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Going to a video game music concert tomorrow. "The concert features classic works, such as music from Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Kingdom Hearts, and Halo." It'd help if I had played FF past 6, any KH or any Halo.


I'm not a believer in biorhythms but it's a comforting thought that what has gone down will come back up again even without doing anything. I didn't say helpful, just comforting.


If Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey had its world premiere in 2017 instead of in 1968, how many people would google for what happened in the movie after the viewing?


Fake schooled: Monkey see, monkey do (maths)

It'd be too easy to talk about how I learned English from video games... or despite video games, including one game that set up me the bomb in junior high school. At least Zero Wing (Toaplan, 1989) taught me to not trust all published ...


Trying to force myself to finish Picross 3D: Round 2. 183 done, 22222 points... The feels now: the video should start at about 1:55 or so, up to about 2:10.



I don't have a custom wallpaper, but when I did, I think this was the last one. #Wallpapertoid Sorry for late entry.


With Wii U, I bought many special editions (TMS, SFZ, PZ5, B1+2, ...). With Switch, only the Joycon+Snipperclips pack so far. Why? Because Switch gets games more than once a month.


I feel I'm doing something wrong when Doom's Switch port is the first platform I have that can run it. Not that I imagine I could play it with Joycons' small thumbsticks w/o alternate control scheme.


Okay, New Style Boutique 3 is the best news I got this night. I intend to pick it up and write up my impressions once it's out. And hope NSB4 will be on Switch for CJ's sake.


#AmigaTuneToid I never owned an Amiga, but I hear this game had pretty highly regarded music. For a poor version of the theme, see Megadrive version. EDIT: Sorry, mistyped the tag.


#OkändOnsdag Bosconian (Namco, 1981) is a 360-degree shooter that is said to have been the first arcade game with the continuation screen. Does that make this the first pay-to-win... if it could have been won?


"Nintendo UK has now confirmed the NES mini will return to shops here next summer." http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-09-12-nintendo-announces-nes-mini-is-back-in-production


Answers to my 2 truths, 1 lie: True (for maybe 1-2 hours). True (Rings of Power. Never played any others.) Lie (2D Metroids are at best 'meh' to me and M:OM was just fine.)


Two truths, one lie. I have played Dark Souls. I have liked a Naughty Dog game. I find 2D Metroids more fun than Other M.


Since I got my current PC, I've bought a Switch, a N3DS, a PS3 and a Wii U, in reverse order. No wonder I don't game on PC much any longer.


#MondayMusic Lotus III The Ultimate Challenge (Magnetic Fields/Gremlin, 1992) with some extra processing after recording for headphone users, I think.


Watching ST:TNG episode 2 of season 1. Wondering what was Wesley's lot in the mirror universe?


From my backlog: All Star Cheerleader 1+2

All Star Cheerleader 1 and 2 (Gorilla Systems Corp./THQ, 2008/2009) - the other cheerleading games on Wii. Known somewhere as All Star Cheer Squad. They're also the less fun cheerleading games on Wii in my eyes. I didn't know cheerlead...


TFW even CblogRecaps won't mention your cblog that nobody commented on... /fake%20 ;-)


*looks at Dr Heat O'Brien's answer to the shovelware qpost* *frustrates not being able to answer* *determines to finally wrap up the All Star Cheerleader 1+2 cblog at least a year in the making*


What is your definition of "shovelware"? Asking for a friend.


I hadn't noticed Switch system settings already have a checkbox "Disable Auto-Sleep While Playing Media Content". Still waiting for that media content to materialize.


#OkändOnsdag Colony 7 (Taito, 1981) is an arcade game that you can play with one coin... and if you pay another one, you get a better weapon. First case of microtransactions? (YT video by Zeuzdaz)


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