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Happy (?) 11th birthday Zeebo , you weird, confusing, and forgotten piece of hardware. You taught us why digital only consoles will always fail, and for that, I salute you.


To my fellow Legacy of Kain fans, the massive restoration project for Soul Reaver was finally unveiled last week! I knew there was a lot of stuff that was cut from the game, but this is another level! More videos on the linked channel.


BoB: Terranigma, Quintet's Timeless Masterpiece

If I asked you what the golden age of the RPG genre was, there's a good chance you'll answer “the '90s”. With the increased popularity of console gaming came a demand for more mature and narrative-driven experiences that a...


Right you are Crimzon Clover. Right you are...


Tristram Still Scares The Devil Outta Me

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do was watch my father play games on our old PC. Some of my most treasured memories involve the two of us exploring games till midnight or those times when I got sick but since my bed was ...


Humble Bundle is having a fantastic Shmup sale right now! Crimzon Clover for $2 is a steal! Some CAVE titles are also on sale if you're interested!


#MyFirstQuickpost really wasn't anything special. Still miss those screens though...


Happy Anniversary Top Gear! Here's to 28 years of the greatest racing game of all time (don't you @ me)!!


Holy macaroni, I got a code for Guilty Gear Strive Beta! Fuck yeah Let's Rock!


Prepping something for me next blog. How many of them do you recognize? Also, there's an alternative version in the comments. Not sure if I'll use that, but I got the idea and I thought why the hell not.


A long blog for a long hiatus! I present to you, Tiberium Wars! With this, the C&C retrospective enters the home stretch! Only two more games to go! Next stop: Red Alert 3!.


Completely forgot about PS2's birthday this month, and with the current events, I had to scramble to get this blog done on time! Hopefully you'll find it a good read. Here's to 20 more years!!


Finished Doom Eternal. You don't need me to tell you how good it is, but if I had to, here's my review in one sentence: diamonds can't match how hard I am right now. Very strong GOTY contender. Now for the ultra nightmare run...


Yo, GOG is giving a bunch of free games thanks to Corona. I'd like to personally recommend Tyrian 2000, an amazing Shmup that not many people have played.


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Happy 25th anniversary, Chrono Trigger! Thank you for all the timeless memories!


What else can I say besides... Welcome Back Commander!


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The Brazil Of Games:

[*] The original blog about Nintendo's departure from my country that planted the seed for everything that's to come, all the way back in 2017.

[*] The first real installment, where I explore the origins of the world's first digital-only console, the Zeebo. And why it failed.

[*] Meet the Locadora, the parlors where we got our first contact with gaming!

[*] A follow up of sorts to the previous blog, where I explore Brazil's most revered game: Top Gear!

[*] The SEGA Genesis might have been born in Japan, but it was Brazil that made it its home! Here's how it happened.

[*] It's no secret we love soccer games. So here's a brief history of the Mod that forever changed how we played them!

[*] Folklore is not something many games explore. Here's a game based on a local folk tale from my hometown.

[*] Everyone knows that gaming really started in the days of the arcade parlors. Brazil's history with them was a very curious one, thanks to legendary company Taito and their many, many bootlegs!

[*] Every story has a beginning. Here's to the game that created our whole gaming industry, Amazônia! May your legacy be remembered for all eternity!

[*] Happy 20th anniversary PlayStation 2! This one is dedicated to the console that changed everything!