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Friend sent this to me and I really enjoyed it. Movies include The Sword of Doom, Harakiri, Yojimbo, The Last Samurai, and more.


My Big Beautiful Buick LeSabre has magically sucked its day old battery dry and left me stranded at work two days after magically sucking its then 3 month old battery dry. I love this car, it's like a death in the family, man.


Akiyama might be a scumbag but, dammit, he's MY scumbag


that feeling when it's monday and you and ya boy got a whole work week until friday


Virtual bachelor party for a friend. Drink. Is bueno?


Happy Saturday, dtoid. Been comfortably wrapped up in AC Odyssey most of the day, and I think I'll keep it going into the night as well. Cheers.


TLOU2 is making me realize something... I really don't think I enjoy stealth games that much anymore. Not a fault of the game, but I just feel like I don't have the patience for/interest in puzzling out a stealth encounter. I just want BIG PROGRESS.


This headline definitely had me confused for a little too long


Man, I forgot how great clickers are. What a fantastic enemy design and concept.


Man, the review-bombing of TLOU2 has me more excited to play the game than I was before. Ordered a copy, hope I have time to start it up tonight.


Man, the MONDO Silent Hill 2 vinyl is so rad. That's all. Happy Friday.


This is my first time playing P4G since before P5 first came out, and honestly I was a bit worried about going back to PS2 era stuff on a big screen but man, the nostalgia and good feelings came flooding back immediately. I love Inaba.


I wasn't really planning on picking it up right now since I got games to play and my Vita's still kicking, but I've this on the brain all day and... I think it's to introduce it to my PC.


Drinking hard cider, playing NHL 20, and listening to music this Sunday evening. Decided to break out the Hotline Miami 2 vinyl this time. Been awhile since I listened to it, love this release


I keep trying to get into beat 'em ups, and I swear it's like my brain just isn't wired properly for them. Something about the movement just makes me feel like I've never held a controller before. It's wild.


Anyone have experience/remedies for DS3 hackers on PC? I haven't beaten the game, and last time I tried with a friend we had hacked items/gestures forced into our inventories within two hours. Makes me nervous, might just get it on PS4 to play through.


Holy shit, I just beat Sword Saint on my second try* overall, first try tonight. I've never felt this hyped over a game, not even other FromSoft games. Am... Am I good at games now? Did I do it? (* and Sekiro spoilers in comments)


Anyone here have thoughts on Dead By Daylight? Was thinking I could use a non-Overwatch multiplayer game to kill time with, and it conceptually seems like my kinda shit, but I've just watched folks like Pat Stares At play it.


Okay, I legitimately have no idea how to manage using Aerith in FF7R without constantly reviving. I REALLY can't stand how the AI doesn't build ATB. Either they need to be more autonomous, or the combat needs to be slowed down so you can manage it.


I just wrapped up P5R. It's phenomenal. It's the best version of my favorite game, and I adored every moment - except for one thing at the VERY end, I'll throw it in the comments since it's a spoiler.


Decided to pick up Days Gone from the PSN sale. Figure $16 with tax is a solid price to give it a shot at least


So last night I FINALLY started Twin Peaks. Watched the pilot and the first two episodes and oh BOY is this the bullshit I need in my life.


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