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Oh and also happy birthday Panda, and belated birthdays to Wes and Larx! I don't talk much to nobody but y'all are cool pillars of my favorite E-Community


Full-time job and meetings with my financial advisor has really helped me control my money situation. The secret benefit is now I can splurge on cool shit every so often without feeling guilty. Gotta build up the decor for my future place.


Planning on cutting down hard on the amount of time I spend on social media and using it to do more things I love. Like watching movies! I've gotta put that FilmStruck subscription to use, so tonight's flick is Persona, by Ingmar Bergman.


I watched The Hidden Fortress, and all I can think about is how much I need an open-world samurai game in the same vein as Red Dead Redemption and The Witcher 3. The main character will need to be modeled after Toshiro Mifune, of course.


Devilman Crybaby put me in a real Masaaki Yuasa mood, so I've been watching Ping Pong The Animation, and oh man it's phenomenal.


Introduced a friend to Dr. Strangelove tonight. I swear, this movie feels more and more relevant every time I watch it.


I also finally went out and got my weekend coffee! As evident in my previous #crotchshot, I'm pantsful and ready to take on the world.


This soundtrack fucking slays. Goddamn.


I get the feeling that plenty of folks are gonna end up talking about Devilman Crybaby all over the internet, but it's freestyle rappers deserve some special attention


Finishing up FFXV and playing Persona 5 again has me in a very JRPG mood, thinking I'll wanna pick up another one after this playthrough. What's the general consensus on Xenoblade 2? Or maybe I should think about Berseria? Or something else?


Persona 5 always makes me want to indulge myself in the in the world of coffee, but it's so hard without a handsome coffee dad like Sojiro. I need, like, a beginner's guide to coffee. I wish to become a brewtentious individual.


Every weekend I get up and think "I really want to hit up a cafe and do some reading" but it's cold and I don't want to put pants on, so I just sit here. Idle. Dreams unfulfilled -- uncaffeinated. Is pantslessness freedom? Or comfortable imprisonment?


Watching Cowboy Bebop again, and remembering how great Ballad of Fallen Angels is, which made me think how about how cool Wong Kar-wai's "Fallen Angels" is, which made me think about this dope track from the movie.


Pink and green joy-cons are coming stateside, I can't wait to miss the opportunity to buy them locally and have to import them anyway! But seriously, those are my favorite joy-con colors so far. Gonna nab them when I can.


Got a $100 Amazon card from an uncle, and $100 for cat/house-sitting, and now I don't want anything. Funny how tough it is to make a purchase with sudden guilt-free spending money. Thinking about get a Switch Pro Controller, BUT THEY'RE SO MUCH.


A classic for a late night #MakotoMonday and a happy #NiijimaNewYear because I'm replaying Persona 5 and I didn't romance her the first time around and I'll be DAMNED if I let that happen again.


Happy Central Standard Time New Year ya DANGDONGS. I think y'all are fuckin GREAT.


Checking FFXV off the backlog now. Really enjoyed it, despite some sever storytelling missteps. Now it's time to halt all progress on the other games I have to beat and work towards that Persona 5 Platinum! Still trying to get my first one.


I just did the Leviathan fight (???) in FFXV. That was... Something. Oof.


My generic 2017 GOTY list!: 1) Persona 5 2) Nier Automata 3) Yakuza 0 4)BotW 5) Resident Evil 7 -- Honestly, this year made me fall in love with gaming again. I'm finally playing and enjoying full experiences again, not just jumping from game-to-game.


Well, there's that at least


At some point I'm gonna have to brave the snow to go take care of the cat I'm in charge of for the week. But first... I'll take it easy for a little bit. Happy Friday, everyone.


Holy shit, I thought this was being delivered on the 29th. Guess I just DIDN'T SEE IT COMIIIIIIN'


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