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Finished Valley on Switch. Only a couple of hours long (six with my *very* slow pace) but if you like a mix of "walking sim" and first-person platforming, give this a go if you see it on sale on some platform (Steam, XboxOne, PS4).


I'm thinking Mario Galaxy 2 is the best 3D Mario of 2010s.


Hook is likely my favourite $2€ Switch game of 2019. My only problem: only 50 levels, and the 6-minute video below by someone else shows how to solve the 23 easiest of them.


Got my copy of 8 Bit Annual 2019. To hold a physical book/magazine with a review of my own game for the first time is something. I agree with the score, and it's still 25 points above what a Mazinger Z game got. (No, I'm still not sticking around.)


It's time I stop haunting this place. Party on, you people.


One way to cut out unwanted user emails: don't have the support (at) yoursite e-mail address.


Devil Daggers feels like it's the only FPS I've played in the recent history. I'm positive I can't beat my record (a bit upwards of 300s), but going back for a few short runs is still fun.


Got Sweet Witches on Switch. I've never played Rod Land myself, but this looks like it has similar gameplay elements... but I have probably more complaints about SW than I'd have with a new port of RL.


Finished Diggerman on Switch just under five hours. Not a game I'd recommend, but I might as well consider writing a short description of it in a blog one day...


Which site/service would you recommend me for writing blogs (on 8-bit games) as an unpaid hobby? Just Blogger or WordPress? Destructoid is out of the running.


Third time trying to post the image... but now, not an AMA. If this goes up, then Dtoid really looks after me.


From my backlog: Disaster: Day of Crisis

Monolift Soft developed two games for Wii: Xenoblade Chronicles (2010) and Disaster: Day of Crisis (2008). It's pretty well known that the North American release of Xenoblade Chronicles was helped by the Operation Rainfall. Disaster, h...


Been playing Disaster: Day of Crisis (2008) on Wii and streaming it. Interesting to see how the studio's games had a hard time getting to NA on Wii. In hindsight, the one that did make it to NA (Xenoblade) is the better game of the two.


I remember hearing something like that our music taste "peaks" when we're 13/14. How well does that work with you and video games?


I've been playing more and more NintendoLand this past week. And only now that I finally beat the Donkey Kong obstacle course, I learned that I can press X instead of blowing into the microphone. Still loving Balloon Trip Breeze.


Found a bunch of drawings I made about fifteen years ago. I cannot imagine how I could've drawn anything that "carefree" or "happy".


And that's Job Island finished. Silly plot, decent and bad minigames, no heroism the way I hoped to see... so probably no BoB entry on this game.


TIL it's possible to feel nostalgic for old ice cream cones from 1980s -- ones where the ice cream had made the wafer soggy and chewy.


FWIW, the BoB prompt made me finally play this game. Minigame hard-working heroes, who buy stuff from TV Shopping Channel to earn points to buy a transformation ring to save the planet from asteroids or so.


Still wearing the basic Citizen Eco-Drive I got 20 years and a month ago as a gift. Some maintenance has been needed, but I hope it'll last the next 20 years as well.


I spotted a Ubisoft-published bundle of Fallouts 1, 2 and Tactics on my shelf. People who have played both FO3 and later, and Ubisoft open-world games -- do you think Ubisoft's Fallouts would've been worse or better than what came to be?


I thought I would give every Mario game I have an hour to prove my opinion of them wrong this summer. Then I understood I don't owe those games a thing.


1) Never trust what people say on review comments ("MM2 doesn't require online pass to download levels"). 2) As far as I can tell, MM2's pack-in levels still aren't fun. 3) Need to pass this game to someone, but none of my friends have the Ninty Online.


Thinking about doing a writeup on Bitlogic - A Cyberpunk Arcade Adventure (2019) as the resident MSX fan. The short of it: try the free digital MSX version first.


Get an e-mail that something's been done, say "thank you" aloud to the person and then realise he's not in the same room. When did the summer holidays start again...


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