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So apparently Robinhood--ironically named given their unearthed stance on retail investors--is limiting my GME stock purchasing to only 1 share TOTAL. They re-opened trading only to block purchasing stock to anyone who's already joined. Fuck these cunts.


Ya'll, I hate the stock market and I'm dumb ASF w/ finances. But I can't not stick it to the big hedge funds and make some petty cash. It's actually working, the r/WSB bastards--I've only put $180 total to get my feet wet, and so far it's paying off


The wife and I have been playing Digimon World Next Order and god is it addicting. It's very much a "PS1 game made in the PS4 era", which is both it's downfall and charm. Even the story is kinda good???


I used a gift card to pay the blue XSX controller, but I found out moments later that the share button doesn't work on Windows yet, so I have some buyer's remorse. At least it feels great, with matte textures on the back and shoulder/trigger buttons!


I feel like people are too happy about EA losing exclusivity for Star Wars games, only for Ubisoft to join the roster. I can already see an Ubisoft open-world SW game, plus they as a company don't have the ace-in-the-hole Respawn. How is this any better?


I've been playing Shadowlands for a little over a month now, and I think they did a pretty good job on this one! Gearing still sucks, but my friends and I have been raiding, running Mythics, and even PvPing. But to be honest, I miss classic :(


I bought my wife and I these 20th anniversary Digivices, and goddamn these are addicting. I got mine today, but wife had them since Christmas and already has 2 Ultimates, but I get to babysit during work 😉


I legit never thought "totino's fortnite training room" would bring me such rage, but it does and I legit feel sorry people like this have to "create" by playing the same two games for the rest of their lives


Thank you, Tony Hawk remake, for introducing me to a new band that evokes a STRONG early '00s rock band in all the best ways. Also thank you for making my thumbs hurt from constant manuals


Merry Christmas Droid! I got some good stuff from both families, and being a homeowner really makes you appreciate the small but helpful gifts like cleaning supplies or trash cans. However, this is what I'm probably most excited about: Hyperx Solocast!


I was gonna wait, but Activision is a fucking farce and my wife wanted to play co-op so who can resist? Bought THPS 1+2 for my PS4 pro and actually giddy with excitement to finally relive my memories


I've put a lot into CP77 and I played A LOT of older games this year, however my current Top 5: Persona 5 Royal, Yakuza 7, Gears Tactics, Cyberpunk 2077, and Paratopic (last one is 2018, but good god it left an impression on me)


Devotion is finally coming to PC again via GOG! https://www.gematsu.com/2020/12/devotion-relaunches-via-gog-on-december-18


I don't know where these videos came from or why the exist, but I've laughed until I've cried every day since discovering these last week


I'll be streaming more Cyberpunk in about five minutes! This time, I'll be using DF's optimized settings and see how they fare! https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa/


my god Cyberpunk is just so visually beautiful. I'm doing the Konpeki hotel mission currently (had to stop due to work) and this is just stunning. If you get to that mission, don't forget to check Yorinobu's end table for a sweet gun!


who the hell makes these posts, and who the hell upvotes this


Just a heads up PC Cyberpunk 2077 people! Read this reddit post for performance help--this gave me basically all my frames back: https://www.reddit.com/r/cyberpunkgame/comments/ka64im/one%20/


Live with Cyberpunk in about 5 minutes! https://twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


Just call me a dirty, nasty, naughty gamer


Hype is such a weird thing. I don't go looking for people's opinions, but it seems like Cyberpunk 2077 has people "hyped" in the sense that they're excited to play it, but then others are literally spitting vitriol as if it's a "scam" or "awful".


*heavy breathing*


Alright, yeah, Shadowlands is pretty fucking great so far. These zones have never looked so good


One of the things that annoys me most about WoW now that I'm playing again is the reuse of animations. I may be remembering wrong, but FFXIV has so many unique animations for bosses, enemies, etc... but I see the same skeleton in cutscenes and dungeons


"You'll never beat me! I AM A GOD/WITCH/LORD" ... *swings a basic ass sword and casts some lightning* "What??? How could this be?? AHHHHHH--" - Every WoW villain ever


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