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So our cat's older than I though (pushing 18!) and they're gonna do some bloodwork, manage some problems, then figure out a biopsy. So basically, go love your pets if you have any. They get so old before you even realize. Feeling a little raw right now.


One of our cat's developed a growth/swelling on an ankle a month and, after prodding my folks, we're only just now taking him to a vet. I hate how long it's taken. I should have just done it but anxiety got the better of me. He's a good old boy.


Just caught It Comes At Night. Real bummer of a movie -- I liked it a lot!


Wanted to give our old CRT a go. Something about playing Silent Hill on a big, old TV under a flight of basement stairs really works with me.


@TheLimoMaker asking about GOTYs so far has me FEELING IT AGAIN. Maaaan, I wish I could go back to April and play for the first time again.


Recently bought a PS1, mostly to play all the classic survival horror games I missed (SILENTHILLCOUGH) and just realized I own at least one iteration of every PlayStation system. Only brand I can say that for, guess I just like all that Sony shit.


As long as I get to kill the shit out of giant monsters and wear their skin, I'll be happy with Monster Hunter.


Hey folks I got this great new game called "Skyrim" and I think you're really gonna dig it. Edit: okay still relevant


I love The Witcher 3, but it's also a shining example of why I'm so tired of open-world games. This map makes me feel like I'm gonna have a fucking panic attack, good lord.


Non E3 related: I just learned that there was a successful Kickstarter back in April to release Mind Game on Blu-ray and I am very excited.


I mean. It's still better than the New Nintendo 3DS, right?


Picked up Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines from that GoG sale. This game is neeeeeeeeeeat.


I've heard the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games have some great mods/are great already and I'm thinking about grabbing them from the GOG sale. Any suggestions?


I'm significantly more excited for GS on the reshop than for these Sun & Moon sequels(?). Even though I still own Gold, Silver, and Crystal. I'm sure they'll be fun though.


So excited to finally see all of the things that Griffith didn't do wrong!


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