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Finally went and installed some homebrew shit on my 3DS, gonna hit an Emerald Nuzlocke. Man, I wish Nintendo had offered GBA games outside of the ambassador program.


These desserty beers turn out to be perfect for day drinking on a warm Sunday afternoon. Cheers, dtoid. #cheerstoid even


Clearing improbable red checks in Disco Elysium like nobody's fuckin business. Adrenaline pumping like I just fucked up Sword Saint.


I, too, listen to what could arbitrarily be called metal. This is probably one of the coolest live performances I've seen. I mean, not this specific video, but in general. You know. #ArbitraryMetalTuesda


Monster Hunter teasing me with that useless muscle definition slider. Only affects the face? What the fuck, bro


So I ordered the Bloodborne board game online from this game shop in Alabama and there was a handwritten note with it and that just makes my DAY


Curious - did anyone else just bounce off Nioh? Dunno what it is, but I dropped the first out of nowhere and thought the sequel would do it for me for some reason, but it just really doesn't. Feels like I SHOULD like it, but alas.


You know when you're trying to make progress on your backlog and also Work, but all you can think about is starting like 12 different Bloodborne builds? I know I'm on the clock right now, but maybe I'll just browse the wikis a little longer...


How are y'all enjoying your Saturdays? Chinese food and fun craft beer for me. Hope everyone has a good night?


Stepping beyond games - Kristin Hayter is an incredible musician and domestic abuse survivor who wields pain and anger like few artists can, in a genre of music with a very real misogyny problem. Not for everyone, but I think she's incredible. #womantoid


Shout out to the true main character of Odyssey. Come on devs, don't be afraid to give us strong women to play as, play with, and admire. #womantoid


I'm not usually one for ranking things, but that was fun. Wanted to keep "masterpiece" to 5 games, so that was the actual challenge I think. I've actually been thinking about my favorite games since beating Bloodborne again so its T O P I C A L


Switch games! There are quite a few I own digitally that I wish I'd picked up physically instead but, eh, convenience!


Man, it's a minor thing, but I just want to be able to buy a fucking PS5 already.


Man, it's a minor thing, but I just want to be able to buy a fucking PS5 already.


Lotsa thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday. I get to forgetful to respond to each one, but every single one made me smile so I wanted to acknowledge that - y'all are just such a kind and lovely community.


Goddamn, I don't think there's a better birthday gift than getting to see all your beautiful faces #selfietoid


Also related to game music: I'm playing The Old Hunters for the first time, as I haven't played the full game since my first playthrough, before the DLC. This track blows my mind, it might be my favorite from the entire series.


Every Persona 5 battle theme is such a fuckin banger, goddamn


The perfect girl doesn't exi-


Man I KNOW I beat Xenoblade 2, but I swear I can't remember a single thing about it beyond BOOBA


It's funny, this is my first FULL second playthrough of Bloodborne (I usually only a bit when I start a new run) but I'm just realizing how much of a comfort game this is. Perfectly fits the mindless-fun category now.


My friend just recently picked Bloodborne up again after a few years and beat Gascoigne for the first time and is totally hooked, and his hype got me sucked into playing it too. He's Control and Nioh 2 can wait - Arcane run BAYBEE.


Okay I cheated and I turned it down to easy but I defeated FF7R. Got really grumpy at that boss in Chapter 18 that sends you back to the start of the zone if you die and just wanted to finish it - gonna do it again later on a Big Boy difficulty.


Trying to wrap up FF7R today and fucking hell, I really hope they refine the combat in the follow-ups. I really like the interpretations of the characters and the world, but I genuinely don't like this combat system. Fucking Sledgeworms.


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