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One glass of whiskey turned into three and now I'm halfway through Ex Machina


Meds be damned, I got a hankerin' for a glass of Irish whiskey and a lonely night with Llewyn Davis. Be safe if you're going out, folks, and don't get behind the wheel at all if you're drinking. It isn't close to worth the risks. Love you all.


Morning dtoid. Replacing late night weekend drinking with early visits to a local cafe. It's been a nice change. #breakfasttoid


Seeing Godspeed You! Black Emperor on Sunday, and thinking about the first time I heard them in 28 Days Later. Might be time for a rewatch.


Home from work, house to myself for a few days, pizza on the way. I think there's only one proper way for me to end the day. Rest in peace, Stephen Hawking.


This music video legitimately creeps me out. Flashing lights/seizure warning? Maybe? #ArbitraryMetalTuesday ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALPHADEUS. HAPPY BELATED (???) BIRTHDAY (???) STRIDER (???).


Sometimes the Memes are Too Relatable. It's a good thing I double majored.


I started reading Roadside Picnic and not only is it fantastic, but it keeps making me think of how phenomenal of a movie Stalker is.


Playing Bayonetta puts me in the mood to listen to Blood Ceremony. It's be awhile, but this band is super cool.


The beginning of Bayonetta is the most bullshit nonsense in the world and I love it so much. I absolutely never get tired of it.


I mentioned over the summer we had taken one of our cats to the vet because he had a growth on his ankle -- today he's basically walking on three legs half the time. We're probably getting close. Shit's tough, man.


Got the urge to work on completing Witcher 3, so running through the DLC and the sidequest I had left. Finally feel justified wearing this hoodie I bought right after I got the game. Y'all have any dweeby video game clothing you love? #selfietoid


Excited to read Chris's review of fatherhood - people say a lot of great things about it, but you need a reviewer you can trust.




One of my best friends sent me some fantastic birthday gifts.


I have (and rather like) a Steam controller, but I'm thinking about grabbing an XB1 controller for when I want two joysticks on PC (and don't have to worry about getting PS4 button prompts). How do people feel about the XB1 controller?


I thought Annihilation was very good and I greatly enjoyed it. I'm really feeling the urge to watch Stalker and Solaris again, though.


Vet's recommending we get this beast from 20 pounds down to 11. This is gonna be an adventure. #PetToid #FATToid


Me: guess it's time to avoid alcohol --- My parents: happy birthday weeb


Let's try and actually add the picture this time!


I haven't been able to stop thinking about this movie since I first saw it, so I had to pick it up during the last Criterion sale. Don't you love when you find a piece of art that feels like it was made for you?


Learned about this band while I was reading about Ed Kemper a few nights ago. They got the kind of groove that makes you wanna sacrifice a goat. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


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