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I've really enjoyed my time with Switch'n'Shoot on Switch. I need to wrap up my blog on why that is the case.


Fledgling retrodev: A ship built

Ever thought of building a ship in a bottle? I happened to take a look at the Wikipedia page for "impossible bottles", which include ships in a bottle. There seems to be two main ways to accomplish that: either actually build the ship ...


Finished "Agent A - A Puzzle in Disguise" earlier today. I liked it, but... why pay this little attention to punctuation? (Even the controls page had a typo...) And yes, I am annoyed by this.


My last purchase from Gamestop (clearance sale here): de Blob 2 (Switch). Other "loot" from elsewhere: Japansoft - An Oral History. (I already regret mentioning that book here...)


"Can't you guys read script?!" Seriously, though, how many of you aged 40 or above have trouble reading this font? It is heavily based on how I was taught to write in school, supposedly based on copperplate script.


The next time I create a script language for a game, it will have proper if-then-else structures. But at least I've finished adding the initially planned contents to the game. Now to finetune the UI and add more content...


That's Captain Toad bought on Wii U, 3DS and Switch. All physical. I really need to step up my transition to digital-only.


Managed to fix two bugs in the routine that displays actions for items yesterday evening. I'm still aiming for July completion/release (MSXdev'20 DL is 30.7.) The boring part (content creation) though bores me already and I'm nowhere near that stage yet.


I have spent far too much time (tens of hours, I imagine) to get to this point in my 8-bit game project. And all the "player" can do now is move the extra twitchy cursor up and down the list.


Reasonably happy that I had my Disqus account/comment history here deleted several months ago, and this time I won't start using it again.


When life gives me maple syrup, I dilute it with lemon juice and water before drinking it. Or maybe drink it as-is.


This week, I've mostly hated L3/R3 "buttons". I suppose this is how many feel about tacked-on motion controls.


Well, two weeks of coding and I still haven't got the location tiles rendered properly on screen. Coding in ASM really makes me appreciate higher-level languages.


2020 wishes -- each with 0.01% chance of mythic success, 0.1% chance of epic success, 24.89% chance of success, 74% chance of failure and 1% chance of critical miss.


And that's EDF Iron Rain finished on normal. Meh. And I really need to try writing a few quick "half a dozen cheap eShop games, yay or nay?" blogs.


Got myself EDF Iron Rain and I'm thinking about making Cats the first movie since Blade Runner 2049 that I watch in the theatre.


A year ago or so, I gifted a number of people on Discord old games on GOG I thought they might be interested in. Come to think of it, I still don't know if anyone played any of them, and maybe that's for the best.


Quick take on Bubble Bobble 4 Friends (Switch)

Taito's original Bubble Bobble (1986) was and still is a very highly regarded classic arcade title, probably on many other platforms as well (I've played it on NES, C64 and PC), as it was widely ported to many systems. It was an early ...


TL;DR take on BB4F: it felt like a modern Bubble Bobble but differs a lot in the details. Less "wait,what now?", more structured levels. Solo, I'd rather play BB4F than BB1 (not a BB1-fan for years). Too few levels. Longer cblog maybe coming in 2019/2020.


Finished the normal mode (50 levels?) of Bubble Bobble 4 Friends. Took a brief look at the hard mode. And for some reason the original arcade Bubble Bobble doesn't track high scores between BB4F restarts?


No, I only unpacked them inside a box. The extra is four "collectible" cards, two keychains and a poster. Might as well try streaming it now on Twitch...


Finished Valley on Switch. Only a couple of hours long (six with my *very* slow pace) but if you like a mix of "walking sim" and first-person platforming, give this a go if you see it on sale on some platform (Steam, XboxOne, PS4).


I'm thinking Mario Galaxy 2 is the best 3D Mario of 2010s.


Hook is likely my favourite $2€ Switch game of 2019. My only problem: only 50 levels, and the 6-minute video below by someone else shows how to solve the 23 easiest of them.


Got my copy of 8 Bit Annual 2019. To hold a physical book/magazine with a review of my own game for the first time is something. I agree with the score, and it's still 25 points above what a Mazinger Z game got. (No, I'm still not sticking around.)


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