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In my restless dreams . . .


So I got a LITTLE impulsive thinking about PC gaming today. It's one way to get over a lack of PS4 trophies.


Sometimes I hesitate buying a game on PC because I'm thinking about how I might want to collect the trophies for it on PS4. Which is silly, because I've literally platinumed one game. And yet it takes all of my power to fight through.


This keeps showing up in my recommended stories on Google and I'm. So. Tired. Of it. #GAMERS


My fairly not-nerdy girlfriend, who doesn't do any gaming and hadn't seen or heard of a Studio Ghibli movie before we met, sent me this text so she's basically proposing right?


E3 news is making me think of this wack magazine cover I saw at work


I love a good Mondo release. And an improperly oriented image


Playing Dragon's Dogma and accidentally turned in the Wyrmking's Ring without making a forgery of it.


HBO's Chernobyl miniseries is really helping to soothe the pain from the last few GoT episodes. Goddamn is it excellent.


Had my phone and Twitter up all morning at work to stake out that God of War poster from Mondo and glad I did. So excited for this one!


Anyone here have any specific portable charging solutions they like for their Switch? Now that I'm sinking into Dragon's Dogma, I'm thinking I should finally get a power bank


I can't believe the phantom thieves stole the eshop


I'm just. I'm so excited for Joker in Smash. That's it. That's all I got.


Been reading Gantz again since Dark Horse is putting out omnibus editions and, man, I forgot how horny this manganese is.


There's so much Soil & "Pimp" Sessions going I'm in my life right now and it's great


We're hosting four (4) people from my brother's school for five (5) days so it's BOURBON TIME


Started my new position a couple weeks ago and now I'm perfecting my after-work-drink-at-the-bar aesthetic. #selfietoid


Just beat God of War and. Wow. What an experience, I think that one is gonna rocket up on my all-time-favorites list.


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