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So I'm working on some blog posts about the horrible adventure my friend and I are having in Divinity Original Sin 2, since some people were interested in it - but a quick update: we have yet to leave Fort Joy and have accidentally killed 3 quest givers.


I always get really excited about buying physical Switch games until I'm in bed and have to swap cartridges and think "I wish this was just on my system".


Listened to this one for the first time in awhile over the weekend and had a lot of feelings come back to me. Just a remarkable album. #arbitrarymetaltuesday


No one asked, but I finally have these two darlings framed and I'm psyched to finally display them


Also: I was at GameStop earlier, and I gotta give a shout-out to the employee who talked a couple out of trading in their N64 and SNES and encouraged them to sell them themselves if they really wanted to make some money


So before Sword and Shield came out, I posted about how I felt like I had moved past Pokemon. I never followed up on that - I'm playing through Sword a second time with a mono-Ghost team - and I really like these games! I think they did a great job.


Man, I totally forgot how mad everyone was (and still are) about the Tokyo Mirage "censorship". People gotta chill out about their anime titties.


The newest additions - courtesy of Target


I sure wish I had a Sojiro in real life to teach me how to be a Coffee Master


Heads up film friends: Target is doing a buy 2 get 1 on games, movies, and books online. The Target website sells Criterion blu-rays, and usually for around $25 instead of $40. The B2G1 does apply, so solid opportunity to buff up your collection!


It's a bummer the Fire Force anime is kinda whatever because GODDAMN that first OP is incredible


Wes, you magnificent animal, HAPPY BRITHADY


Any Switch games y'all like to play to take it easy? I feel like I've been needing one for after work/during hockey when I don't wanna be at my desk or in the basement. (Bonus points if it's not Stardew Valley)


I think I figured it out - I'm just bad at DMC! I'm playing 3, and enjoying it more, but holy shit the gameplay does not click for me as well as I was hoping it would. I'm not sure what it is.


I wanted to play through the DMC series before 5, since the reboot is all I'd played before. And uh... yeah. I'll be skipping the first 2. For all its importance in gaming and it being a classic, I just cannot get myself to enjoy playing the first one.


I've been trying Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (with no real FMA knowledge) and it's been... Tough to get into so far. The tone feels so wacky to me, I feel like I'm not super sure what I'm watching sometimes. That's all. That's my anime update.


Went and saw Uncut Gems last night. Such an intense, slimy ride. The final stretch had me unbelievably anxious. It was really fucking good.


My friend and I decided to play through Divinity Original Sin 2 together, and pretty much immediately ruined the beginning boat section by accidentally aggroing everyone. Our bastard characters are just gonna fuck this all up and I'm so excited.


I just got Death Stranding and I'm really digging it over the first 6 hours I've played - but I definitely think it's one that'll take me awhile to beat. Some games just burn me out faster, this'll need to happen in bursts.


My friend (non-RE player) makes the argument that RE2make shouldn't be a GOTY candidate because being a remake plays on nostalgia and cheapens its value. I argue it stands out as an excellent game on its own merits and deserves recognition. Thoughts?


Just finished up the story in Yakuza 4. Think my personal series ranking right now is 0>Kiwami2/OG2>4>3=Kiwami1/OG1. Can't wait for 5 Remastered to release in February. I wish I had started this series way sooner, it's quickly become one of my favorites.


Important: new Soil & "Pimp" Sessions album


Finished up Yakuza 3 remastered just now, had a good ol time with it. Also picked up Judgment for $25 - so now I've gotta figure out whether I'll jump into that or Yakuza 4 next (in between Sekiro sessions). Too much game, friends.


For some reason my brain decided I would only buy Sekiro when a good sale popped up and now that it's 40% off on GMG IT'S TIME TO SAMURAI


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