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Weekend, St Louis, hotel, beer, eclipse. Cheers, darlings.


Finished listening to Wayne June's reading of The Dunwich Horror just in time for #ArbitraryMetalTuesday. It's all connected, man.


Today I learned that Wayne June, the voice actor for The Narrator in Darkest Dungeon, has also recorded a lot of H.P. Lovecraft audiobooks. Everything makes sense now.




Today's got me in a real mood.


Downloaded and started up Hellblade earlier. That's some killer sound design, the beginning legitimately gave me chills. It's always nice to play a PC game with a good pair of headphones, but it might as well be mandatory for this one.


INCOMING UNAPPROVED HASHTAG: I haven't had a chance to rewatch this one, but this scene has stuck with me ever since I saw it. #CinephileFriday


New job is kinda kicking my ass, but I'm sure as hell happy to be able to look forward to (most) weekends again. Friday night drinks and relaxation. Cheers, bbs.


Opinions were like kittens, I was giving em away


I'm really happy I gave Splatoon 2 a chance and I love my Switch, but I basically have to restart the whole system if it's ever in sleep mode for more than 20 minutes if I want to connect to the internet. That kind of really sucks.


(#confessiontoid) I still haven't beaten Persona 3 because (unpopular opinion) I find it a lot less interesting than 4 (and now 5). I find Tartarus mind-numbingly boring and the characters have just never clicked for me. Still a good game though!


Genuine question: do Game of the Year awards really matter? Edited for followup: do Game of the Year awards have an effect on the industry as a whole?


I just bit the bullet and I-I-I-I'm gonna SPLAT. hmu if u need another awkward friend for ur switch


Happy birthdays Kerrick and Gajknight! Hope you two don't have to spend today alone on a dead planet!


"gonna blow all my cash on anime" thundercat is the messiah


Chuck Schuldiner was such a profound and talented artist and it's impossibly tragic that the world lost him at such a young age. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


And of course the movie and drinks in question


I'm super great at talking to women who are already in relationships, and that's it. I really nail this socializing thing. But I made a cool new friend last night! And I'm official no longer a Target employee! And I'm gonna drink and watch a movie!


Curious: what's your philosophy when it comes to modding games? Gonna play through New Vegas again and getting some graphical/quality of life mods, but I'm torn between a fairly vanilla playthrough or adding gameplay overhauls too.


Victims of a Christmas curse, two men, Donald and Andy, are transformed into brightly colored rainbow Pride shirts. Andy turns to his friend and says, "Don, we now are gay apparel."


Finally treating myself to celebrate the new job, and tomorrow to celebrate a friend's new job. Cheers. (Yeah it's Thursday but I'm still on retail schedule for two days dammit)


I need to see to getting my PS4 fixed already. I'm really feeling like playing Automata again.


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