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Thinking of picking up a Dreamcast for $50. Any game suggestions (no Sonic) that I should keep an eye out for? Also is a VMU worth it? Or is it required?


Finally beat the main quest in Witcher 3. Easily took at least 75 hours. Now to finish upgrading my bear armor and moving on to the expansions.


Jump(man)ed on the Mario Oddysee train and by God if the little sugar skull dudes in Tostito land aren't the cutest little fuckers. I love them and want a plushie.


Went to an Evanescense concert last night for my wife's Christmas present. She was so happy when they played Lithium that she cried. I am so tired.


Just got a notification from Amazon that it's World AIDS Day. #darksiders3?


Anyone else have an issue with GOG Galaxy where it'll start to sync cloud saves and just never finish?


Test to see if I can post again.


Anyone know what the fuck is going on with my account?


Anyone want to explain why other people are using my name and avatar? It's kind of bullshit.


I like how even all the way back in Wolfenstein 3D, you can just walk up behind enemies and shoot them in the head. Like a Nazi-hunting Son of Sam.


Here's one of my cats. His name is Fidget. He also goes by Fidge, Fudge, Fudgems, and The Fudge Master Flash.


I'm a real boy now! And with that, my first quick post. So AMA everybody :D


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