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Finally joining the "Finished A Game in 2021" after beating HZD! Just the main story, gonna hit the DLC later on. Really great time, and it actually served to teach me about how I think I need to approach big games now.


Been waiting for this to rerelease for a year and a half. What a treat, just love the creativity. Cheers, droid.


Now, beyond me complaining about the open world, god DAMN is this game cool as hell.


New phone, new Persona 5 layout (in progress). Will there ever be a day I don't just default to this?


Yesterday was horrifying but this got big chuckles out of me. Does anyone else kill the Legion in Nelson every time they play New Vegas?


Think Horizon: Zero Dawn is finally making me realize I don't like open world games much. I really like the story but I just have no interest in doing anything that isn't essential to it. I think I just don't the patience for them anymore. Burnt out.


Almost got my first clear in Hades today! Decided to double dip on PC - the 720p docked on Switch was bugging me. First run with the spear and Artemis focus and it really clicked - about 1/3 life left in the boss. Suddenly everything feels super doable.


Saturday's become Local Craft Beer day the last couple months and I've been loving it. Think this is one of their best releases so far. Awesome combination of apple, cranberry, cinnamon, and brown sugar. And way too smooth at 8%. Very dangerous.


Question for Metal Gear Solidtoid - I'm thinking I'll finally play through MGS5 soonish (gonna stick it on my to-do list at least), but I've never played MGS4 and with my PS3 dead I'm really not able to. Would I be missing out on a lot skipping it?


Hades update: Elysium fucking sucks and can eat my entire goddamn ass. But beyond that happy birthday Riff Raff! (gif related to the former, not the latter)


If this was meant to dissuade me from watching this movie then it sure failed spectacularly. RAD film.


Merry Christmas, dtoid. I hope, if nothing else, you all get a day to relax, recharge, and take stock of things. Family got me a nice little haul (plus RAM!), but also some generous financial help. There's just... A lot to be thankful for. Now to drink!


I've been getting back into this album a lot lately and man, it's some tasty nostalgia. This was one of my go-to albums to play on my 360 when my friends would come over for L4D split-screen. #arbitratymetaltuesday


Now that Memories of Murder has finally seen a wide U.S. release I got a chance to stream it and holy hell, what a great time. Been chasing after it since Parasite hit last year.


My GOTY is definitely Yakuza: Like a Dragon, considering this franchise has fucking ruined all other video games for me. Seriously, no other virtual worlds are filled with so much charm, love, and passion. Hades, Tsushima, FF7R all solid runners up.


The bastards did it again.


Every time I post here about having trouble with a game I get great advice that helps me change my mindset, and it always works. Consistently clearing Bone-Hydra now and butting heads with Elysium, but I feel competent! Y'all are the real heroes.


Steam granted me a store credit refund on Cyberpunk, decided to use half of it on the Vergil DLC and Death Stranding - I think some funky avant-garde walking sim is what I need to wash the taste of CDPR out of my mouth right now.


Many, video game difficulty is interesting. I could beat Sword Saint in Sekiro on my second try, and meanwhile after 20 attempts in Hades I've only cleared Bone Hydra once, and I feel like I see a lot people have their first full clear close to then.


I finished up Yakuza: Like A Dragon and oh man, what an excellent entry. The ending had me feeling all kinds of emotions. I think this ends up in my top 3 of the series, behind 0 and 4. Kasuga is just such a delight.


Another Saturday, another novel, local release. I never thought "subtle aftertaste of cotton candy" is something I would say as a compliment, but here we are. Cheers, dtoid.


Cyberpunk won't let me give lady V chiseled abs 0/10.


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