DeS: Why Destiny 2 is failing as an esport
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Question to anyone who knows, do those ACA Neo Geo re-releases by Hamster support save states? I can't seem to find the answer on Google.


Haha, finally beat Lord Frederick in Tropical Freeze! That took so much longer and so many more lives than it should have. But I did it!


Oh jeez, we might be getting another dog. Our little Biscuit is doing just fine now that we have her on medication but now one of our good friends needs to surrender her pitbull because she's moving and her apartment won't let her have pets.


Ah the sounds of (practically) summer in the city. Where you can't tell if children are having so much fun that they're screaming, or someone is being violently murdered.


My poor pup has lyme disease. That means two different medications, new food, new tick/flea guard and no dairy for a month :(


Well I was going to make a joke about my swampcrotch I have going on, but now I'm just fucking sad that TotalBiscuit is dead. Fuck you cancer.


Have you ever had to pee so bad that time just kind of feels like it's stopped and you transcend into a state of nirvana?


I don't know how you guys feel about it but iTunes on windows has to be the most user-unfriendly program I've ever had the displeasure of using. It took 30 fucking minutes to add 2 albums to my wife's ipod.


As a reward for slogging through BG&E (and some other games in my backlog) I picked up a copy of Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze for the Switch and lordie that's just a delightful game. Fun, colorful, great music, and excellent levels so far. What a treat.


Well that's Beyond Good & Evil HD completed finally. Quick thoughts,I can see why it's such a cult classic but I can also see why it performed poorly. There's a lot to love about it and just as much to dislike.


Aaaah, my allergies are killing me today.


Bit of a conundrum. Do I keep playing God of War to mop up more of the side content, or do I move on to a game I haven't beaten yet like Nier: Automata?


So, just got to the end credits of Dad of War, (what a good ending) and I'm kind of at a loss for how to proceed with the end game. I can't seem to get above gear level 5. Any recommendations for how to progress? Lots of enemies are still like 6-8.


Here's to the start of a well deserved (in my opinion) three day weekend hopefully filled with God of War and food.


Does anyone here have an opinion on Elder Scrolls Online? I'm tempted to get it since a few of my co-workers play it but it got such negative response at launch that I never bothered keeping up with it. Is it better now? And what edition do I buy if I do?


Not sure if this is new or not but polygon has an article detailing some of the planned FFXV dlc coming out in the next year.


Ooh I have a topic for discussion! What's something silly and sort of out of nowhere that makes you happy? Examples in comments.


Just got back from watching Pacific Rim: Uprising with my wife. Aside from some really out of place sounding lines, I'd say it's way better than the first and super fun!


Well we just got 8 inches of snow dumped on us overnight and there's not a plow in sight. Impromptu snow day!


Wonderful, Far Cry 5 got delivered just in time for me to have to go to work. Bastards.


Yo US supreme court just declared hotdogs as sandwiches. The debate is over.


Anyone else have the issue where as soon as you get paid to do something, it's no longer fun because now it's a job?


Does anyone here have Fallout 4 for ps4? It's on sale right now for like $20, and playing on pc has become so uncomfortable and inconvenient for me lately. But Bethesda games generally aren't the best on console. Thoughts?


I feel that we as a nation should abolish left hand turns. They simply take far too much time.


Anyone else experiencing rather significant input lag on Switch after the new update?


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