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If I had to try playing either Driveclub or Club Drive, I might choose the latter. Not because I'd expect to like it, but it sounds like an interesting experience.


December's pretty alright after all... Chris Huelsbeck has finished his new hypothetical Amiga game soundtrack ("Rise of the Machine"). And Project Rob's "Rob Returns" (sample video linked) is out.


The music and game length aside, I'm impressed by how the "1-player cooperative" gameplay in Goonies (C64) looks like.


Got a SCART-HDMI-adapter, which I can now use with my HDMI capture device. Not really sure why I'd do that, though. (Image taken from ZX Spectrum Vega, the game is Saint Dragon)


Demake I'd be curious to try.


It took Go Vacation for me to get hooked on fishing in games. Or maybe because I've been fishing quite a bit this year and Go Vacation had the first fishing minigame I've played this year.


Honest question: If I write a game for a platform from the 1980s, is it called a retro-themed game, a retro game or what?


Monopoly Deal (card game) has no business being as fun as it is with the words Monopoly and Deal in its title.


A trivia bit on November's BoB prompt that never became a blog: the bonus fruits in Pacman were slot machine bonuses. (See video at 35:40)


I was a "Magical Sound Shower" fan until I became a "Camino a Mi Amor" fan.


Fledgling retrodev: Content design in BSR

Content creation is something I'm not really interested in. In several cases, I've been more interested in writing the game's code first and only then haphazardly thrown together something resembling content, or just giving up halfway ...


My best "black friday" purchase: twenty pairs of socks. Beyond that, a SCART-HDMI converter that'll hopefully let me use a HDMI capture device for older/less well conceived devices (like ZX Spectrum Vega) and Giana Sisters TD: Owltimate Edition.


I wonder if one day there'll be a Splatfest with the sides being "Left" and "Down". And no, not as a political statement.


Fledgling retrodev: AI and Data Reuse

Like I said in my previous blog on Bumper Ship Racing, my future blogs on that game won't focus on a single topic. This time, we have two topics: an unnecessarily fancy reuse of data for little practical purpose and how the AI in the g...


I'm considering getting someone else to help in designing my next retro game, starting from the genre. If you're a Dtoid Discord regular and have an idea, let me know. I know I can't make a fighting game just by myself, for example.


Do you think felines and gaming fit together well? Jaguar, Tiger Electronics, Tiger Telematics, Bubsy, Lynx, Blinx, ...


I feel I need to write a serious warning cblog on Startide (Switch). I'm currently in a system where it feels like 50-50 chance of the game crashing upon loading a level, and my patience has worn out.


I just finished Ghost 1.0 in survival mode. I wonder if it was the first 2D metroidvania I've ever finished.


For once, I've watched an aria on YT before the opera (Les contes d' Hoffmann, The Tales of Hoffmann) itself live. No regrets on doing either.


1500 words on how to mitigate sprite flickering, including searching for an optimal sequence of sprite plane permutations. This is where I have the most fun with video games. Doing the illustration for the blog, not so much.


Quick judgment on Startide on Switch: don't bother, the framerate isn't good and I'd rather play X-Type+ (similar in how the enemy ships are dismantled) on Wii U instead.


Working on a snap review (only a few hours into it, but I'm pretty sure I've seen most of what there is) on Fairy Tale Puzzles ~Magic Objects~. A pretty accurate tagline for the review: 2048*7 is...?


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