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I am the Gundam Cat Man who kills and heals in equal measure


This FFXIV is so smooth I'm suspicious. I'm just... playing it? And it's working? Yoshi P and his team are too powerful


I didn't think I'd be watching a Dax Flame and Joel Haver feature length movie today while working, but here I am! Between this and Endwalker, today is one for the history books


Oh boy, Journey to the Savage Planet and the DLC is free on Prime Gaming, and for GOG!! I've been very curious about this game for some time


Mega64 confirmed that our Indianapolis venue was the worst of their tour so far! I'm so proud of our shitty little metalcore venue with no changing room, a single red bathroom with condom wrappers on the floor, and guards smoking hella weed at the door


I think Arceus is sorta going this route, but I don't even care about brand new Pokemon. I would happily explore a region with new variants of existing Pokemon, new babies, new evolutions, etc. I think that's one of the best things they've ever done


I know I said I don't have a schedule anymore, but here are this week's streaming plans! All ~7:30PM ET | M-W: FFXIV, possibly Halo OR Hunt: Showdown at least 1 day | Thurs.: DK64 | Fri.: Endwalker's Early Access ~~~twitch.tv/mamekumaaa~~~


Sorry to double post but Caturday was a huge success


Tonight in just a few minutes we're large and in charge again being cowboys in a haunted bayou, I'll need your help or I'll peepee my pants twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


We're kicking off tonight early! Around 6:45PM, I'll be playing Hunt: Showdown with a friend! It's spooky, tense, and all about hunting cryptid-esque monsters. Come hang out!! https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


A little late, but happy Thanksgiving everyone! I've not had the best of days, but as I go to bed I am extremely thankful for this community. It gets me through some of the toughest times. Thanks for the stream support, the laughs, and constant chatter


This looks rough for a gameplay teaser from what I'm assuming is an indie team, but the visual style and concept have me sold!


Why yes I do play Halo Infinite with the Bloodborne soundtrack, please keep your panties on I'm a married man


I'm sucked right back into Breath of the Wild after not playing it since release, and it feels so good. No over bloated content, no mindless side quests littering my map--just me, my glider, and a lot of broken clubs and swords


Finally, finally Breathe of the Wild is under $30. Both physical and digital at GameStop! I haven't played this since the original release on the Wii U, I'm so excited to dive back into it and play the DLC!


Sorry to double post but G4TV is back and it's already shiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I sure hope The Completionist doesn't get wrapped up in this doo-doo https://twitter.com/DingDongVG/status/1461764601662427141


I've only played my wife's copy for a bit in order to rush through to the starters, but Pearl/Diamond remake's art style is growing on me. It's cute, it runs well, and when it zooms in for cut scenes its hilarious. P excited for Sinnoh again after so long


I didn't know what to stream tonight, but since I swapped from Streamlabs to OBS I decided to hit it with something hard: Halo Infinite, day 2! Going live NOW https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


Okay so apparently there's a bug in the PC version of Infinite where, if you start the game using a mouse or keyboard, the auto-aim for your controller is gone. That makes so. Much. Sense. I've tested booting it up with pad only and wow, already improved


Transferring from SLOBS to OBS (which I originally confused with Xsplit, which I didn't care for) has been so painless that I'm kicking myself not doing it before. It already feels so lightweight and responsive. I'm super excited to give it a whirl soon!


Where we dropping boys


The only thing I hear about LoL is how "cool the lore is". Is that all it takes to build a world, paragraphs on a character select screen? God this recent rise of LoL-only releases from Riot just rubs me the wrong way. Sorry LoL fans here, still love you


I'm already planning ahead, and what else would I be playing tonight other than Halo: Infinite--hopefully with friends! Join me tonight around 7pm ET for some multiplayer action! Ranked #1 in my mind, baby https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


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