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Does anyone here have Fallout 4 for ps4? It's on sale right now for like $20, and playing on pc has become so uncomfortable and inconvenient for me lately. But Bethesda games generally aren't the best on console. Thoughts?


I feel that we as a nation should abolish left hand turns. They simply take far too much time.


Anyone else experiencing rather significant input lag on Switch after the new update?


Hey everybody, out of curiosity, does anyone know of any good games based around The Journey to the West, aside from Enslaved?


Blast and damnation, I seem to have either lost or sold my copy of the first Scribblenauts game. #angryatmyselftoid


I don't know what it is but playing Cave Story is WAY more enjoyable on Switch than it was on pc. At least for me.


Anyone have some game recommendations? I've been playing nothing but action games and rpgs lately and, while fun, are either strenuous or otherwise taxing. Something like a turn-my-brain-off fps?


I'm back home from my nephew's 3rd bday party. He got some nerf pistols. War ensued. 10/10 Would shoot up room of toddlers again.


So I have a question for the Yakuza fans around today. I've been playing the original one for ps2 and I'm just wondering, do the games get any less tedious? Details in comments.


So after putting in a couple of hours with the psp release of the first Monster Hunter, I think the series is finally starting to click with me. Still have to give it a bit more time though.


Fuck USPS and their inability to actually deliver my mail.


Is anyone having issues with the PS Store today? Every time I try to check out it gives me a generic message saying "an error has occurred" ad the transaction won't go through.


Well, started Wolfenstein 2 and finally got around to seeing what Berserk is all about by reading the first volume. Both are rad as fuck. Yay days off.


I can finally stay home and not work today! Time to give Wolfenstein 2 a spin.


Random rant but the final chapter in Edge Master for Taki in Soul Blade makes me want to bash my head into a fucking wall and just give up fighting games all together. SO MUCH ANGER.


Got a $50 Gamestop card for Christmas so now Soul Calibur 4 and 5 and the PS3 Wolfenstein are on the way, my credit line on my credit card went up and my credit score is back on the mend. Merry Christmas to me :D


Anyone here try out Vaccine on the Switch? Seems like a cool game but I haven't heard pretty much anything about it. A randomly generated survival horror game seems like a fun way to kill some time every once in a while. Thoughts?


Thinking of picking up a Dreamcast for $50. Any game suggestions (no Sonic) that I should keep an eye out for? Also is a VMU worth it? Or is it required?


Finally beat the main quest in Witcher 3. Easily took at least 75 hours. Now to finish upgrading my bear armor and moving on to the expansions.


Jump(man)ed on the Mario Oddysee train and by God if the little sugar skull dudes in Tostito land aren't the cutest little fuckers. I love them and want a plushie.


Went to an Evanescense concert last night for my wife's Christmas present. She was so happy when they played Lithium that she cried. I am so tired.


Just got a notification from Amazon that it's World AIDS Day. #darksiders3?


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