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What a fascinating, well-made video of one of my favorite dead franchises of all time. I had no idea this could be a thing, and honestly, I'm kinda interested. Goddammit Capcom, re-release these games in a pack, I will pay top dollar!


The PSP/Vita issues have been fixed, but it's too late for Crisis Core. Tonight is another round of FF7R @ 8PM ET! If you got some time, come join me and let's discover the Remake differences together ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ [URL]https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa[


My PSP/Vita streaming... IS... ALIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! Turns out I'm just a crayon-eating moron and was using the microphone cable, instead of the LINE IN PORT (which I just learned about). No buzzing! No audio delays! No stream tonight, but plans will be made!


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday with a game's OST that I think about almost weekly, but wish the game itself was a lot better. Still love the soundtrack and aesthetic!


UGH they announced a special edition with a sweet slingbag. I'm all about slingbags, own like 5 of them. BUT IT'S $120! I want it but UGH that is a lot


Finally got around to watching Advent Children and it was...alright for a 2005 "epilogue" to FF7 proper. Some neat ideas and fun interactions, but definitely felt more like a fanfiction than a real story. The Nomura OCs we're the worst part, of course


First Yu-Gi-Oh, then Pokemon and Digimon, now this. 😅 somebody send help


Ho. Lee. Fuck. Shadowbringers was just fucking incredible. Genuinely one of the most exciting (JRPG) stories I've ever experienced, mostly because I'm a long time player. MSQs can take too long, but it was worth the weeks-long excursion. A+


So my Disqus email still hasn't came in, after over a week of trying to recover :( Goodbye, frontpage Mamekuma, looks like new, same Mamekuma profile will be commenting there in your stead


Via Gematsu. I saw this coming a mile away, ever since SE put Kingdom Hearts on EGS. I won't lie, at least we're getting some good console exclusives on PC, so I'm somewhat happy... fuck it, give me a discount Epic and we'll talk. I may restart altogether


Is Genesis the worst Final Fantasy character of all time?? Probably. Crisis Core really wanted me to not like the last leg of it (a la FF3's Crystal Tower), but overall I thought it was really, really great. Who's your least favorite FF character??


I'm excited to continue with our remade Midgar adventures tonight @ 8PM ET! I'll hold off on SMT3 for a little while longer, because I'm getting to the real juicy stuff in FF7R--hope to see some of you there! https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


Happy Birthday, Gundy! I hope this day is filled with wayyyyy too much alcohol, cake, and video games <3


Sandra Oh is quickly becoming one of my favorite "A-list" voice actors of the past few years. Between She-Ra (Castaspella) and Invincible (Debbie), I hope she gets more roles, maybe in vidyas. She brings a certain tone that I find really appealing


I've been stretching my ears at the ripe ol' age of 28, and my 16yo self would be very proud. ヽ(・∀・)ノ Currently at 5MM (size 4) and taping them up for the next size--hope to be double that by the end of the year, or beginning of next!


I've been meaning to stream more often, but there's just not enough brain bandwidth nowadays. But we're back with FF7 Remake @ 8PM ET! I'm excited to see what else is new, and I'm almost done with Crisis Core! https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


NINTENDO. IS. KILLING IT! I'm not even a Ninty dude, but Metroid??? SMT5??? WARIOWARE??????? Fuck it, that golf game looks great, too.


There has been a distinct lack of PC port announcements or info for the games that truly need it, like MH Rise and FF7, this E3. Real sad boy. C'mon Capcom, just a few more minutes left your presentation to pull it out


Fuck Scott Cawthon.


Thanks Square. No FFXVI news, no DQ info, no FF7R on PC, not even a FF collection on Switch. That may've been the worst presentation I've seen in years, because they had so much ammo to make it incredible. I guess the Origins games looks alright


Yo, this Square presentation is a disaster so far and the audio is missing, which is hilarious (thanks copyright!). I hope they get some bangers when it ends


Holy shit, when is this Guardians of the Galaxy presentation going to end


Bethesda/Xbox wasn't too bad honestly, but Starfield being next year makes me sad for the future of Fallout/Elder Scrolls. They need another goddamn team to help work on other stuff. Overall meh, but a few gems! Also, Halo F2P is a mistake; so many cheats


I'm not in a great place tonight, but I had a ton of fun swimming with my bestie and his baby daughter--also very excited to do absolutely nothing tomorrow except the Bethesda and Squeenix E3 tomorrow and vidya games. P sure I'm gonna stream SMT3 too!


Damn, Loki was pretty fucking good! Probably Owen Wilson's best role since The Royal Tenenbaums. I like the direction they're taking!


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