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FP: 8===D

Nearly two years later, Cities: Skylines is almost ready on Xbox One

Back in August 2015, Paradox revealed that Cities: Skylines was in the works for Xbox One -- its console debut. But we've barely heard a peep out of them since then, while the PC edition rolls on from expansion to expansion, now currently o...   read

FP: 8===D

Double Dragon IV will have three modes, playable boss characters

I've been heavily preparing for Double Dragon IV by playing previous games in the series, and at the moment I've just completed the trilogy. While some say that it looks uninspired or even "lazy," I'm jazzed to try it out having spent hundr...   read

FP: 8===D

Konami is bringing Pasukaru Sensei Perfect Paint to the 3DS

Over in Japan Konami is still shambling along, releasing the occasional game and Pachislot machine. While a new Bomberman and Metal Gear spinoff are confirmed for the US (as well as any PES-related shenanigans), they also have another upcom...   read

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The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup canceled for Wii U, planned for Switch

Usually, console transitions are rather smooth. Developers and consumers alike know when a current generation is scheduled to die, and the former typically develop for the current and future consoles as needed -- you only need to look at th...   read

FP: 8===D

Destiny won't have a Crimson Days Valentine's event this year because they're working on 'something else'

Destiny has been in a rut for sometime. Nearly everyone I know has called it quits again after farming the Wrath of the Machine challenges, and the Winter update, while a nice gesture, essentially amounts to an extra Strike and a new s...   read

FP: 8===D

The Nintendo Switch won't have video/streaming platforms at launch, and that's okay

Back in the day, it was relatively important for a console to have access to some array of video streaming services. The Wii didn't play DVDs or Blu-Ray discs by default, but it did house the Netflix app, which many folks used. Microsoft al...   read

FP: 8===D

Final Fantasy XV's Moogle Chocobo Carnival temporarily transforms Altissia

Final Fantasy XV has more than enough stuff to do before you start to dive into the realm of DLC, but it's there, if you want it. And thankfully there's some free DLC on the way in the form of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, accompanied b...   read

FP: 8===D

Everyone gets a giant chicken in this Heroes of the Storm event

In addition to Valeera and the Tassadar/Rexxar changes, Heroes of the Storm will kick off a new Lunar Festival event on January 24. It'll run until February 14, and instead of just rewarding players with a typical portrait, it'll also ...   read

FP: 8===D

Ubisoft swipes Guitar Hero developer FreeStyleGames from Activision

Guitar Hero Live was a fantastic rhyhtm game that breathed new life into the genre for me after nearly a decade of safe plays from developers like Harmonix. But a lot of things were going against it -- the "live" gimmick was off-puttin...   read

FP: 8===D

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is going to be the last first-party release for Wii U

We all kind of assumed this, but now we have rock-hard information straight from Nintendo that it's the case -- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the last first-party Wii U release. Speaking to Polygon, Nintendo of A...   read


FP: 8===D

Nintendo Download: Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

We have liftoff! The eShop is a little more exciting this week with Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS, which is also joined by Punch Club, Color Cubes, and a Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World demo. Not bad given the past month's lull peri...   read

FP: 8===D

Whoa! Micro Machines are making a comeback on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

We're officially at the point where if a Switch port isn't announced, we question it. But that's not really what's on my mind right now as I read the announcement that Codemasters was bringing back the Micro Machines gaming franchise -...   read

FP: 8===D

Super Bomberman R on Nintendo Switch will cost $50

When Super Bomberman R was announced for the Nintendo Switch, a lot of us probably assumed that it would be coming as a light digital download type game for $15 or so, and that $60 price was just a placeholder. That sounds reasonable, ...   read

FP: 8===D

Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario (and more) is always delightful to watch

While you'd be hard pressed to find someone who works at Nintendo and says they hate their job on camera, Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario (and many more like Luigi) seems to genuinely love his job. He kind of has to if he's been d...   read

