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Last night a girl kissed for the first time in like 3 years and it was Nice. I just wanted to share.


Bought my friend Persona 5 for Christmas. It's his first time with Persona/anything SMT. I think I did alright.


Merry Christmas, dtoid! Hope y'all have a great day and enjoy your families/friends/playing with yourselves. Whatever it is you do! Got lovely gifts from the family today - new electric coffee grinder not pictured


It's been a LONG time since I really got into a hardcore/metal band, but i saw this group a few weeks ago and I've been obsessed with them.


I'm way more bummed out by 2BFP ending than I thought I could be. No lie, I think they'll always be my favorite LP channel. Great group dynamic, genuine passion and knowledge about gaming and the industry. Real Good Boys.


I kinda feel like I'm struggling with the controls in Smash Ultimate. I don't know how much they changed between this four, or if it's just a matter of getting used to the minor things, but I just feel like I'm always a step behind.


Because I don't have enough to play with Smash, Red Dead, and Disgaea (try 4 or so), I picked up Into The Breach on Switch. What a delight this game is.


Can't believe it's almost here


I keep trying to get into Disgaea but like every time I start a game up it's usually about 10 minutes before I feel like I'd rather be doing anything else.


Legitimately just want to start streaming because I want to play spooky games without feeling alone. Also cause I've always wanted to work with my voice. I should probably just give it a shot.


Happy Halloween, my darling dtoid denizens. We're gaining a reputation in this neighborhood as one of the Good Houses and it's fun.


I really want to finally play The World Ends With You, but I'm wondering what version I should get. Original DS? Mobile (I have a big, strong phone with a big, strong screen)? Switch? I'm skeptical about controls.


Went to a spooky flea market and bought this sick H.R. Giger tarot card. I love it so much, even the frame is Giger as fuck.


Day drinkin' on a Sunday afternoon. Anything better than pumpkin ale to go with pumpkin carving?


Capping off a 3-day weekend the weebiest way I know how.


So I just got a new display piece, perfectly timed for the spooky season. And I think it's time for a replay


Anyone tend to get really attached to their old electronics? I recently upgraded from my Pixel to the new Note 9. I adore this phone, but traded in the old one for some credit and, you know, I miss the little guy.


Doing the thing, watching 31 horror films in October (at least). Kicked things off with Noroi: The Curse (streaming on Shudder). Yo, if you like good horror, go watch it. Don't look anything up. Just watch.


Showed my best friend Mindgame (still basically a masterpiece) and then an episode of Devilman, and now getting him on Ping-Pong and Tatami Galaxy. When we go, we go hard.


We all need to take a minute to appreciate how fantastic this battle theme from the original Yakuza is.


Good news: PS2 works fine, no problems with the component and audio cables. Bad news: the component port on our nice, not even two year old TV doesn't work. Which kinda blows.


I always liked Chris Barnes' vocals on this record more than any before it or any of Corpsegrinder's after it. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


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