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Alright, so I picked up Xenoblade Chronicles DE last weekend and I'm enjoying it but I gotta know, from folks who played, how safe is it to be skipping sidequests? Because, quite honestly, FUCK all these




I know it isn't a surprising or clever choice but, guys... it's a fuckin banger


I really wanna watch Mulholland Drive but I've heard so many people reference That Scene that I'm afraid when I watch I'll be too anxious waiting for That Scene that I won't be able to focus on the movie until That Scene


FFXIV lets me live out my dream of being a magical big tiddy goth gf and, quite frankly, I can't think of a better advertisement for it


Oh and happy birthday Mr. Blues! I don't have a good pun or picture, so just have a good day.


The fact that Yakuza 6 features not only a Kiryu whose combos are broken by so much as a nasty glance but also battles involving 20+ nasty glances is IMPOSSIBLY frustrating. I've already played Judgment and Kiwami 2 and have never felt this toothless.


Once again, it is Friday, and I eat delicious Mexican food. Happy weekend, dtoid


I swear, I straight up can't play games after work anymore. I don't have the brainpower left for hobbies that require physical input. On the bright side I have to find other things to fill the time, so I'm FINALLY watching Deadwood.


I, too, have acquired delicious Friday Mexican food


Man, dating and not living with your partner right now really just fucking bites. Sorry, need to rant in the comments, I'm struggling today.


I've been studying for IT certifications because I need to get out of criminal justice BADLY or I'll lose my mind, but my job stresses me out and exhausts me so much that I struggle to find the energy to study after work and AAAAHHH #arbitrarymetaltuesday


And unrelated to my Yakuza Angst - looks like more colors are going up for pre-order for the Hori Split Pad Pro, so I'm finally nabbing one. Half the time I feel like I'm gonna break my joy-cons with how hard I need to grip, so I'm excited!


It's wild how much the developers want you to stop having fun in Yakuza 5 once you start the Komaki Breakthrough training. Oof.


Current status WE ARE BAD BOYS:


Great news, dtoid - it's pumpkin beer season!


Fall is coming and I've been thinking a lot about horror movies as the mood is starting to overtake me quickly. What piece of horror media do you think has scared you the most?


Anyone else occasionally think to themselves "man Skyrim sucks I really wanna do another playthrough" or is that just me? I genuinely don't know if I actually like or hate this game after all these years.


Reports that Wilford Brimley has died. Damn, RIP to a real one. Watch your fucking back, 2020.


As much as I've really enjoyed Yakuza 5, man I am so hot and cold with Shinada's part. He's an amazing character and I love him, but his fighting style bores me to tears. And advancing baseball coaching means beating the M I S E R A B L E pool minigame.


Just thinking about the sheer beauty of Akiyama's Baka Mitai this morning


at least once a day i think about this scene and absolutely lose my shit


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