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Freeing time for projects by stopping playing video games has the unfortunate consequence of having time to come up with more interesting new projects. From backlogs of games to backlogs of projects. Video related to one such thing.


For my 2*2*3*5*5th qpost... more SCC Konami music, but Konami's own versions this time... except for the stereo effect, I think.


Vampire Killer (Konami, 1986) was just given an updated soundtrack using Konami's SCC (Sound Custom Chip, which added more sound channels; think the extra chip in Famicom version of Castlevania 3). (Replaced link with a better one; sorry for the bump)


I uninstalled Steam and games from GOG, hid my portable consoles, uninstalled mobile games and unplugged home consoles. This'll be interesting.


True story: The first time I heard of GOG, I thought it was a hoax or a scam: it was too good to be true. Didn't buy games there until years later.


Unfinished Battlegrounds already in 2003. I liked the original :/


After having played as Kabuto in Giants: Citizen Kabuto (Planet Moon/Interplay, 2000), dinosaurs are like a downgrade to a Reliant Robin.


I wish they'd have a proper translation and a manual instead of, well, this... so far, DragonFangZ on Switch feels way better than Quest of Dungeons.


Outlander, almost a Mad Max game on 16-bit home consoles.


#TuesdayMusic Well, I don't know if this is from a Turrican game or if it is a bonus track for a Turrican music record. Retrofraction can probably fill me in?


Styling Star is reminding me of TMS:FE -- both have licensed tracks from Avex and I'm quite liking them... but SS has English versions only and the overall theme is different from TMS:FE. (Lady Moon/Tsukiko's Wings is my fave so far.)


Eh, my fave Switch games of 2017 in alphabetical order: Golf Story, Has-Been Heroes, Namco Museum, Neon Chrome, Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Also really liked Ironcast, Strikers 1945.


Did you write a Switch prediction blog between 10/2016-02/2017? I'm considering writing a cblog on how right Dtoid's armchair analysts were in their guesses one year after the system's release, a joint follow-up if you will.


Giving up on XC2: I've finished the plot and most of the quests, but getting all rare Blades summoned and all rare Blades' affinity charts maxed out doesn't feel like it's worth the effort.


[NVGR] Introspection on my 2017 on Dtoid

Honestly, this blog really has little to do with the site or video games, so you shouldn't bother reading it unless you're the anointed recapper. 90 years ago, in 1927, Max Ehrmann wrote his poem "Desiderata", or "desired things". Giv...


If I wanted to play my first Mass Effect game, which game should it be? (I have 1 and 2, but at least 1 had weird gfx glitches when I tried it many years ago).


OkändOnsdag 12/2017: There and back again

OkändOnsdag has been a series of old, less-known titles that I've tried covering to some extent. This is the last blog of that series. There's no denying that J.R.R. Tolkien's books The Hobbit, or There and Back Again (George Alle...


"What is a meme?"


Is worrying about what is worth worrying about worth it?


Wait, there was a Puyo Puyo roguelike? (Waku Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon, PS1/Saturn, 1998/1999) Spreading the puyo-puyo paste thin here...


#OkändOnsdag the last: Moria (1983) is an early roguelike and one of the original major roguelike branches, Hack (1982) being the other one. The player's goal is to slay the Balrog ... Do you really need a video of a game using only ASCII characters?


I got the copy of Snipperclips Plus that I had asked for. I think next year I'll just ask for one of the award-winning board games of that year: 10 years later they're likely still playable and I won't know in advance what I'll actually get.


OkändOnsdag 11/2017: Game or dev?

Cool names are cool, so cool that they work both as studio names and game names. That was the theme for November's games, and as it happened, it wasn't particularly inspiring (for me), especially since I got sick at the end of the mont...


Sonic isn't max edgy yet -- Dr Robotnik has yet to start making robots of animals the way Mad Hatter did in American McGee's Alice.


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