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I have no more room for this stuff!

With Microsoft Kinect and Playstaion Move coming, and the Wii already out, I got to wondering... Where will I put all theses damn accessories? I am really just concerned with any TV mounted things, my TV is thin enough as it is, and with 5...


I love it when a plan comes together

Its early evening around my house and the sounds of Battle Rifles and Final Fantasy fight music fill the air. We are a gamer family, I grew up a child of games, in the early 80s. During my 4th or 5th grade sing, we each had to pick somet...


Why do you torment me Street Fighter 2

What is it about Street Fighter 2? Why must I own so many copies of it? I spent a lot of time during the end of my high school and begning of college life in arcades playing Street Fighter 2 (all its versions), so perhaps its just me tr...


About Squirrel Popeone of us since 12:13 AM on 01.24.2009

1. I work in a place outside the trappings of reality. Sadly whenever I tell people about my job they dont believe me.

2. I play games way to much. But sadly for the amount of time i spend playing games, I am really not that good.

3. Just incase you ever wondered, -30 degrees air temp hurts when you dont wear a coat. -65 degree windchills make you feel like dying when you try work in it.

This is what 15 minutes outside in -30 degrees looks like.

4. https://twitter.com/squirrelpope .... i tend to BS about my odd days a lot more than i should...it might be interesting if you need to waste some time heh

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