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I played a hidden object game on 3DS. I had to find a sandwich in the image. The game didn't accept the hotdog in the image as the answer :-(


I wonder if I'm inclined towards playing old games because I don't have the time and energy to play (most) new games when they come out and are relevant.


Good question: Why shouldn't I upload my retro games' source code in GitHub? My weak answer: I can stand knowing my code is crap. I can't stand everyone else knowing my code is crap.


Did I really just not get the Super Trophy in Horizon Chase Turbo because I got 146/145 points on Asphalt and Sunshine?


Really happy to see Santi Ontanon got his XRacing ready for MSXdev'18. Looks like a game I'll be happy for BSR to lose against.


Those playing FEHeroes... why do you do it? What is your goal? (I've decided to try maxing (5*, L40) as many different characters as I happen to get.)


I went through my Wii U digital games one day. I had completely forgotten amiibo touch and play (tap). What a misstep that was...


I'm wondering if studying Finnic mythology sporadically for a few years to make a game based on it would be worth doing. Especially since I can't imagine the game would be any fun to play.


I've had more fun than I expected with Turing Test. Why didn't I play it before -- I certainly had it in my Steam library for ages.


I'm considering permachanging my alias. Every time someone writes here "Figma" I mistake that for "Flgma", ergo, me. I'm a counterfeit Figma with limited mobility.


One of my big flaws is that I keep considering Switch as a docked console only instead of a portable console.


This year Finland's performer in the Eurovision Song Contest will be... Darude. Linked, a toy-trumpetless cover of his best-known song. I'd like to post the "What year is it?" image too, though.


If I wanted to play a 3D game that was a bit like Metroid Prime in the exploration but more puzzles and effectively no combat, which game should I play?


Quick judgment on Zombie Panic in Wonderland DX on Switch: no attempt at pointer controls at all, 2D cutscenes look resolutionwise like they're from the WiiWare original or the 3DS port, low-poly models abound.


I imagine many remember such Quake 1/2 mods like CTF, TF and ActionQuake. But what are the lesser-known mods for these games you have fond memories of?


Thought I'd link to this one Youtuber whose shmup playthrough videos I've been watching -- and even more so reading the video descriptions.


I got mail. Just the one on the top, though.


I decided to give No More Heroes 2 a shot. So far, the minigames have been more fun than the "actual" game.


After playing some OutRun on Switch, I got the urge to try playing World Rally Fever on PC again. And I still can't win the easiest cup.


Would the (S)NES Classic Mini count as a physical release of the games on it?


"To unlock Margarete, I signed a pact with Mephistopheles for unlimited gacha/lootboxes." Typing that felt wrong for more than one reason.


Today, I finally took the plastic wrap from around my copy of DKCR:TF. Still didn't play it, though, I just let my coworkers to play it and see if they'd like it on Switch. (I think one'll pick NSMBU DX, which I completely understand.)


I just spent close to 70€ on yet another book about video games (840 pages about Konami games on MSX). And I still haven't written the review of the point-and-click adventure game coffee table book. I should put my priorities straight.


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