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Not cursed, not blessed, just another fun release from the local craft brewery. Cheers, dtoid.


"Because some roads you shouldn't go down. Because maps used to say 'there be dragons here'. Now they don't. But that don't mean the dragons aren't there." Just started Fargo and this is the coolest fucking line I've ever heard. What a start.


Set up a new monitor today and I'm so happy with how clean my desk finally is. Waiting until I move out to actually get a proper, comfortable desk, but things are working for now.


i love this fucking series


Random rant: friends and girlfriend have gotten into Among Us over the past month, which sucks because man I hate this game. Gf doesn't really game so this is the only way we all play something online, but it genuinely stresses me out and I hate lying.


This is very wholesome and makes me happy


I was pretty uninterested in getting a PS5 (or at least content waiting for awhile) and then I started reading about performance improvements for Tsushima and GoW2018 and the Video Game Optimization Center in my brain is fucking W I R E D now.


Local brewery has been going wild with these flavored beers and holy shit is it a treat. You could have told me this was just a regular smoothie and I would have believed you up until the buzz. Cheers, qtoid. Happy Saturday.


Okay but how is AC Valhalla for someone who literally could not care less about Assassin's Creed and whatever the hell story it's trying to tell and just wants to play the Strong Lady Viking Game?


Happy Like A Dragon day, qtoid


Day off tomorrow for Veteran's Day - perfectly timed for Like A Dragon. I've already had my celebratory sushi and yakisoba, I'm thinking I oughta run out and pick up some sake too


You ever have one of those days where you've got two somewhat opposite games you want to play and you're completely stuck on deciding. It's Ghost of Tsushima and Divinity Original Sin 2 today. Think I'm ending today with GoT but... I feel half empty.


Been getting back into Ghost of Tsushima the past week and it's still a fun game and I like samurai-ing dudes, but I wish it had a little more... Whimsy. It feels so serious all the time, but not in an interesting way.




Last night I beat Yakuza 6, so now I've cleared the main games. Think I'd rank them 0>5>4>K2/2>K1/1>6>3. I can't believe how quickly I fell in love with this series - my favorite now without a doubt. Can't wait to pick it back up with Like A Dragon.


Friday. Burrito. Stay chill, qtoid.


Last few years I've mostly listened to noise/industrial or sludge when it came to metal, so I've missed out on a bit. Friend turned me on to Cult of Lilith and holy shit, what a group. What are some good, newer technical/progressive death metal albums?


Caturday! Cats! I love those!


Hey, qtoid, y'all are great. I'm bad at engaging because I'm an anxious, shy, unfocused mess, but I always feel welcomed and like people want to talk with me anyway. This is the greatest community and I'm happy to be a small part. Stay lovely, all.


Neighbor across the street from us had a local food truck come in, so obligatory mexican food qpost. Beef brisket tacos


I know that Halloween Addiction isn't an uncommon thing now but, shit, I love this month so much, guys. I dunno how it happened but horror is my happy place. Watching Ring (1998) tonight.


I think I am going to try to pack a bunch of horror movies into this month after all. What are some of your favorites? I gotta build out my list now. Thinking I might watch The Lodge tonight, but I'm undecided.


Last couple of years I've watched 31 horror movies for October. I dunno if I will this year or not, but I figure I'd at least put one on and enjoy my favorite beer to welcome the best time of year (and end a shitty day). Tonight's film is The Changeling


Trying to give Fire Force another shot with adjusted expectations. Issues with the pacing and just WILDLY disruptive fan service, but man, I just wanna enjoy it for it's production value and the anime bullshit. And anyway, I'm a Slave to the Muscle Women


I've been putting on older anime in the background while I've been gaming and working, and it's been real nostalgic. On Bleach now and the Middle-School-Toonami vibes are powerful. Just a cozy time.


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