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Brazil Of Games: That Time We Launched A Console

Releasing a brand-new console nowadays is a difficult and costly ordeal that even the established giants of the industry don’t always get right. From the Atari Jaguar to the PlayStation Vita, history has plenty of example...


(Some of) The Fighting Games Of 2018

Welcome back to the stage of history ladies and gentlemen. It is now 2019 and the world was not ended yet. I wanted to get this article in December last year during the sales period but life decided to get in the way. But I like to ...


Rambling About 2017's Fighting Games

Sure You Can December is finally upon us and you know what that means. Time for everyone to start writing/filming/recording the mandatory GOTY list and like the mindless zombie that I am of course I wanted to follow suit. Unfortun...


Finally got around to writing about videogames in my homeland. Hope you find the read enjoyable. https://www.destructoid.com/blogs/TheGentleGamer/brazil-of-games-a-land-without-nintendo-461620.phtml#post


Brazil of Games: A Land Without Nintendo

  Imagine one day you wake up to find out your favorite snack is gone from your local store, forever. Never again will you be able to taste its delicious contents, feel its soft exterior or smell its intoxicating aroma. Now ...


Happy Anniversary Megaman X4

You know, I think out of all video game series currently in existence on our perceived universe, Megaman belongs in the sacred pantheon of legends that require only a small introduction and the rest is magic that you wish you cou...


It's been almost ten years dudes. We're waiting for Act III!


A Gentleman's Review Of Strafe

  Strafe ® I exit the elevator. There’s a narrow corridor in front of me that makes a bifurcation. Ahead, there’s a dead end and to the left, more baddies. I turn the corner, shotgun in hand and blast a grenad...


When you don't understand what's going on here. #FunkyFriday


It's over. After all those years, it finally came to an end. I don't have enough words to express how important this show is to me so I'll keep it simple: Goodbye and thank you, Samurai Jack...


To the musical style that always pick me up when I'm down. Thank you for existing. #InternationalJazzDay


Ok, new Marvel Vs Capcom is looking like a interesting game. BUT, locking 6 characters behind a paywall (Including motherfucking Sigma!) was a dick move. I'll now wait for the inevitable Ultimate Definitive Super whatever version. Fuck you Capcom.


It literally says funky on the title. What else could you ask? #FunkyFriday


It only ends when the Vampire hits the ground. #FunkyFriday


Just got Ending A in NieR:Automata. Cmon, I'm ready for more! Uhhhuuul


I see the memes have arrived on Dtoid. All Hail the Green Robo Dogo, Supreme Memeruler of All! Seriously now, trust no one. NO ONE!


One of my biggest blogs yet, all about Samurai Jack. Man, how I missed that show!!


Let's Talk Samurai Jack Season 5 - "Episode XCIII"

Guess who’s back? Back I am and if the logic applies, so are you, to talk more about the new Samurai Jack. If you missed the first discussion, click here and get up to speed. So let’s waste no more time because this ...


Let's Talk Samurai Jack Season 5 - "Episode XCII"

Guess who’s back? Does the name Samurai Jack ring any bells? Maybe you remember it from your younger days. Maybe you occasionally saw it on Cartoon Network while browsing for something to watch, or maybe you are like me, a ...


Well after playing a lot of the Souls games this past weekend, I can say so sure that Dark Souls is the easy version of Demon Souls. Seriously, F that game :P


Let the #FunkyFriday return! Today in homage to SEGA releasing some of their best soudtracks on Spotfy, I give to you my favorite SOR Remake and best elevator music ever, Violent Breathing. Enjoy!


I considered returning to LoL today. Until I watched a friend playing and saw the words garbage, nig**, motherf* and similar getting spammed in the chat. Holy macaroni, screw that community, I don't want to return to that toxic wasteland never again.


I got this month's Humble Bundle and you should too! 10 bucks for N++ and Va-11 Hall-A alone make it worth it!


Well, having just finished Fall of Cybertron I'm now moving to Kentucky Route Zero. So far, atmosphere and visuals are top notch. Hoping for a gripping narrative and some mind blows.


I'm pretty late for this party, but I finally finished Fall of Cybertron and holy macaroni, this is a great game. Can someone free High Moon from Activision so they can make a sequel? Also, soundtrack is awesome, crank that volume up!


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