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Well that's an hour and a half I'll never get back. Evil Dead remake (2013) suuuuuuuuuucked. None of the heart, cleverness, charisma, or frankly disturbing elements of Evil Dead survived here, only mid-tier gore. Awful cast. Awful script. 2/10.


With Arceus I'm fully back in to the Pokemon games, and Scarlet/Violet looked pretty great! Terra forms are fun, story choice could be neat, every adult is fuckable. Also p sure the Pokemon online TCG game was in my head and doesn't exist.


Saw Nope yesterday and it was... good. It was extremely well done, unmistakably Jordan Peele, but I felt like it was missing something and was a bit too long. Sound design was the real star, but the casting, acting, cinematography was all top notch




Ash vs Evil Dead is done, and this is a 10/10 in my heart. It has a few flaws, but the overall experience was incredible and very obviously made with passion. A tight 30 minutes per episode lent itself much better than the hour+ format we currently use


Took and risk and bought Digimon Survive on PC just to show support for Digimon, and so far I'm loving the VN presentation. There's a lot of movement, lighting changes, and has a smooth responsiveness. Don't love the battle sprites, but I love SRPG shite


Wait hold on, isn't Digimon Survive coming out tomorrow??? And the Steam page isn't up, no previews, no reviews, can't pre-order... this isn't a good sign. God I hope it's good, I loved Cyber Sleuth and Digimon World Next Order


The fact that Tactics Ogre is getting a modern re-release gives me the faintest hope that FF Tactics will be getting the same treatment at some point. Come on SE, you know you want to re-release one of your best games of all time




Been playing a fair bit of Daggerfal Unity (free on GOG!) and it’s great fun! Once I made a warrior via a guide, it played so, so, so much better. The climbing is really cool, and while exploring isn’t super fun, questing and combat is a riot. Great s


Almost done with Ash vs. Evil Dead season 1, and what a joyful, fun experience. I fell deeply in love with Evil Dead (minus Army of Darkness--sorry gang) over the past couple months and this show is hitting the spot quite well! I love Bruce so much


Some pre-orders are coming! Word of warning: be careful pre-ordering any figs from GameStop. I have 2 I ordered months ago, release date hit, and they're "waiting for stock". I will get every Naruto form yet!


Remember when Squeenix said FF characters weren't part of the DNA of Kingdom Hearts or whatever? Good times. Let's me think twice about buying any new games, especially after 3. Could always use a heavier wallet


Finally finished a full round of the LOTR LCG, and it was super fun! And very hard. It’s a hell of a challenge, but goddamn is it fun. Gonna need those expansions ASAP.


LOTR: Living Card Game is very, very complicated. Moreso than my friend and I had anticipated. Took about 3 hours to eat pizza and play 1 round, but we were combing through the rules to ensure we got it all right. But we won’t give up! More tomorrow!


My thirst for Middle-earth is unquenchable


Holy shit. Holy shit! Chainsaw Man Pt. 2 is off to a HELL of a start! No punches were pulled, just the same raw gore and taboo subjects cranked up to 11. Also had a reference to Goodbye, Eri I’m pretty sure. Tatsuki Fujimoto is prob my fav mangaka


While our new fence was being built, they cut out Internet cord--but I'm back! Fence is looking great (pictures later), AC is fixed, Internet is back... being a home owner is expensive. Also started The Third Age, and it's a great LotR fanfic & JRPG


New Thor movie might be my least favorite Marvel movie I've seen yet (emphasis on seen, those I haven't I skipped on purpose). Definitely my least favorite Taika Waititi movie. Christian Bale killed it tho, every scene he was in was stellar. 4/10


About 80+ hours into Valorant now and—just like all Riot games—it is a love/hate relationship. I love the characters, love the style, and love/hate the gameplay for how picky and precise it is. It’s not for everyone, but its grown on me considerably


Lawd hav mahcy I love this line of figures


$312 later our AC is fixed! I was so worried we would have to replace the whole unit, which is way out of our price range ATM. Fuck it feels good to have cold air again


Finally, FINALLY finished the Hobbit trilogy and wow. What a slog and wasted potential. I think the second movie was overall the best, with the third being a CGI mess I could barely finish. I almost feel bad for Ian McKellen and Martin Freeman. wtf


LORD OF THE RINGS CONQUEST IS SO GOOD?? Similar to Warriors by way of Battlefront, this is so far incredible. What a shame all of these great LOTR games are lost in bog of licensing, but so happy I found this gem. Thank you for the recommendation, team


Trying to watch The Hobbit trilogy since LOTR sparked a fire and I bought all the books, but it's just not clicking. The whimsical Hobbit tone and Peter Jackson LOTR tone clashes too much and too often. The book is wonderful, but this is already a slog


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