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Struggling through a rough depressive episode, but I picked up Night In The Woods on Switch a few days ago and it's been helping some. This game is so precious.


I'm so starved for physical affection that the most exciting and intimate contact I've had in years was my friend constantly wanting to hold my hand last night while she and I were out drinking. I am Too Pure.


Return of Lucina is absolutely all that matters to me.


So Hereditary was, uh, great


Decided to catch First Reformed. This is how I like my theaters.


Oh no qtoid I have to work for the government tomorrow but I'm DRUNK and watching UNDER THE SKIN


You know, I kind of hate wearing video game merch, but I have this really nice Hircine's Ring replica and I just love the aesthetic in general so I can't stop wearing it.


New jacket and new back patch both came in today. Hopefully getting is sewn on this weekend and becoming edgy beyond recognition.


Anyone know if the GOG release of Fallout 3 plays nice with Windows 10? I've really been wanting to replay it but I can't get my Steam copy to boot up. Thought I might pick it up while it's on sale (any good RPG recommendations, btw?)


Think once I'm clear with PoE (and I have a little extra cash) I'm just gonna hunt down Yakuzas 1 and 2. Been bouncing between wanting the originals and Kiwamis for awhile, but I think I really just wanna experience how they came first.


I feel like 25 hours in is a little too late for me to start to feel like I have no idea what to do with my Pillars of Eternity character. Uh oh.


Hey I just rewatched Annihilation and then impulse bought a really expensive edgy black denim jacket. How was your Friday?


Need to stop trying to beat games when I'm not feeling well. It makes me super grumpy. I was nursing a rough hangover when I beat Yakuza 0, and just about had a migraine beating Xenoblade 2 last night. Kind of takes some of the fun out of it!


Had plans with a friend, and then those plans fell through, and now I have cider. So I guess there have been worse Saturdays. Happy weekend.


So apparently one of the probation officers in our department has been arrested and charged with custodial sexual misconduct. It's one thing to read about misconduct and corruption in the system, another to be so close to it. Holy shit.


I've been having a pretty good time with Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but, man, things start getting REALLY tedious in Chapter 7. And this is mostly my fault, but I just never felt interested in training common blades. Just easy to neglect.


Brother's highschool graduation was tonight, and that's cool as hell - but come on guys, a Wedneesday night? At a school 30 minutes away? I'm so damn tired. (also he's going to Yale, so shout out to my super fuckin smart brother)


Learned yesterday that this group is gonna be playing at one of my favorite bars/venues in Chicago in September and am very excited. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Realized after 10 months at this job that I work within 10 minutes of two great hot dog joints. My lunch break are an hour long. Hot dogs, polish sausage, Italian beef... this is gonna be so bad for me. #lunchtoid


So I hadn't heard anything about Wizard of Legend until I saw a stream yesterday. And had no clue it was on Switch until today. Holy shit this game is super neat and surprisingly intense. I keep finding myself like. Clenching. While I play.


Buddy and I went to a little theater to catch You Were Never Really Here yesterday. Oh boy, that film is just an incredible nightmare. One of my favorites of the year.


I love Darkest Dungeon. I love how punishingly difficult it is. I'm enjoying the Crimson Court. But holy shit, the Fanatic is so terribly designed that I just can't stand it. (I mean game design - he's cool as hell otherwise)


You ever get into an artist sort of as a joke, and then they end up changing your artistic worldview? That's what happened to me with The Body. I love this experimental shit. It's like listening to an arthouse horror film.


Picked up Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on a whim yesterday. It's really scratching that "anime bullshit" itch.


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