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One more metal post because I just learned that Jill Janus died. It's been awhile since I last listened to Huntress, but man are they a cool fucking group. It's so sad.


Occams got me in the mood. When was in college my commute was just long enough to where I could put this song as I was leaving and it would finish as I was parking on campus. #HevyDevyToid


Watched Alien again the other night and it put me in the mood to finally play Alien: Isolation. Man, I LOVE the UI aesthetic in this game.


Two movies I watched over the past couple of days that I just had such a good time with. I just so admire the creativity of filmmakers. (Shout out to @michformer for posting about The Endless before and finally pushing me to pick it up)


My latest manga adventure. Anyone have recommendations for some other good horror manga? Reading this now, and I've read Parasyte, Bio-Meat, of course all the Ito stuff - Drifting Classroom is on my list too.


Had no idea that Hand of Fate 2 was released on the Switch until I was browsing the eShop earlier. I love the support the system is getting.


I don't know if we have many noise rock fans here, but my friend is in a super cool band that just put out an EP, and you should make check it out if you like chaotic music. Link de la comments


Deciding to just take the plunge now and pick up No Man's Sky. Intrigued from the start and I was always just waiting on another patch or two. Now I think I just need some semi-aimless space exploration.


Friend showed me this artist on Twitter who primarily makes found footage stills. It's so fucking cool. Link in comments.


I was too lazy yesterday but here's a pre-sunday-breakfast #selfietoid because I wanna join all of you beautiful people


This is quite the artistic statement


I've been playing Octopath with a pretty traditional Warrior-Cleric-Mage (also Tressa) party and I'd like to branch out but... Everyone's just working so well together I can't bear to break them up.


Well thanks a bunch, free summon!


Listen, I know Octopath Traveler isn't reinventing the wheel or anything, but I just started getting secondary jobs and I'm having a blast. It just feels good to be playing a fun, pretty, old-schoolesque JRPG.


Anyone have recommendations for some solid earbuds/headphones? Primarily for being out of the house: walking, using the Switch in portable mode, etc. I have nice Sennheiser headphones, but they're a bit cumbersome and really just for home use.


I'm having the hardest time deciding who to use in Octopath. I like all the characters too much and I like all the roles too much and I don't want to not use anyone.


It's okay, I SURVIVED THE NIGHT. And speaking of "the night" ... Got some cool shit today


Good news: watched Out Of The Past with my dad, had a great time, love film noir. Bad news: think I got some mild food poisoning, wish I was dead, oh this is the worst


Also: I have once again Fed the Beast




Also, the internet's down so I've been enjoying my latest Criterion haul. Going back for another purchase tomorrow.


I wasn't gonna get the Wayfarer's Edition for Octopath Traveler but I'm so damn excited for the game and it just went back in stock on Amazon so fuck it I ordered the Wayfarer's Edition


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