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Best $5 Ever Spent!!

About 2 months ago, I went into K-Mart with the intentions of buying new stuff to decorate my house.  As i passed through these clearance racks, I had to do a double take of what I thought I saw. Yep, I was right! It was filled wi...


Thanks Playstation Plus!!!

After I finally purchased my own Playstation Plus account, (I had been leeching free games from my exboyfriend while i was playing under his console) I must say I have been rather disappointed with the game selection choices. While I w...


Pokemon Console Games.. What Happened?

If you were ever as obsessed with Pokemon as much as I was, you probably spent a good amount of hours on Pokemon Stadium on the N64. It was by far the best Pokemon (non handheld) console game ever made.. That being said Pokemon Snap wa...


The Insomniac Newbie

It's 5:30 am. I still haven't slept. Just like tonight, I commonly have episodes of insomnia. Most people complain about it. I use it to my advantage... It's blog time!     As you may recall from my previous blog, I'm relati...


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