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There's so much Soil & "Pimp" Sessions going I'm in my life right now and it's great


We're hosting four (4) people from my brother's school for five (5) days so it's BOURBON TIME


Started my new position a couple weeks ago and now I'm perfecting my after-work-drink-at-the-bar aesthetic. #selfietoid


Just beat God of War and. Wow. What an experience, I think that one is gonna rocket up on my all-time-favorites list.


So since I've been hungering for an MMO to keep me occupied when I wanna relax or focus on something else, I'm planning on jumping into FFXIV soon. Anyone here play? What worlds/servers? (North America, mind)


My girlfriend turned me on to Billie Eilish and holy shit her music is so rad. Surreal and dreamy and kinda creepy. Way digging her vibe.


Thanks for all the birthday wishes on my last post! I'm more lurker than poster but I still love you all and this community. You're the best.


So that new God of War is pretty good


I'm not sure how I feel about Boku no Tactics Academia


"Oooh, buy 2 get 1 games at Target!" | *excludes select Nintendo Switch titles*


just thinking about how perfect the Switch is


I've been good about not buying games lately, since I have plenty to do already, but I always fail when it comes to the indie offerings on the Switch. Having a blast with Wargroove.


I should be tackling the RE2 Remake or playing around with Piranha Plant or enjoying any number of fun new games. But no. I'm playing New Vegas. Again. It's a disorder.


Accepted a promotion on Monday, and today they announced the courthouse and probation department would be closed tomorrow and Thursday due to the temperature. Mid-week-weekend? I'd say this week is pretty damn alright.


At a local bar for a ramen night and their TV game is on. Point.


Preloaded RE2 remake only for it to be all "disc write error you fuckin nERD" so I'm doing it over again. That was the first time I've actually preloaded a game so that's. uh. good


Spent a few hours today nodding my Vita and ripping my PS1 games to add them onto it. I'm really glad I've kept it around so long, I love this thing. Tackling the original RE games again before the new remake.


The Banner Saga makes me feel like I might be dumb. The tactics just aren't clicking for me and I'm really not having a good time playing it. Think I'll step away from it and see if I just need to try again later. Really want to like it.


Gonna be savoring this gift from my dad over the next few hours. It is out. Of. This. World. #stouttoid


Just finished up Red Dead Redemption 2. Of course it isn't without its gameplay issues, but what an experience. Such a fantastic story. I'm gonna miss it.


Soulbow, you're like an urban legend to me - but happy birthday. I understand you like "Siege" and Disturbed and I hope they bring you MUCH happiness.


Started New Year's Eve off with my dad as soon as I got home from work.


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