals than Labo cardboard. Note the stress on the word "slightly".


Dragon Flight Simulator '86 -- Thanatos. Had I ever played this game, it'd be my BoB game for the month.


Because "I" is less than "U", and 1 is less than 2.


This site is making me feel every one of my years. And I'm still decades from retirement age.


Latest game purchase: Battle of the Bands (THQ, 2008) on Wii for 4€ at Gamestop (preowned). (The covers in the video start at 2 minutes in.)


I'm curious how many people playing and liking Streets of Rage 2 don't know that if they press up + jump when they're airborne when an enemy has thrown them, they can land on their feet and not take damage from the fall.


I've seen over a dozen Hyrule Warriors ads on YouTube this week. Just because I got HW and HWL (with the compass clock even) and all the DLC for both, it doesn't mean I'm getting HW on Switch. Really!


Anyone here ever play Drakan: Order of the Flame (Surreal Software/Psygnosis, 1999)? Never mind the horses, just give me a dragon! (The video doesn't get to that point, it just underlines how this came out 3 years after Tomb Raider.)


Ubisoft's Starlink was to be a toys-to-life game, right? Haven't heard much of it recently.


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