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I don't have a full setup and won't until we buy a house in the next couple months, but I'm streaming some RDR2 and would love for you to join! A follow is also appreciated, even if you never watch :D https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


Hahaha, PSO2 on Steam requires you to "initiate the account link" by opening the Windows store version first. Do they not know a huge amount of people could rarely ever get it to work? Why do I need to download two 70GB games? New account it is, I guess


Finally, PSO2 is on Steam! Hopefully there's not some hidden issues that prevent me from playing, but excited to try this 12-year old, hyper-anime sci-fi robo simulator


I have never in my life delved into any Star Trek--I always thought it was lame--but the older I get an ethical space dilemma filled with debate sounds amazing. Also RedLetterMedia helped a lot. I think it's about time to delve into TNG!


Maybe I'm just recently in the mood and I don't play Rockstar games often, but I've come around on RDR2 for the PC. It's a GPU mangler of a game, but it looks amazing and has the kind of pace I want right now. I like it! Lots of little issues, but p gud


I avoided Kimetsu no Yaiba because I thought it was lolibait, but goddamn I love being wrong and finding a new show. Kimetsu fucking rules, and the anime is so good compared to the manga that it is painful to have to wait for the rest of the story


I couldn't find an icon to match my name so I, uh, took 30 minutes to make this abomination despite never using Gimp in my life


I've been looking up Halo videos thanks to my reignited obsession and anticipation of 343's games, and despite my reservations about new Halo designs, 343's sound team is top tier. Most of Halo 2A's, Halo 4's, and Halo 5's weapon sounds are *chef's kiss*


Man, this year all of my favorite games have been re-releases or older games. I think my favorite new game this year is Gears Tactics--still making my way through it and sincerely love the Gears flavor over an Xcom skin. What's everyone's favorite so far?


I think Halo Infinite has some potential, especially after watching the campaign trailer which showcased some more gameplay. I'm just really anxious to see the MP gameplay or play a beta or something


Halo 3 PC is hitting some type of way, because while I love the previous games and Reach this is the one that got me super into the series, dumb novels and all. I remember getting an oversized black Halo 3 at the midnight release, too!


Finally finished and Platinumed Persona 5 Royal, what a fucking game. I must've been high or stressed while playing the first time in 2017 because there was so much I forgot and all the new stuff is amazing (if a bit long in the tooth). Def a weepy end :(


That Gloomwood demo was *chef's kiss* Immediately one of my most anticipated released of 2020


Who would've thought that launching PSO2 exclusively on the MSoft store for PC would cause problems ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ First it downloaded the Japanese client, now I can't download/install the game. Great first impression MSoft!


I've been toying with the idea of learning some video editing, but I don't want to shell out some serious $$$ just to play around. Does anyone on Dtoid use or have recommendation for free video editing software on Windows PCs?


The first time I booted up Halo 2A, I was stunned. This is a far cry from Halo CEA or Halo: Reach, and I can't believe I haven't played this game in over 10 years only to have it be this pretty and polished on PC. Oustanding job, 343i


That Ghostrunner demo was extremely beautiful and exactly the type of aesthetic that I crave. Such a shame it's a one hit kill, Super Hot-esque speedrunning game, which is not my thing :( I would pay full price for a Dishonored type game in this style


Bought Gears Tactics based on the recent review, it was definitely a spur of the moment purchase lol. I'm looking forward to a good Xcom-style strategy game in a franchise I genuinely love!


I finally upgrade me GPU to the respectable RTX 2060 Super, and my what a difference it makes! Games like Metro Exodus and Modern Warfare look outstanding AND run at an unbreakable 60FPS. Now to save up and finally get a 1440p monitor 😅


It's my Golden Birthday today; I'm 27 on the 27th! Fiance pitched in and helped me get the blue Switch Lite, and I like it slightly better than the regular Switch (at least the buttons!). Now what would you guys recommend--Astral Chain or Tokyo Mirage??


This may be too broad, but I've been thinking about learning some skills like video editing or programming or website design--maybe all three? I literally know nothing and was thinking of Skillshare--does anyone have any tips, or software recommendation?


So I got Pokemon Sword for Christmas and... yeah it's pretty good! While I'm still of the opinion that it was a wasted opportunity, what we got are really cute Pokemon and some excellent QoL changes--I yield, I like it!


I feel like I'm the only Star Wars fan on Earth who enjoys every single one of the 9 main movies--Rise of Skywalker was fantastic IMO! As a literal life-long fan, I thoroughly enjoyed what JJ and co. were able to bring to the table. What does Dtoid think?


To all PC GamePass owners: Bloodstained is now on the service! I swore the original announcement was console only, but I guess either that changed or I'm blind.


After all these years, I finally saw Matrix: Reloaded for the first time. Maybe a controversial opinion but... I think it was better than the first! The end was weird, but the whole ride was thrilling. Also CGI Keanu looks terrible, and is also amazin


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