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20 years ago today, the late Westwood Studios unleashed upon the world one of the greatest RTS games of all time. Cheesy, stupidly unbalanced, and gloriously fun! Happy 20th anniversary Red Alert 2! May you Command & Conquer for all eternity!!


Crimzon Clover is getting a Switch port! This is a perfect bullet hell for anyone looking to get into the genre. Can't recommend it enough!


Happy Spooktober you beautiful people! I don't have much, but let's celebrate by continuing the Legacy of Kain Retrospective with a PS1 classic: Soul Reaver!


Finished Ys 8. One of the absolute best in the series, even if the final boss was a tad lackluster compared to 7's or Felghana's. Challenging gameplay and the best story since Origins. The PC port is finally fixed and Jesus Lord, that MUSIC! Go play Ys

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The World Begins with You

[The media we consume can often affect us in subtle ways, but every once in a while, something will come along that leaves a substantial and lasting impact. Pretty much everyone has a song, album, movie, or TV show that really resonated wit...


Real life has been kicking me in the balls for the past month. I'm bouncing back now and I wanna celebrate that by starting a new retrospective: Legacy of Kain! First stop, 1996's Blood Omen!


I'm 10 days late for this, but this month is Soul Reaver's 21st anniversary! Here's to the game that sparked my interest for the English language, and to one of the most epic stories ever told in a videogame! "Eternity is relentless..."


Holy my macaroni! Nintendo is officially bringing the Switch back to Brazil! It's the end of a long, long, looooong five year absence! Now here's hoping they price it right this time!


About bloody time! The reign of Gokus is over! Long live Roshi!


Finished Yakuza 0 and my God, I just wanna give Majima a hug (and Kiryu a kiss). I must consume the rest of this series now! PS: The English intro is better than the Japanese one. Fite me!


Ikaruga: Unrelenting, Unyielding, and Unforgettable

I once said that the Shoot Em Up genre isn’t usually the place where one would find life-changing experiences. “Usually” being the imperative word. Like with every media, circumstances dictate how much of an impact an...

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28 years ago, Thunder Force IV proved why the Genesis had the superior sound chip, and why it is still one of my favorite Shmups of all time. Long live Thunder Force!


23 years ago, the Saturn received one of the finest Shmups ever: Thunder Force V! With that superb OST by Tsukumo and the series traditional gameplay, this is a must have for any enthusiast of the genre! LIGHTNING STRIKES AGAIN!


Boyz we got a preview! And it doesn't look awful!! Praise be!!


PSA:ZeroRanger just got a big content update and an official OST release! Now is the perfect time to experience one of the best shmups of the last decade! Maybe of all time!


Talk about timing. Looks like Renegade X is about to get a big content patch. Me likes it.


Ten months and eleven blogs later, this is it my friends. The C&C Retrospective comes to an end. It's been a ride and a half, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Let us meet again on the field!


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Brazilian man born and raised, under the hot sun where I spend most of my days. Currently working on a series dedicated to the documentation of the local gaming culture and landscape, that I call Brazil Of Games. I took the name from an old TV series that aired a long time ago here but no trace of it exists on the Internet.

The Brazil Of Games:

[*] The original blog about Nintendo's departure from my country that planted the seed for everything that's to come, all the way back in 2017.

[*] The first real installment, where I explore the origins of the world's first digital-only console, the Zeebo. And why it failed.

[*] Meet the Locadora, the parlors where we got our first contact with gaming!

[*] A follow up of sorts to the previous blog, where I explore Brazil's most revered game: Top Gear!

[*] The SEGA Genesis might have been born in Japan, but it was Brazil that made it its home! Here's how it happened.

[*] It's no secret we love soccer games. So here's a brief history of the Mod that forever changed how we played them!

[*] Folklore is not something many games explore. Here's a game based on a local folk tale from my hometown.

[*] Everyone knows that gaming really started in the days of the arcade parlors. Brazil's history with them was a very curious one, thanks to legendary company Taito and their many, many bootlegs!

[*] Every story has a beginning. Here's to the game that created our whole gaming industry, AmazĂ´nia! May your legacy be remembered for all eternity!

[*] Happy 20th anniversary PlayStation 2! This one is dedicated to the console that changed everything!

[*] A mini review of the cute little indie platformer Out There Somewhere.

[*] What do you get when you mix history, culture, and Metroid? You get the little hidden gem that is Dandara!