FP: 8===D

Goodbye! BoxBoy! details its amiibo plans, including Kirby costumes

Goodbye! BoxBoy!, the third and as of now final entry in the BoxBoy series is no longer shrouded in mystery, as Nintendo flipped the switch on the website and moved it out of teaser mode. Now we know that Goodbye! will have full amiibo supp...   read

FP: 8===D

Nioh is getting a 'last chance' demo that's only live for two days

Starting this weekend, you'll have the opportunty to play a "Last Chance" demo of Nioh. The catch? It's only live for this weekend -- they weren't kidding with a tagline like that! Nioh is set to launch on February 7, but if you s...   read

FP: 8===D

Danganronpa Another Episode drops in June in the west

It's still weird to me that something called Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls is now part of the zeitgeist, popular enough for Spike Chunsoft and NIS to localize and promote like it was almost a AAA game, but here we are in ...   read

FP: 8===D

That old school pair of Mega Man fighting games hits the PS3 in Japan

I used to play hours of Rockman: The Power Battle and Rockman 2: The Power Fighters with a good friend of mine. As two of the only co-op (or two player for that matter) Mega Man games ever made, this lesser known fighting game ser...   read

FP: 8===D

Yoshi's Woolly World is getting a Poochy amiibo update on Wii U

While Nintendo regularly provides slightly different portable editions for their console line with new features, one mechanic will be making its way into Yoshi’s Woolly World on Wii U for free. The 3DS version, Poochy & Yoshi&rsqu...   read

FP: 8===D

Metroid prequel fan game is out now, but how long will it survive?

Most Nintendo fans agree that if there's one series that the publisher consistently fumbles, it's Metroid. Okay, so I get that maybe they weren't thrilled with the reception with Other M, but to see them shut down other fan games in additio...   read

FP: 8===D

Valeera's entry into Heroes of the Storm makes for one too many stealth characters

While Blizzard was initially well-tempered in its ability to release multiple roles, they've been in a routine as of late with Heroes of the Storm. The last four characters have not only been from the Warcraft universe, but they've also bee...   read

FP: 8===D

Nioh will be adding PVP as free DLC after launch

While Nioh isn't exactly a PVP game, it will be getting the capability at some point in the future. Although it'll ship as a PVE experience, director Yosuke Hayashi told Gamereactor that they already have a PVP mode in the works, and w...   read

FP: 8===D

Zelda: Breath of the Wild will have a mandatory install on Wii U, even with the physical edition

After the big Nintendo Switch conference, it was revealed that Zelda: Breath of the Wild would be launching on Wii U the same day as the Switch version. But what they didn't tell you is that it would have a mandatory install on Wii U -...   read

FP: 8===D

Randy Pitchford: 'We were talking to Nintendo [about Borderlands 3 on Switch], but that stopped'

Third-party AAA rakes in a lot of cash for the likes of Valve, Sony, and Microsoft, but once again it appears as if Nintendo will be missing out on a few big publisher's shared wealth. In addition to EA having a "wait and see" approach, and...   read

FP: 8===D

App firm estimates that Pokemon Go cleared nearly one billion in revenue in 2016

We know Pokemon Go made a lot of money if it was leaping up on the mobile charts, but just how much? Research firm App Annie estimates that it cleared roughly $950 million in revenue in 2016. That's with the game launching in July, min...   read


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There are too many good games out to count now, but I'm always itching to play my backlog of old PS2 action titles. I'll play anything and everything action-adventure, so if you have a game in mind, drop me a line! I have strong opinions regarding the financial decisions of many publishers, but at the end of the day, I'm willing to give anything a chance; especially if it comes recommended by a community member.

Oh; and in 2012 I started contributing to Destructoid.

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The following are a few of my favorite fictional characters, compliments of SuitcoatAvenger

-My favorite video game character of all time: Magic Emperor Ghaleon.

-Legato Bluesummers from Trigun: classic villain.

-Although obscure, Zero Beat is among my favorites.

-My original avatar.