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So I’m probably going to be getting a Switch Lite in the not too distant future just to play Metroid Dread and NMH3. Anything I should know about it? The Switch Lite I mean


Whelp I had a whole review of Resident Evil 8 90% ready and saved, and I just came back to do the finishing touches and some thing about a site update popped up and made me reload the page annnnnnnnnd it's gone.


Damn now I’m disappointed RE8 didn’t have a Spider-Man fucks Elsa reference with Ethan and Mia.


So I haven’t beaten Village yet (just got to the Factory), but so far it has the same issue I had with 7. It opens with a strong, classically designed section with exploration and locked doors, but then every section after is basically linear. More belo


One thing I wish RE7/8 had was the option to use Iron sights for all the guns. Not a Hero does this and it’s a lot more diegetic and would work perfectly for doing a HUDless play through. Either that or give the option for a laser like RE6/Rev2.


Do I want to try and squeeze in a Professional run of RE4 before Village is out?


Hyper Light Drifter is pretty cool guy. Eh chases dogs and doesn't afraid of anything #indietoid


Let's Fucking Go! Saved up rewards points all year. Patience is a virtue, but the time has come and so have I!


So today I got Taco Bell to try and win an Xbox, but I didn't win. Then during the resulting bathroom visit, I saw a Reddit post saying BestBuy had preorders again. I gave it a shot, and now thanks to Tbell I got a preorder at least.


So here me out on this. How about Microsoft gets Arkane to make this


Current status in Prey


So because of an issue with Amazon I have $10 extra on my Microsoft account I didn't want there, so now since I can't get it back I guess I may just get Psychonauts. Either that or wait and save the money towards something else. Suggestions?


Randomly decided to try Halo 5 online last night after never having tried it. Got 2nd place in only my second game. The only other Halo I've ever been decent at is Reach so I was honestly really surprised.


Finished replaying Halo 2 last night (fuck the last Banshee section btw), then drew this.


Gorillaz, the epitome of "what genre is this? Wait nevermind I don't give a fuck because it's so lit"


A producto of rage. Good stuff to listen to after being frustrated.


Since music is the universal language, and I've been feeling a bit more social lately, I think I'm going to periodically share songs I have stuck in my head during the week.


Can we just take a second to reflect on the immense irony that you can't use the word "Kill" or "murder" in MK11 variation names?


https://www.pcgamer.com/amp/re2-mod-turns-mr-x-into-thomas-the-tank-engine/ Holy shit someone took my suggesyion and did it!


-Me starting up REmake2 Leon B -I pick up an awesome M19 -I equip it and Leon holds it like 14 year old kid trying to look like a GTA character -Guess I'll use the Matilda then


Just a PSA for anyone getting Nier on Xbox today (I had it pre-loaded and started it this morning). To the naked eye it seems like it could be sub 900p on Base X1. Either that or it's missing AA. Framerate seems solid. 1st time playing tho and it's great.


So here's a funny story. I was playing Hellblade this morning and I was fighting the big Beast and got hit by its darkness puke. Then my Xbox turned off. I thought the game turned off my Xbox to cleverly mess with me. Nope, my Xbox just died. Fml.


About -Troid-one of us since 9:35 PM on 10.14.2014

I'm just a dude who likes to play and discuss games. I used to write blogs and reviews on Gametrailers before they completely scrapped the feature (and the forums sort of went to shit on top of that), which on top of personal matters at the time, caused me to stop doing so.

I've decided to join Destructoid because after a few years of casually browsing various gaming sites I've found it to be one of the more down to earth sites and the community generally seems more focused on actual discussion as opposed to flame wars and trolling (though that might just be the result of the community being smaller in general when compared to others).

Though I was not a largely popular blogger before I plan on at least having another go at it here for shits and giggles/old time's sake.