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Holy SHIT, Splitgate really is that good???? The wait it stupid, but man these guns feel AMAZING


Tonight we're getting some golden BAH-NAH-NAAAHS and getting tips from dead grandma kongs, so if you come around my stream around 7:30PM ET you might be lucky to snag a few bites https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


I didn't anticipate doing Pokémon UNITE twice in a row on stream, but since yesterday was cancelled and I already had this planned, well, join me and the full party of boys tonight @ 7:30PM ET for some RANKED matches! shorturl.at/vACS3


I was able to sneak in about 10 minutes of Halo Infinite this morning, and just going off the weapon trainings, it's feeling REAL nice. Looks real good, too, even the art style has been much improved since 4/5. Very excited to dive even deeper tomorrow!


I've checked everywhere, but no one has an answer: editors of Dtoid, how can I get rid of this Title effect on my clip (the section in beige)?? I've tried everything, but it takes my clip with it if I delete it, and the whole thing is just a black screen


Tonight we're doing my make-up stream and the game is... between 2 now! If I can get my group going, Pokemon Unite; if I can't, we're going back to one of my all-time favorites with DK64. Come find out which game wins tonight @ 7:30ET!


Gardevoir hits like a truck in Unite, almost Assassin-level with the speed you can pop up abilities. They've got my money!


I was gonna stream tonight, but today has kicked my ass and my head feels like it's filled with smoke and sodie pop. I'll be back tomorrow and most likely Thursday as usual! I have 4 games in the chamber, but I'll post which it is then. Pic in comments


I've given up on working out Disqus with my old Dtoid account, so say hello to my new front page moniker: Mamekuma! With the same picture! I lost all my upvote history, but who cares, it's like starting a fresh Xbox Live account all over again!


That's my week long staycation over. I could've done that forever, fuck work, give me money for doing nothing all day please and thank you. Also I have been thoroughly addicted to Pokemon Unite, great little game for someone like me, a MOBA hater


Tonight we're going uncharacteristically competitive with Pokémon Unite @ 7:30PM ET! If things don't go well, perhaps we'll swap to Oblivion or retro games. I hope to see you there!! I main Gengar btw >:D https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


Tonight @ 7:30PMET we're going back to 1997... or 2020 with FF7R! It's been a couple weeks, but I'm excited to dive back into Midgar and hope you all will join me! https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


As someone who hates MOBAs with a BURNING passion, I'm legit surprised at how much I'm enjoying Pokemon Unite. Very simple, quick, easy to understand abilities, scoring goals... its nice! Dunno about staying power, but I'm enjoying it so far


Thank you for joing tonight, despite the early night we had to call thanks to technical difficulties! I could've played DK64 all g dang night if it hadn't crashed and lost my saves/save states. It's good to be back, and see you tomorrow and/or Thursday!!!


It's been a good 14 days off, but it's time to get back into my streaming rhythm this week. Tonight @ 7:30PM we're playing... I dunno! Maybe something retro, who knows!! https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


I cannot overstate how happy this cheap Etsy purchase has made me. One more picture down below to show what they look like on the shelf!


The 3DS shop closing down is kinda soon, eh? It's still one of my favorites of all time--I just bought Youkai Watch 3 after giving up on a reasonable physical copy. Time to buy all the SMT games I can't find, either, I suppose.


This $50 purchase has made me happier than any inane purchase I've done in months, maybe years. Wife is less happy, but I'm a turtle at heart


I've postponed my Mega Man X marathon and will most likely return for X8 eventually, now onto Zero--so far really great GBA title! Beautiful, fluid, and fun. But this leap of faith factory level can actually eat my whole ass, garbage level design


I... I love this. I love everything about this. BUT! Does it play games natively, or does it stream? Regardless, the docking capabilities already make me really, really want one. Price is misleading though--if you want the best version, upwards of $600


I hope with Halo Infinite we steer far, far away from the guardian tech and aesthetic, preferably forever. I dunno what 343 was going for, but it was far too busy for Halo, which had a great, balanced mix of sci-fi military and Covenant tech


Dk64 is peak DK for me, probably one of my favorite games of all time, even to this day. Best music, best DK voice, best personality, best 3D collectathon. This game impacted me more than it should've, given my aversion to most other Ninty properties



Going through the Mega Man X games in order, so far 4 is my unabashed favorite! 5, however, is slowly making me hate it. Incredible boss and armor designs, but these stages are bottom tier awful, and Alia needs to STFU. I KNOW TO SHOOT THE WALL, I'M X


CDPR really has just fallen off a cliff this past year, eh? A Witchercon for... one beloved game, 2 okay games, and a divisive Netflix series? And their announcement was an enhanced re-release with adding Netflix show stuff? At least it's free... ?


So Hathaway was pretty good, and probably one of the most gorgeous movies I've seen in a loooong time, especially for Netflix--even the CG suits gelled very well with the rest. But I still have so many questions? MIKE SOUNDERS HELP


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