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Playing Outer Wilds now that it's on Steam. Man...this game messes with some strange fears. Is the same reason I struggle getting far in Subnautica.


Currently 12-hours in at the hospital with my wife. After experiencing the first part of what it takes to go through inducing labor, I have a completely new outlook on the process and strength it takes to go through this.


My wife is scheduled to be induced on Monday. I'm a bit nervous about it but I'm hoping to enjoy my last weekend before it goes down!


Is anyone playing Sea of Thieves? Would be fun to get a small group together.


I'm going to miss taking a midday shower after I poop when I have to return to an office again.


Anyone else trying out PSO2? Finally was able to install successfully and I must say...I’m enjoying it so far. Also I hope everyone is finding something to escape with for at least a little while.


I hope everyone has a great weekend. Don't forget to feed your Geodude.


I once placed 2nd in a 5th grade spelling bee...


Just watched Rise of Skywalker and would like my money back from this free Disney Plus trial.


After seeing a few cat posts and not posting in a while...


Catch as catch can is the only way to truly win.


Coronavirus has been here all along.


This car is nice because it's low profile design allows you the freedom to throw your baby to your spouse with peace of mind. A family sedan.


If I could have one super power, it would be to turn into a small child every time I enter an airplane.


Has anyone been playing DMC3 in handheld mode on the Switch? If so, how does it perform? Debating on getting it before my trip to Germany on Saturday.


In retrospect WWF War Zone was a metaphor for life. I spent a countless amount of time reading video game magazines showing off those high res textures. Also had many attempts to rent the game from a local shop called "Moonlight Video"...


Recently on a business trip overseas my boss was extolling the virtues of one Donald Trump to some partners and this interaction between us happened...(more in the comments)


Happy B-day Wes. I wish the best for your future visits to Taco Bell.


I was Chuck E Cheese for two months. AMA


Within the mind’s depths. Floating around with glances. I am Waterbear.


Sorry to derail your weekend plans but Netflix has all the Tremors movies.


I haven’t purchased a Magic booster pack in quite a while but was able to get this fun dude today.


I don't care about GOTY debates or our current politics. My real interest is the popular opinion regarding Jordan Almonds.


It's been a quiet last couple of weeks for myself. Fatigue and falling into a pattern of going to bed around 8:00PM has killed my gaming during the week. Trying to pull through. Hope everyone is doing well!


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