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Important: new Soil & "Pimp" Sessions album


Finished up Yakuza 3 remastered just now, had a good ol time with it. Also picked up Judgment for $25 - so now I've gotta figure out whether I'll jump into that or Yakuza 4 next (in between Sekiro sessions). Too much game, friends.


For some reason my brain decided I would only buy Sekiro when a good sale popped up and now that it's 40% off on GMG IT'S TIME TO SAMURAI


Part 2 My Dudes. Hoping to grab one last haul before the sale ends


You know, all the controversy and everything about Pokemon have me wondering if maybe I'm just not really a Pokemon person now. There are a lot of good, positive reviews, but it just doesn't feel like what I want anymore. It's a weird feeling.


I've been listening to the Silent Hill 2 OST a lot lately. In the midst of all the grime and the industrial droning and static, there's a lot of tenderness. This isn't a revelation, but I think it's a big reason it remains so memorable.


So as a follow-up, all I needed was a good night's sleep to come back and clean up Three Houses. I really liked it! Despite the burnout and everything. I dunno how it'll rank, but as a fan of the series I'm really happy with it.


I'm still whittling away at my first route in Three Houses. I'm on the last chapter and I'm just so burnt out on it. I just want to finish it but I can't find the energy to put in the work on the last map. Anyone else get like that in a game?


I regret to inform you all that I am Back On My Bullshit


I miss being a kid and being able to play games all day. Now I'm tired and sitting down makes me sore


Wanted to kick off October with a horror film and Silent Hill 2. But then I watched Lake Mungo and it actually got to me real bad and I think I might need something more the speed of Stardew Valley instead.


I don't know if anyone here is subscribed to Shudder, but "One Cut Of The Dead" just came out on it and it's really just the most delightful movie.


At some point I have to accept that I will never be good at fighting games - not even Smash. I JUST LOVE THEM WHY CAN'T O BE GOOD AT THEM TOO


It's a warm September and I'm tired of it. I need that fall weather so I can rep this stupid little number. #KIRYUCHAN


If you like metal, and you especially like sludge metal, and you haven't heard Thou, I invite you to change that #arbitrarymetaltuesday


Sitting here trying to understand the rules for Golden Wind's stands like


What is it with South Korea and making excellent horror/drama/thrillers? Oldboy, Lady Vengeance, I Saw The Devil, Train To Busan, The Wailing, Burning, etc etc etc.


I'm having a blast with Astral Chain but I have to say, I could seriously do without the platforming. 20+ hours in and it still just feels tedious.


You ever just think about how awful it is that Terry Pratchett is gone?


Man, Astral Chain really brings me back to high-school - I can barely manage a C on a good day


I have a couple of more episodes of Diamond is Unbreakable to watch and I don't want it to end! Stardust Crusaders got to be a slog for me at the end, but DiU has been a b l a s t


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