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The Judgment I want to play is Castlevania Judgment -- it can't be too bad, if got here as good a score as Link Between Worlds. (And I really *do* want to play Castlevania Judgment.)


I began mariekondoing my Switch data. Deleting save games for demos, FO Shelter, BotW, Odyssey, FE Warriors, Gems of War and all the shitty games I won't get back to is unbelievably tedious, but feels liberating.


If I could cut away gaming from myself like a tumor or a nine-meter Groulien bile worm, I would significantly reduce the hate I contain. And reduce my BMI by 20.


Well, that was a 10h Youtube ad I just skipped.


Outdated "horror": A TV comedy show had sketch with a big pool of postcards from the "viewers", and the "guests" were asked to pick one from there to be read aloud. One by one they waded in there and were lost underneath the cards.


So... I got NES Mini, SNES Mini, ZX Spectrum Vega, THEC64 Mini, an Atari Flashback and I'm thinking of getting that Megadrive Mini and now this PC Engine Mini, too. The ones I have are in a storage box. Yet I still want Master System Mini to be, too.


If Doom Eternal had Icon of Sin like in Doom 2, whose head would be inside?


Watching E3 has again been more fun than playing games.


I hadn't realized how bad I had gotten with games until I begun playing even Sword of Vermillion to stop playing bad games for the lack of more fun things to do.


Trying to work on my next retro game project, Trapped In. The next time I want to deal with matrix operations, I'll consider a different language than Z80 assembler.


Talk enough of something and they'll give in . "Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam" and all that . Which is why I've looked a bit too often what old Gundam games look like .


Last day before long-needed vacation, worried that things will come crashing down during it. Plus the lyrics are about as coherent as my mind nowadays.


People who hate content creation for games should create games that don't need much content.


There are bad jokes, worse jokes and jokes saying that the best of Rage 2 are on its streets.


Finished Mana Spark on Switch. Not a crazy long game with a limited pool of (still random) powerups. I imagine I would've liked it even without the discount price.


If I hadn't seen Lego Movie 2 Lego kits in the store, I wouldn't have any idea that Lego Movie 2 is a thing. Or was?


BoB - Numbskull Emptybrook moves to the countryside

Time for another off-kilter pick for a game: a licensed game based on a Finnish movie from the 1980s. Numbskull Emptybrook is apparently an English name for Uuno Turhapuro, and the name I'll use in this blog. He featured in 19 Finnish ...


What is the difference between lootboxes and toys/collectible cards sold in blind bags?


Should I need to remember what "having fun" and "accomplishing something" feel like?


I was wondering if there was an ancient astronaut theory with mechas/giant robots around (I blame Torch's existence for making me think about this), then realized Transformers is pretty close to that.


One of the things warming my heart here is when I see my qtoid post with "PCX" in place of zero upvotes. Even if it is just because of feeling ill-founded smugness.


Startopia: the mucky feet of a frog

Mucky Foot was a Guildford-based developer from 1997 to 2003. If you know of Guildford in relation to video games, it's maybe because that town was the home of Bullfrog, Lionhead and presently Media Molecule and 22Cans. Mucky Foot fits...


Endgame or New game+?


Looks like my AI optimiser routine reduced the speed periodically to one eighth rather than by one eighth... well, that's half a week of computation wasted. Bugfree, my code is not.


Surprisingly authentic-looking conversion of Super Mario Bros to C64. Some obvious slowdown, though.


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