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Because I don't have enough to play with Smash, Red Dead, and Disgaea (try 4 or so), I picked up Into The Breach on Switch. What a delight this game is.


Can't believe it's almost here


I keep trying to get into Disgaea but like every time I start a game up it's usually about 10 minutes before I feel like I'd rather be doing anything else.


Legitimately just want to start streaming because I want to play spooky games without feeling alone. Also cause I've always wanted to work with my voice. I should probably just give it a shot.


Happy Halloween, my darling dtoid denizens. We're gaining a reputation in this neighborhood as one of the Good Houses and it's fun.


I really want to finally play The World Ends With You, but I'm wondering what version I should get. Original DS? Mobile (I have a big, strong phone with a big, strong screen)? Switch? I'm skeptical about controls.


Went to a spooky flea market and bought this sick H.R. Giger tarot card. I love it so much, even the frame is Giger as fuck.


Day drinkin' on a Sunday afternoon. Anything better than pumpkin ale to go with pumpkin carving?


Capping off a 3-day weekend the weebiest way I know how.


So I just got a new display piece, perfectly timed for the spooky season. And I think it's time for a replay


Anyone tend to get really attached to their old electronics? I recently upgraded from my Pixel to the new Note 9. I adore this phone, but traded in the old one for some credit and, you know, I miss the little guy.


Doing the thing, watching 31 horror films in October (at least). Kicked things off with Noroi: The Curse (streaming on Shudder). Yo, if you like good horror, go watch it. Don't look anything up. Just watch.


Showed my best friend Mindgame (still basically a masterpiece) and then an episode of Devilman, and now getting him on Ping-Pong and Tatami Galaxy. When we go, we go hard.


We all need to take a minute to appreciate how fantastic this battle theme from the original Yakuza is.


Good news: PS2 works fine, no problems with the component and audio cables. Bad news: the component port on our nice, not even two year old TV doesn't work. Which kinda blows.


I always liked Chris Barnes' vocals on this record more than any before it or any of Corpsegrinder's after it. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


So I'm not really a superhero kinda dude, but that ol' Spider-Man game everyone's talking about sure seems pretty neat - would it be fun even for someone with no prior connection to the hero?


PS2 video isn't displaying so I'm HOPING it's an issue with the cable. But my PS3 died a few months ago so I dunno, maybe I should just find a backwards compatible one and replace both.


Also just caught a showing of Perfect Blue in a nearby theater and um. Holy shit. Wow.


Oh oh oh oh and Happy birthday Dere! You're a shining pillar of the community. May your movements be regular and free of strain.


okay so I guess I'll be picking up Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise as soon as it comes out. However, my entire experience with the series is the first couple anime episodes. I guess I have a month to binge.


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